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Do I still have to pay ZUS if I am married to a Polish citizen?

Atta 1 | -
12 Oct 2015 #1
I am about to be hired and my contractor wants to know if she has to pay for my ZUS. I am a foreigner,married to a Polish citizen and I am also currently studying in unversity. I read that When a student is a Polish citizen or part of the EU the university has to pay for their ZUS. Does the same apply if I am a foreign student yet hold a temporary residence card with work permit also being married to a Polish citizen?
terri 1 | 1,659
12 Oct 2015 #2
The fact that you are married has nothing to do with paying ZUS. Payment of ZUS will depend on what kind of contract they will employ you.

As far as I know (and someone may correct me) it is the employer who has to apply for a work permit. It stands the reason that you cannot use a work permit from another employer to do this job, therefore you cannot have 'a work permit'.

You need to check with someone who really knows the issues, or you could end up in REAL trouble.
Polsyr 6 | 769
12 Oct 2015 #3
If they are hiring you as a salaried employee = they have to pay
If hiring you as a contractor = you have to pay

Work permit, being a foreign student, married to Polish citizen, EU or not EU, doesn't directly change the above, except you may in some cases need a work permit to be able to work legally.

If you have a residence permit on the basis of marriage to a Polish citizen all that changes is that you do not need a separate work permit to work.

Home / Law / Do I still have to pay ZUS if I am married to a Polish citizen?
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