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Immigrating to Canada as a Polish

Rani 6 | 17
12 Oct 2015 #1
Dear members,

Thank you for viewing my thread.

I'm currently in the process of receiving my conformation of polish citizenship, and well then apply for a Polish passport.

My mother is Polish, that's how i'll be granted the citizenship, but sadly i know nothing about Poland. I didn't get to learn the language nor know my Polish relatives.

My plan is to benefit from being Polish in order to apply for immigration to Canada. Because, being Lebanese "Arab" is not much of a push, i think.

So my question to you fellow members is, will it be easier to immigrate to Canada as a Polish?
Polsyr 6 | 769
12 Oct 2015 #2
will it be easier to immigrate to Canada as a Polish

It doesn't change anything in terms of applying for immigration, because CIC follows a point based system, and there are no points granted or taken away based on nationality. In fact nationality doesn't go into the calculation at all. If you want to improve your application then learn both French and English and earn a higher degree in a field mentioned on CIC's website.

However being a Polish citizen you can enter Canada without a visa if you have a biometric passport, while being a Lebanese citizen you need a visa...
15 Oct 2015 #3
Hi Rani,

I was working alongside an Immigration Lawyer in Toronto and so am well versed with the current immigration laws (which as you may know change quite frequently in Canada). Anyway the significant changes came into account beginning of January 2015, whereby the Express Entry was introduced and in a way "replaced" the other individual streams such as Canadian Experience Class (under which I did mine back in 2013). Unless you find a Canadian partner and enter a common-law relationship (which via this route currently takes 2+ years to process), or marriage - the only various option is Express Entry, whereby and as already mentioned - this is a points-based system and you will have to complete the questionnaire in order to obtain how many point you score. There is a minimum score which acts as a threshold and this number obviously changes. If your score is above the current minimum threshold at the time of applying, you should have a good chance of being invited to apply for immigration. Processing should take up to 6 months.

Best of luck!
OP Rani 6 | 17
15 Oct 2015 #4
Thank you sarx12 :)

Very useful information, i appreciate it.
15 Oct 2015 #5
No problem. Here is the official CIC link for you to check out:

- (as mentioned Canadian Experience Class and other streams which used to be "independent" of each other, have all been classed under the Express Entry)

Plus as of the most recent round of successful candidates invited to apply for Immigration took place on 2nd October and the minimal score on these applications was 450 points.
OP Rani 6 | 17
16 Oct 2015 #6

sarx121, do you know when the next invitations might take place? can we exchange emails please? rani.h.jazi@gmail

Thank you.
19 Oct 2015 #7


Well it appears as though the rounds of invitations occur twice / month (as seen ), therefore sometime soon in October again?

I am not sure though and to be honest with you - I don't see that there is a specific criteria set out with respect to the exact dates on when the Ministry decides to issue out the invitations to successful applications (ie as per previous dates - the days differ each preceding month)


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