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2 Nov 2015
Law / Poland's Temporary residence card after marriage; I entered Europe without visa, the officials are stalking me [48]


Something about your story doesn't add up; meaning there is something you are not telling us.

When you went for interview, did you show them the document you received from Germany together with a translated copy (by sworn translator)? Last time I asked you some questions about this document which you didn't answer.

Did you go with a Polish speaking person to interpret?

Is your application missing any documents or information?

Are you currently in possession of a valid passport?

When they sent you the letter(s), did you respond?

What did you apply for exactly? For temp res permit, they don't usually ask (or care) what is/was your status in another country (Germany), unless they suspect your current stay is illegal and you didn't indicate that in your application (intentionally or otherwise).

You have to keep one thing and only one thing in mind, the moment you provide false info (intentionally or otherwise) your application is in jeopardy.

At this point in time I strongly suggest you contact an organization that provides legal support to foreigners. There are several in Poland (several that do it for free also). Almost all have English speaking staff. Search for them online.
1 Nov 2015
News / Poland directly threatened by ISIS. Do Islamists planning terrorist attacks in Poland? [390]

plane was old

The same plane, while under ownership of MEA, had an accident on 16.11.2001 during landing in Cairo. The accident caused structural damage to the tail section of the plane and extensive repair to the tail section followed. Preliminary evidence suggests the tail section got separated from the rest of the aircraft at high altitude (over 30,000 ft), causing immediate loss of cabin pressure and sending the plane down to the ground.
30 Oct 2015
News / Roman Polanski accused of unlawful sex with a minor [403]

I wonder if politicians start commenting on judicial matters a couple of days after they are elected, what is there to stop them from directly interfering in judicial process in a couple of months? I also wonder whether the man's faith caused a higher than usual rhetoric from the politicians in question.
27 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

Only two provinces in the NW (regained territories known for their rootless hotch-potch population)

Shame on you, behaving like a self righteous prissy missy. This is EXACTLY the attitude that so many in Poland complained about. Seriously shame on you!
26 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

I don't know why we are discussing changes, isn't it normal for just about every democracy to switch over every so many years?

USA: Dem-Rep
Canada: Con-Lib
Should I go on?

What matters is, I sincerely hope that the newly elected representatives succeed in moving the country forward.
25 Oct 2015
News / UN threatens ''Poland's windows of life" [24]

Indeed, but that exists in every issue and isn't unique to this one.

I think this is one of those issues that women should have a stronger say in, because they are the ones most affected by any related regulation.
25 Oct 2015
News / UN threatens ''Poland's windows of life" [24]

As the father of a young child I might be too emotional to be objective on this issue, thus I can't take sides.

However, this most certainly is not a foreign intervention. Plenty of Polish organizations and people are opposed to them. Claiming they are foreign and calling them derogatory names does not change the truth.
24 Oct 2015
Work / EU Blue Card for Poland. Which salary is needed? [47]

No automatic benefits whatsoever, no social security and no health care unless you are employed and paying for these benefits (in Poland anyway).
It allows you to live and work in any EU state except UK, Ireland, Denmark (officially) and Austria, Cyprus and Greece (unofficially).
It does not automatically entitle your dependants to live and work with you. They must apply for their own work/residence permits.
24 Oct 2015
Love / Do Polish girls like to marry a man from Lebanon ??? [39]

Lebanese culture is so different from Polish culture

I know many marriages of Lebanese & Poles. There is nothing special or unique about this mix, and like all marriages, some work, some don't. They tend to have good looking, intelligent children. I know a Polish woman that married and divorced a Lebanese man, then married another Lebanese man. Both guys were Christian. Some find it hard to believe that to many people religion really doesn't matter and is a non-subject.
23 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

MOST Poles have never seen anyone different from them

That is correct.

I understand that people have had it with PO (for mostly good reasons) but I don't think PiS is going to do anything for them

You are right on both accounts.
23 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

Most Poles

Actually, overall percentage that oppose having neighbors of different race or religious is 20.4 and 22% respectively (being slightly higher for different religion), and in both cases far from being a majority. So saying that "Most Poles" oppose is not correct :)
23 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

Here is a rather interesting insight from Gazeta Wyborcza about a number of issues.

The columns represent the party which respondents indicated they would vote for, and the gray column is the overall average percentage.
The rows represent which of the following they said they would NOT want to have as a neighbor:
- Refugees
- Homosexuals
- Foreign workers
- Atheists
- Followers of different faith
- People of different race
- People with conflicting political views
- Families with children conceived in-vitro.

GW Party Aff

The article title means PiS voters are more afraid of their neighbors than the rest of Poles (this is not my opinion, this is a translation of the title of the article). The last column on the right gives a clear indication in terms of what type of people would vote for the former singer.,75478,19071919,wyborcy-pis-boja-sie-sasiadow-bardziej-niz-reszta-polakow.html#ixzz3pN0xJliY
23 Oct 2015
Genealogy / Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians? [600]

Arabs call Poland Lahestan which mean Country of God !

Incorrect on two accounts:

1. Arabs NEVER used that as a name for Poland. The "stan" suffix is Persian, not Arabic, (and it is used to imply land or country). Lahestan is actually the Persian name for Poland.

2. It does not mean the land of God as stated. The name is derived from the persian word "lah" which squeeze or crush, and the name literally means the squeezed land (or squeezed country) - as in geographically squeezed between other countries by virtue of changing borders. The word "stan" by itself in Persian means friends.
22 Oct 2015
News / Poland Parliamentary elections 2015 [1060]

Pollsters (various) asking for election opinions have called my landline three times this week. Has anyone here EVER received a call from pollsters (specifically on the subject of elections) on their mobile?
21 Oct 2015
Language / Polish names without a nickname (or less frequently shortened) [61]

You can rest assured that people will find (or invent if necessary) a diminutive for just about any Polish name, and even foreign name, if they wanted. It is not intended to offend and it is not disrespectful. It is a part of the culture, and it is entirely normal in Poland.

However, here are some names that are somewhat less frequently used in diminutive form (per my personal experience).

Kinga (sometimes "shortened" to Kinia)

19 Oct 2015
News / Nuclear Power in Poland? Yes, please! Absolutely nobody disagrees! [73]

the water levels will still be low this winter

As of now they are a tick below average for this time of year, but certainly not low. Remember, the demand for cooling water goes down when the weather gets cooler. When I woke up this morning the temperature was 45F, and I have seen it dip down to below 30F at night.

It's my understanding that many of the coal producing electrical plant's are old and will be in need of major maintenance with some even closing.

Yes and no. Many are old, but most have been somewhat modernized and fitted with chimney systems that reduce particulate emissions. Basically today Polish power production from coal is almost as good as gets in terms of technology and is on part with western countries.

If so Poland electrical grid (again to my understanding) has no other E.U. countries to really import electricity from.

That used to be the case, but right now Poland is connected. They purchased electricity from the lowest bidder during the power crisis in the summer, which happened to be Ukraine.

what a better time to catch up with the 21st century.

There is no better time to catch up with the 21st century, but you need to know something specific about Polish politics to help you understand why coal is still the number 1 source of energy in Poland.

The coal mining industry in Poland is the joker card in Polish politics. That is the only thing that keeps this industry alive here. It sucks up billions of taxpayers' zlotys just to stay afloat for no real reason other than politicians being afraid.
19 Oct 2015
News / Nuclear Power in Poland? Yes, please! Absolutely nobody disagrees! [73]

The first nuclear energy plants were built over 60 years ago here in the United States.
I am sure by now fusion is reliable.

Hey JR, it is great when you talk sense :) Like a breath of fresh air.

This winter looks like Poland could have a serious shortage of electricity

Not even close. Poland's electric power consumption has been either steady or falling for several years - due to improved efficiency. What happened here last August was related to transformer cooling problems due to low river water levels. Shouldn't be a problem in the winter. Plus even today the vast majority of Poland's electric power is generated from coal. There are no foreseeable problems in terms of coal supply.
15 Oct 2015
News / Duda invited to march in Poland's Independence Day parade [182]

other than drinking beer and being unemployable?

You forgot demanding money from Western European taxpayers in return for nothing.

Pol3, there is nothing in that parade but the extreme and violent. If you are so convinced that ordinary law-abiding people go on such parades then go with them and right in the middle of it speak loudly in English. I dare you.
14 Oct 2015
News / Duda invited to march in Poland's Independence Day parade [182]

majority of marchers were ordinary, decent Poles.

That's BS and you know it. Nobody but hooligans and thugs shows up for these marches. Ordinary Poles avoid them like the plague. Many bystanders are injured and properties are damaged. That's not the behaviour of decent, ordinary Poles.