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1 Jan 2014
Life / Agnieszka holland compares life in Poland to 'sniffing farts': [97]

I say it is not her home.

Her home or not her home. I definitely would say she feels there like at home. This explains it:

"Four members of Holland family received in 2006-2013 total grants for 19,632,353 zł. Pani Agnieszka Holland alone received from 2006 total 12,099,900 zł , her daughter Katarzyna Adamik - 2,558,831 zł (plus her share for "Janosik", total over 5 mln zł), sister Magdalena £azarkiewicz - 2,510,000 zł and son in law Piotr £azarkiewicz - 2,403,622. Raising star in this clan is a composer, sister's son Antoni, known as "Komasa" his wife's maiden name, who herself is a sister of director Komasa (guess who is a composer for his films?)."

Now, that's something that really makes you want to fart...

I call it a smooth transition from PRL to PRL-bis, called by some III RP. A really, really smooth transition.
27 Oct 2013
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [853]

The guy above is insane. Much like Tusk's team of so called experts (Miller and Lasek) who claim they explained the death of Polish president, but are still testing the tree that was supposed to cause the crash and are unable to show who, when and how mesaured thsi tree. They never had independed access to any evidence, and the so called Miller commission is not even recognized by Russians!!! Sad days when the death of 96 elite Polish people is used by Peło as a political weapon to wage a war for votes. Cannot wait for Tusk to speak.
8 Oct 2013
News / Poland and Germany should unite, says Lech Walesa [72]

Does Poland have a successful auto maker like any of those? Nope...

Had they not attack us in 1939 and immediately proceed to arrest our university professors, we just might have one, or two.
4 Oct 2013
History / capitulation of Warsaw Uprising [16]

I DO know, who nazis were

No, you don't. There were NO "nazis" during the war, there were Germans and others UNDER German command.
You cannot invent something after the fact.
3 Oct 2013
History / capitulation of Warsaw Uprising [16]

My friend's great-uncle was burned alive with other wounded insurgents by "Nazis".

Please don't use the word "nazis", even in quotes. There were no "nazis" during the war. The correct name is Germans, German troops, or bandits,

if you want to be politically correct you can say "bandits under German command".

Same with death camps in "Poland", they were "death camps in Poland under German administration".
Let's try to be correct.

There's a lot to be said for viewing the Warsaw Uprising

I think the most important to be said about the Warsaw Uprising is that the Poles would do it again, and again, if necessary.
14 Aug 2013
News / Tomasevski makes an idiot out of himself yet again [28]

This is exactly why Poland shouldn't listen to a word that he says.

Any explanation or proof that what Mr. Tomaszewski is saying is not possible?

Or it is so self-evident that simply we must just trust you?
31 Jul 2013
History / Do Polish people in general dislike Russia or Germany more? [369]

In 1989 when the Berlin wall fell we were freed from the Soviets

You are sure this is the correct order of events?

Russia and it's not really even that close

Not after Nazi Mothers and Fathers.

This is difficult question.
Russians did more bad things to us, more victims, longer occupation but in the end they just want to govern over us. I know many Russian people

and they don't hate us.
On the other hand does anybody have any doubts that Germans wanted us to disappear from the face of earth during WWII and would have done it

if they had the time. I am not at all sure they don't feel like this now.
28 Jul 2013
News / Demolish Poland's Palace of Culture? [55]

Just like the Warsaw Citadel was built in the 1820s as a symbol of Russian domination.

And... just like the Pajac Kultury was built in the 1950s as a symbol of Russian domination.

Let's bet. How long will it still show communist Russian domination over Warsaw? I say less than 5.
27 Jul 2013
News / Demolish Poland's Palace of Culture? [55]

What has that got to do with the destruction of a place of worship?

If your definition of good is whatever suits you, and bad is whatever doesn't, then it has nothing to do with it.
Anyway, I think you agree it's pointless to talk.
26 Jul 2013
News / Demolish Poland's Palace of Culture? [55]

destroying others places of worship

You seriously implying that this church was just that, a church? There was no partition of Poland, there was no ethnic cleansing of Poles, they were not forced to serve in occupier armed forces for 30 years, there was no persecution against Catholic Church, nothing like this happened, right? Only some orthodox people came to Warsaw and built a place of worship for themselves and fascist Poles destroyed it.

Do you think we are all that stupid?
26 Jul 2013
News / Demolish Poland's Palace of Culture? [55]

If I lived in Poland back then (1945-1989), I'd most likely hate it too.

I did. And I hate it. It must be at least changed on the outside and the top taken off. It will happen sooner later than later.
21 Jul 2013
News / Gazeta Wyborcza of Poland losing readers [301]

To everybody that is at least 1% impartial?

Do you really believe that brother was/is not helping brother, do you?
Or just trolling?
20 Jul 2013
Work / Why are so many PF member in Poland working in education? [19]

Last semester I taught academic writing to about one hundred university students. That's 100 essays a week on subjects close to the hearts of the young people of Poland. Fascinating stuff, which makes me, and people like me, pretty well informed about what Poland is going to be like in the future. I can tell you, the extreme right-wing pseudo Poles on PF are not going to like it.

Please share some of the stories if you can, very interesting. From what I know most young people just want to graduate and leave. They don't see any future for them in Poland. Is that what you mean by 'right-wing pseudo Poles on PF are not going to like'?
10 Jul 2013
Off-Topic / ING Bank and PROGRESSIVE Insurance [6]

Thanks Grubas for sharing, addeed these companies to my 'no business' list and will spread it around.
16 Feb 2013
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

Yes, 17 years old girl, member of AK (Home Army) murdered by a gunshot because a firing squad was unable to kill her.
Who, what kind of people are bordered by this monument to the point of desecrating it?
8 Jan 2013
News / Achievements of the Tusk's Polish government [532]

Poles are proud to have a Prime Minister who loves animals.

Will be be able to take the dog to prison (jail, więzienie, ciupa) with him? I think he should, dogs can have great influence on re-education.
11 Dec 2012
Law / Can I obtain Polish citizenship by birth instead of the one I have, by naturalization? [10]

There is new citizenship law in Poland, and right now you don't need to fulfill any requirements regarding place of birth, parents, place you live, nothing. All you do is to apply for citizenship and president Komorowski will be more than happy to grant Polish passports to your children. I hope they will enjoy and appreciate them. You not planning to move to Poland, are you? Because if you did, then your children would get citizenship in Poland.
9 Dec 2012
USA, Canada / Can a Canadian Female Drive in Poland?? [31]

I consider myself as an excellent driver, but I have goose bumps when I'm driven in Poland

I consider myself an average driver, but never get goose bumps when driving in Poland. Generally I don't like driving,
never had any problems in Poland. It is funny how Polish drivers make sure they don't even smell any alcohol before driving while
in CA driving after a beer or a drink (one....) is no problem. This summer I was driving a rental with California DL,
got stopped because of not turning lights on (at noon in June), had a conversation with police and was quickly on my way after
exchanging pleasantries.
The only problem I see is with increasing number of radars (my GPS was good in picking them out though).

Good luck.

PS. Why do you get goose bumps when driving in Poland? Because of handsome drivers?
7 Dec 2012
News / March for Poland's democracy organized by PiS 13th Dec [49]

the English are a free people.

OK, so 'free subjects', another language twist. Anyway you have a headache, why you still typing?

I think they can ask whenever they want, but they will only do it once. Not to win, but to show to the public that the SLD/RP 'opposition'

is not really an opposition. That's what I think anyway.
7 Dec 2012
News / March for Poland's democracy organized by PiS 13th Dec [49]

That English being not a free people but subjects do not see the need to march for democracy.
And yes, they like to manipulate other people words.

p3undone are you asking how often can PiS lose elections?
Good question, I started being interested in Poland's affairs less than one year ago, so I cannot answer.
7 Dec 2012
News / March for Poland's democracy organized by PiS 13th Dec [49]

No, I wasn't surprised because some people had different idea. If they just demonstrated for whatever they wanted would be fine.
I was surprised that they had to show they were Jewish (or at least pro Israel), it was like they were showing that they wanted the war

because they were Jewish. I didn't think Israel needed this war so I was surprised. Everybody here thought it was a war for oil.
7 Dec 2012
News / March for Poland's democracy organized by PiS 13th Dec [49]

I hope you all get pneumonia.

Same to you.

I think the idea behind frequent marches is that marching together brings solidarity, shows people they're not alone, and projects power that everybody in the march can feel. I remember years ago going to the anti-Iraqi war demonstration in Hollywood. There were several thousand people marching and it was very cool. I also remember on one street corner there were maybe 20-30 people with at least that many Israeli flags. They had pro Israel and pro war signs. I was very surprised.
1 Dec 2012
News / PO-PiS again neck and neck [248]

He's just a parasite

This hate makes me want to work hard for PiS and Kaczynski.
29 Nov 2012
News / Grzegorz Braun's firing squad? [39]

you're on the margins of our society

the famous liberal compassion and inclusion

as always Kali (from W Pustyni i Puszczy) philosophy: you include us (good), we exclude you (also good).