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10 Dec 2015
News / Should Poland exit the EU immediately? [375]

"Eighty-four percent of Poles support the country's membership in the European Union",Majority-of-Poles-in-favour-of-EU-membership

Thus Poland will not exit the EU.
8 Dec 2015
Law / Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON? [93]

I don't know what "nominated freight forwarder or TPI" means.

The freight forwarder is the shipping company or courier.
TPI = Third Party Inspector. This is usually a person you hire from an agency (quality assurance agencies tend to offer this service). The inspector would then visit the supplier on your behalf, examine the goods and send you a report.
8 Dec 2015
Law / No availability to apply for Poland's National Visa. Indian national married to Polish. [30]

Can I apply a visa to poland

Subject has been discussed here before so search existing threads.

In short, yes you can apply for Schengen visa type D, tourist visa, multiple entry, 2 years validity, free of cost, once your marriage has been registered in Poland and Polish marriage certificate has been issued. This visa does NOT entitle you to work (regardless of paid or unpaid work).

Once you arrive in Poland, you need to apply for a temporary residence permit on the basis of being the spouse of a Polish citizen. That particular type of residence permit (once issued) allows you to work in Poland without getting an additional, separate work permit.
8 Dec 2015
Law / Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON? [93]


You can suggest that a third party (for example your nominated freight forwarder or TPI) inspects the goods and makes sure they actually exist before you make the payment.


My own company is registered at a residential address, and we are very much a serious business that provides both goods and services :)
6 Dec 2015
Life / Poland is something special [6]

controls its borders which

That is not true. Poland is in the Schengen zone and does not enforce internal border controls, only external ones (with Russia, Belarus and Ukraine).
5 Dec 2015
Off-Topic / What should Poland do in case of war between Turkey and Russia? [181]

Duda is hope

No he is not.

Poland already goes neutral

Far from it, they just announced they want to make the Polish army 50% larger in terms of headcount.

EU is already shaken

You confuse media generated drama with reality. Economically speaking, EU is larger than USA and many times larger than Russia. Money talks, and that is that.

eventual war between Turkey and Russia

If it was going to rain we would have seen clouds already. Putin knows that a direct military confrontation with NATO would send Russia effectively back to the middle ages. So he just barks louder and louder.

Two viable are Intermarium (around Poland) and conglomerate that encompass western Europe`s sphere without Britain (Britain would join to Anglo Empire around USA).

Entirely disconnected from reality. Even the current Polish gov would not think about splitting ways with EU for a simple reason, money. They know they can't make ends meet without EU funding, koniec. They will criticize the EU and make drama, but they know where their mouth is and they know who is feeding them. It certainly ain't Russia.
4 Dec 2015
News / Throwing away the constitution in Poland? [626]

money where their mouth is!

Nothing that you dig out of the ground and burn is "money where your mouth is". Period. Why invest stupid amounts of money on a dirty fuel that will eventually run out when we can invest in renewable energy which never runs out? There is nothing good or clean or economical about investing more in coal. It is plain stupid. Politicians do it to please voters associated with coal mining - and absolutely zero other reason.
3 Dec 2015
News / Throwing away the constitution in Poland? [626]

Are they simply trying to remove any obstacle to ruling by decree?

Exactly. They are paving the way for a 21st century dictatorship right here in Central Europe, ruled by a combination of xenophobia, religious extremism and plain old ignorance.

Why is there not more discussion

Nobody opened this subject because as soon as you do, you will be attacked by a bunch of 18 years olds from Chicago, and they will insult you, and accuse you of being a leftist liberal that's trying to enforce some foreign LGTB communist agenda against "God fearing" people, and the mods of this forum probably won't do anything about it.
2 Dec 2015
Law / Possible prospects of gaining Polish Citizenship (grandfather heritage)? [11]

It depends entirely on the basis of citizenship.

This is correct, in some cases the person will be asked to provide proof of renunciation of their other citizenship, but not in every case.

not also polish requirement

This is incorrect - it is case specific, see below examples.

Claiming Polish citizenship exclusively on the basis of Polish ancestry: renunciation of other citizenship is always required.
Applying for Polish citizenship to the President of RP (regardless of reasoning): In most cases renunciation of other citizenship is required.
Foreigner being recognized as a Polish citizen on the basis of having lived in Poland for a certain length of time and met other conditions: In most cases renunciation of other citizenship is not required.

I know people that have gone through each of the above cases (including myself) so I know what I am talking about through actual experience.
26 Nov 2015
Off-Topic / What should Poland do in case of war between Turkey and Russia? [181]

Civil War in former Yugoslavia

I can't comment about this because I don't know enough about it.

Last attempt to save Turkey from incoming dissolution, that is i think anyway guaranteed.

I think you are wrong in this respect. Turkey is in a very solid position, even better position than Russia's.

Putin is a loudmouth bully, and someone was going to slap him in the face sooner or later, which is exactly what Turkey did - on behalf of themselves and indirectly on behalf of NATO. All Putin can do now is sulk (as apparent). If he retaliates then he will dream of the days when he used to be allowed to project force outside Russian borders.
23 Nov 2015
Law / Karta Pobytu - Residence Card - Problem with address [13]

when i'll recieve karta pobytu

When you to to collect the card, all your need is your valid passport. From that point onwards, while in Poland, your residence card by itself serves as officially recognized ID as well as proof of your residence status.

they never asked in form to fill this

In what form? Residence permit application? If you think they don't ask for your address in the residence permit application then you didn't read it right.
20 Nov 2015
Life / Thinking about moving to Poland in the future... how is life there? [17]

my current state

What do you mean?

later acquire Polish nationality?

Before I answer, you need to know something; in Poland there is a difference in meaning between narodowość (nationality) and obywatelstwo (citizenship).

You can become a Polish citizen after living in Poland for a certain number of years and meeting certain conditions.

But you will not become a Polak (per the way this term is used in the Polish language in Poland today). It is not a racist or discriminatory thing, just a sociocultural characteristic, and it is not unique or exclusive to Poland.

You will also notice that some official forms that foreigners may fill up in Poland ask for narodowość and for obywatelstwo as two separate questions with two separate answers.
20 Nov 2015
Life / Thinking about moving to Poland in the future... how is life there? [17]

Do poles accept immigrants well

The decent educated ones do.

Will my accomodation in the country be harsh

No you will survive

does it take long to speak Polish fluently?

Yes. About a year if you take daily lessons.

will I be able to join a college

Why wouldn't you?

get myself a job?

Probably not so easy.

Can a programmer live well there?

Yes. Many do.

what music

Variety like people in any country. Behemoth is a Polish band and since you are a metalhead you should know them.

ideological side

Educated ones center or left, rest right.


Great city. I personally love it.

middle-class lifestyle?

Depends on how you define middle class.

Is it hard to earn that much?

Many people here do more than one job to make ends meet.

Brazilian male of 19 years old

You will have many local friends in no time. Just don't be shy.
20 Nov 2015
Work / About Work permit for Student Visa in Poland [28]

sweden visa can I changed to Poland work permit

No you cannot.
Your perspective employer has to apply for a work permit for you in Poland on your behalf.
20 Nov 2015
Law / Decision on Karta Pobytu (Residence Card) in Poland. How long should I wait? [33]

valid EU/EEA/CH residence permit was enough if you accompanied the spouse at the time of travel?

That is correct, but adherence to this principle is inconsistent, and varies from country to country and even from one officer to another at the same border crossing point. So better safe than sorry. If you want to look at principals, border guard are supposed to facilitate the entry of spouses of EU citizens even if they show up at the border with nothing but their passport and a document confirming their spouses are EU nationals. How much do you think they follow this rule? They airlines won't even let someone board the flight without a visa to start with.

1.5 months for the card to be issued?

Yup. Someone I know got his decision in late July and got his card in early September.
20 Nov 2015
Law / Decision on Karta Pobytu (Residence Card) in Poland. How long should I wait? [33]

more than 2 months ago

Per my latest info, current average waiting period for decision in Warsaw is ~4 months. A year ago it was 3 months and 2 years ago it was 2 months. I don't know about other areas. However, sometimes the waiting period is shorter or longer - nobody can predict how long yours will take.

I have EEA family permit to enter UK but problem is we dont know when we'll get karta pobytu and we have to go to UK very soon

Please don't take my question the wrong way, but why did you apply for a residence permit in Poland if you don't want to live in Poland? FYI, having a residence permit and NOT actually staying here can make future permits problematic. If you just want the freedom to travel to Poland whenever you need to, then you should apply for a 2 year multiple entry Schengen visa. It is free for spouses of Polish citizens, and allows you to stay in Poland up to 90 days in a 180 day permit.

Is there a way to contact my inspector and ask about the situation

Officially no. If they need something from you or if they have a decision then they will write to you.

how much time does it take normally to recieve karta pobytu?

These days in Warsaw about 5.5 months from date of application (~4 months for decision and another ~1.5 months for actual card to be issued).