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23 Apr 2008
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

There are far too many words on these pages stick to the topic, well maybe don't as "nice Polish Women Photos" should really include everyones Babcia but maybe that shows I am truly perverted.
22 Apr 2008
Food / pasztet recipe? [12]

Its more like dog food but way cheaper.
19 Apr 2008
Love / Nice Polish women photos [329]

Exscuse me I have to take my laptop into the bathroom for a moment.
4 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

Most Polish men have no hair.

I thought the band who made that "Barbie Girl" song was from Danmark or somewhere around there.

I was also surprised to see a few red-headed Poles
29 Mar 2008
Work / Advice on Teaching English in Poland [709]

Everyone you can make decent to great money teaching English in Poland provided that:
You know how to teach
Stay long enough to build up your private clients.weekly
I worked 30 hrs. for a school and about 10 hrs weekly private.
I averaged about 1200pln to 1500pln weekly.
But it took two years to build my private clients.
I loved teaching in Poland I was well respected and enjoyed my time so much I may go back.

Prague for a TEFL certificate and then to Poland.

Prague is great wonderful city too many tourists though. My advice if you are confident about your english abilities is get your TEFL online for about $250. Then go to Prague and have fun. I recommend the school in Krakow for basic Polish lessons they are great.
anyone wishing candid real advice without the meddling of the uninformed feel free to e-mail my account and I will answer you as soon as I can.
8 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Do many Polish people in America hate Americans? [592]

Z_Darius thanks for that Bill Maher clip!

Are those 12 hour work days your idea or a requirement of the job?

They are necessary for us to survive right now I work 2 jobs, its really my fault, I am a teacher. I got the same money in Poland but much more respect when I taught there. I am looking for a higher paying gig but the u.s. economy and soccer are bullsh*t.(watch the bill Maher clip before you jump on me about football(soccer).
7 Feb 2008
USA, Canada / Do many Polish people in America hate Americans? [592]

I hear a lot of my fellow Americans who have never traveled beyond Mexico proudly and with authority say "America is the best country in the world"

But I brought my family here from Poland and all I do is work here, 7a.m. to 7 p.m. I have money but never see my family at least in Poland I didn't have to work all the time and I could hang out with my kids and drink Zywiec with my friends. We are seriously thinking about moving back to Poland. My dear Polish wife thinks America is very beautiful but other than that not so great.
24 Jun 2007
Life / Polish Movies and News with subtitles to learn Polish language [24]

There must be some shops that cater to the growing Polish market in the UK?
Google films by Andzrej wajda his films are quite famous and all dvd's are in Polish with English sub's. Are you interested for learning purposes?
19 Jun 2007
Work / Questions about teaching in Elblag or Opole? [22]

I have no idea about those schools but you should make between 4000 and 5000 monthly for 30 hours a week before taxes and ZUS (polish health care) or the school should pay it. Are they offering you a work Visa?
18 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer In The UK [98]

If Polish beer had half the marketing money Budweiser has it would take over America in 8 minutes.
18 Jun 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Beer In The UK [98]

Most beer is good, except American and Mexican which are bland and tasteless

Hey gringo its better than the water!
10 Jun 2007
Love / Polish Girls vs Russian Girls [813]

Justyna - you don`t look quite unnice either

I agree quite not unnice indeed just eat something will ya I'm worried. But if I was that pretty i would have my photo in my profile too. (just kidding about the food my wife weighs 8 kilo's too)

I never met any Russian girls except Russian-Americans. But my personal preference which is what we are truly talking about here is for the Polka.
7 Jun 2007
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

What does being American have to do with anything?

Its the only other country I have a perspective to compare poland to, as i have only lived in America and Poland. don't pick on me I was waxing poetic.
7 Jun 2007
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [907]

I first came becasue the opportunity just sprang up to teach english. Then I left for a year and came back. Living here is difficult at times, for example I am rarely paid on time and its infuriating as I have two kids and I cannot plan things around the beginning of every month. But man its the people some suck, but sometimes they are so damn beautiful an example. One of my students is going to denmark for the summer to pick strawberries, she is at University to be a physical therapist but needs to make some money. She will go and live in a tent and was so happy that she and her father and brother will go together. On one hand its sad because in most countries people don't have to resort to menial labor to make some extra cash especially the highly educated, but she is undaunted its temporary for her and the most important thing is she will be with her family all summer. I can think of no American 20 something who would be so happy to pick strawberries with her father and brother all summer. I just pray they don't exploit them too bad but we shall see. Please I realize its because of a poor economy that many Poles must find crappy (by western standards) summer work but its the spirit that I love sometimes the light in Polish eyes is so strong it puts my life in a wonderful perspective as to what is really important, family friends and love. Pure beauty.

But of course then someone pushes in front of me in a queue and I curse them.
2 Jun 2007
Work / Cost of Living, Average Salaries and Job sites in Poland [263]

TheKruk goes out on a limb.
I earn between 3000 and 5000 monthly before taxes and Zus got two kids and a wife and we jUUUUUst squeak by. We eat good I can afford toys from time to time but there ain't no nest egg.
9 May 2007
Love / All Polish women can't be nutters can they? [257]

Sounds like she a little wild that is universal, you fell for her hard and thats easy to do with a Polish girl. Theres something about them, that should be the thread: What is it that makes men fall so hard for Polish women?
7 May 2007
Life / EXPATS in POLAND: 10 things you miss / don't miss about home . . . [138]

we can't understand what it means to them

Neither can many of us Sparrow.

why do you yanks love guns so much? haven't you seen enough bloodshed in your own schools yet?

I knew I would catch somebody. Its a joke playing on the stereotype that all Americans have guns. In fact I know of very few people who have them. But my friends think like I do. Its an archaic law in the US constitution stemming from when there was no standing army to protect anybody from wild animals Indians and the British. I fail to comprehend my fellow yanks who believe it is not the main reason we have so many murders.

Sparrow thanks for sticking up for me though you seem to be quite an open minded individual.

theyre still afriad that we're gonna ask for the country back F... simple as that

You can have it Bubba but you have to take Bush with it. And if it means public health care that would be great
6 May 2007
Life / EXPATS in POLAND: 10 things you miss / don't miss about home . . . [138]

All right heres mine I am from the USA.
I miss
1 Good Pizza(without ketchup!)
2 Mexican food/thai food/Indian food
3 good fresh fruits and veggies year round
4 my family/friends
5 my gun
6 watching baseball
7 more efficient government offices
8 being able to tell off clerks who don't do their jobs properly
9 good customer service
10 being paid on time
11 California Green
12 Jamming with my mates
13 American Spirit cigarettes
I don't miss
1 American television
2 being bombarded by the media i.e. news about stars, weght loss etc.
3 people saying "let me tell ya something"
4 traffic(but I don't drive here)
5 American Idol
6 born again christians
7George Bush
8so called patriots who support the war and say "we should just nuke Iraq"
9commercials on T.V. every 3 minutes
10shiny happy plastic people

I must be hungry I miss a lot of food
4 May 2007
Law / US Marrying Polish in Poland [15]

going to the states to get marryed to him wud be alot better and alot more ez

Carl is right I married a Polish girl (I am from USA) and it was so very damn complicated not impossible but you would have to make a few trips to Poland to complete everything and your boyfriend can tell you how slow things move here when a government office is involved. We decided to go to the States, all you need is passport Birth certificate(translated of course for Polish citizen) and bam you can get married. We took our American marriage certificate to Poland and in 10 days we had a Polish marriage certificate. The problem is most European countries have a Free to be Married document the USA has no such thing and it is required to be married in Poland the US GOv. will send a paper saying "We don't have such a paper" to the Polish Gov. and you could be stuck. It might be easier in England just register at your local marriage office and in a month or so you can be married. Then go to Poland and do it again everyone loves a wedding!
4 May 2007
Food / Your favourite Polish foods! [180]

Kabanos my life was changed by kabanos pieczony somehow in english it sounds crappy "baked sausages"