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EU Blue Card for Poland. Which salary is needed?

patrik 6 | 14
21 Jun 2013 #1
Which salary is needed in order to get the EU Blue Card for Poland?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
21 Jun 2013 #2
what is it? Isn't that some German card?
OP patrik 6 | 14
21 Jun 2013 #3
it is for the whole European Union excluding. Denmark, UK and Ireland.

It can also be given by Poland
Monitor 14 | 1,820
21 Jun 2013 #4
You're right.

Regulated Professions
In Poland, over 350 professions are
regulated. In order to take up one
of them, a person is legally required
to have special qualifications.

Required Earnings
In order for a foreigner to be
granted the Blue Card, his annual
gross remuneration based on
the employment contract may
not be lower than the minimum
remuneration set out in the
Regulation of the Minister of
Internal Affairs.

Type of Contract
In the case of applications for the
Blue Card, only employment based
on employment contract is accepted.
Other forms of employment
(contract of mandate, contract to
perform a specific task) do not entitle
a person in question to apply for that

Btw. this page has many important for foreigners information:

For example how to get citizenship, how to get work permit etc.
OP patrik 6 | 14
21 Jun 2013 #5
thanks dude...

however, how is it possible to get the following, with so many unemployed in Poland?

The employer is also obliged to
obtain a confirmation from the
relevant head of district (starosta)
that there were no candidates
for the position occupied by the
foreigner on a local job market
Monitor 14 | 1,820
24 Jun 2013 #6
Very easy dude. Either advertised salary is extremely low, or requirements extremely high. For example fluency in few foreign languages which target candidate knows.
shawon 2 | 20
1 Apr 2014 #7
Merged: Seeking Information regarding Blue Card system in Poland

Hello everyone,

I have been in Krakow since last year and frankly speaking I have found Krakow as an amazing city! I would like to know about the Blue Card system in Poland ( I know this blue card scheme has already started in Poland since 2012/13 and the annual salary limit is around 63,000 PLN and also required higher qualification). I found few information on it in some websites (although in government website its a mess!!!) But my specific question is how many years does it take to become a permanent resident of Poland for blue card holders ( for example in Germany it needs 33 months)?

Thanks in advance.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Apr 2014 #8

4 years.

I wrote wrong. It's not 4, but 5 years:

There doesn't seem to be any fast track to permanent residency for Blue Card holders in Poland:

as there is in Germany:
kot 3 | 27
2 Apr 2014 #9
It took me 3 years and 5 months to take the permanent residence permit ( haven't got the card yet but I received the decision a few days ago ) in Poland. What Monitor here suggested you it's another thing and yes it takes 5 years but the difference is that you can reside in all of EU ( from what I know, I stand to be corrected ) while with the permit to settle-in Polish is called:zezwolenie na osiedlenie sie ( this is what I got ) you can live & work in Poland permanently and not spend more than 90 days in the other EU countries.
shawon 2 | 20
2 Apr 2014 #10
Dear Kot,

Thanks for your information. That means after 3 year 5 months you got permit to settle in Poland. So after 5 years, can you get that kind of residence permit (can work and live in other EU countries also ) described by Monitor? Second thing is that: is this 3 year 5 month applicable for non-EU nationals also? or they need more time frame to receive this settlement permit?
kot 3 | 27
2 Apr 2014 #11
non-EU nationals also

I'm a non-European Union national( European yes but just not yet part of the EU ) so yes.

So after 5 years, can you get that kind of residence permit (can work and live in other EU countries also ) described by Monitor?

Yes, I think. But considering you loved Krakow so much why would you want to go somewhere else in the EU ?
shawon 2 | 20
2 Apr 2014 #12
Yes, KOT. Your point is right. Right now I am working as a Technical specialist in AGH as well as pursuing my PhD. My contract is up to 2017 (funded by European Union). Since the salary is quite handsome, I am thinking about applying for Blue Card. I asked that question because I may have better employment opportunity outside Poland (in another EU country) after 2017. I love Krakow definitely but sometimes You have to do something for better earning and better future. In that case, what would be the consequences?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
2 Apr 2014 #13
It took me 3 years and 5 months to take the permanent residence permit (...) with the permit to settle-in polish is called:zezwolenie na osiedlenie sie (

Could you link some legal basis for the so fast permit granting?
According to migrant you should be married to Polish citizen in order to get it sooner than 10/5 years.

In that case, what would be the consequences?

What would be consequence of obtaining Blue Card? I think it will not help you in anything if you're working legally in Poland. What counts for granting permanent permit is the time of legal, continues (*you cannot leave for longer than 6 months, 10 in total), presence in Poland, job and health insurance. Moreover studying is counted only in half to the time spent in Poland required for permanent permit. So it's not sure weather your PhD would be treated as work or studies.
kot 3 | 27
2 Apr 2014 #14
be married to Polish citizen

My mistake, I didn't mention it. Yes, my wife is Polish.
shawon 2 | 20
2 Apr 2014 #15
I think what Monitor said is the real fact. There is no benefit of having blue card in Poland practically. By the way, I am employed in the university with a valid work contract, health insurance covered by standard employment contract. I am paying good amount of taxes and I have already my fixed residence permit based on my current employment (although I am also pursuing my PhD) rather than as a student. So I think in my case, the time frame is 5 years to get settlement permit in Poland. Would you please highlight this point.

Thanks again!

Is there anyone who can highlight my above point. waiting for some one's response.
28 Feb 2015 #16
Merged: Poland Blue Card


can someone please guide me on the procedure and benefits of obtaining a BLUE CARD in Poland. I know some basic stuff like 5 years of experience required and minimum defined wages.

I want to know more on the card as in if my spouse would be able to work or can I change my jobs while there without the need for another work permit?

Thanks for your help.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
1 Mar 2015 #17
No, she would have to apply for work permit by herself. And no, you would need new permit when changing job.
Paritosh 10 | 62
15 Mar 2015 #18
Merged: Polish Blue card


I am thinking to apply for blue card in Poland. Any one would like to share their experience?
I would like to do the same as well..
any help or any information on company which could help would be great.


Any one?
Looker - | 1,126
16 Mar 2015 #19
From what I can see this card relates to occupations requiring special skills and high qualifications. You need also have an employment contract or a preliminary employment contract for a minimum period of one year. Additional requirement is to have health insurance. If you meet all the criteria you can apply for the blue card in your Voivodeship Office (foreigners department).
Paritosh 10 | 62
16 Mar 2015 #20
I am a SAP consultant ( considered to be special skills). My current contract is from January 2014 till end of this year. I have health insurance

But i would like to know more as to if there is any issue related with language in Foreigner's department.
Looker - | 1,126
16 Mar 2015 #21
Yes, issues related to the lack of English skills are still possible in Polish offices.
shawon 2 | 20
16 Mar 2015 #22
Hi, I have got my Blue card almost 8 months back. You can send me an email regarding all these informations.
Optix - | 2
23 Mar 2015 #23
So there are 2 options - Permanent residence permit, that allows to live and work in Poland for unlimited time and Blue Card, that allows you to work in EU but for limited time (with possibility to get Permanent residence permit in 5 years) ?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
24 Mar 2015 #24
Blue card is a typo of Polish work permit, not a substitute of pernament residency permit. Blue card can be lost when a company fires immigrand and he is unable to find a new job.
Optix - | 2
24 Mar 2015 #25
Blue card and Residence permit with ability to work - similar, but not the same documents
24 Mar 2015 #26
I have done a lot of research on Blue card, as I too am interested in the same. I hope the following information helps:

1) Blue card entitles you to have family reunification, where in your dependents (spouse, minor kids and immediate parents) can join you without the need of residence permit.

2) Your dependents are also entitled to jobs in the polish market without the hassle of obtaining work permit

3) You are entitled to various benefits (discounts in travel cards, social security, health benefits, etc.)

4) God forbid, if you lose your job, the permit entitles you to stay in the country for additional three months so that you can find another job

5) Easy way to permanent residency - have to spend five years in country.

Eligibility conditions:

1) You should be highly-skilled professional

2) Hold a master or professional degree, or carry 5 years of relevant experience

3) Have valid employment agreement of at-least a year

4) Have health insurance.

5) Have 1.5 times of the average salary in Poland as communicated by the labor office.

Europe Immigration link will provide you more information:

All the best !
21 Jul 2015 #27
Merged: Poland Blue Card


Can someone please guide me what are the benefits and procedure to obtain a Polish Blue card.
24 Oct 2015 #28
Merged: Benefits of Blue Card in Poland?


I just received a blue card in Poland. I want to understand the benefits I may get out if this.
The most important benefit I understand is that my dependents can work without a permit.
Will I be able to switch jobs or work in another European countries with this blue card?
I read on several portals that I will get the benefits of social s3curity. What does that exactly mean.
Polsyr 6 | 769
24 Oct 2015 #29
No automatic benefits whatsoever, no social security and no health care unless you are employed and paying for these benefits (in Poland anyway).
It allows you to live and work in any EU state except UK, Ireland, Denmark (officially) and Austria, Cyprus and Greece (unofficially).
It does not automatically entitle your dependants to live and work with you. They must apply for their own work/residence permits.
24 Oct 2015 #30
I can live in any European country anyways with the visa. How is blue card different?

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