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14 Dec 2010
USA, Canada / Polack/American Polonia/Plastic Pole "culture" [568]

We won't even discuss how they talk about being so proudly Polish, yet they can't speak the language.

You Claim to speak it badly. It must irritate you when so called Plastic Poles as you call them such as myself are able to speak perfect Polish ;)
9 Dec 2010
History / Lwów, Wilno ... kresy - Poland have lost enormoust part of our heritage... [389]

He's talking about Belorusians, not Russians.

I was being sarcastic if you didn't notice :)



why don't you move here and campaign if you so passionately believe in it?

Who said i don't plan on doing so?

Ah, wait a second - you're not even Polish!

and you are? on your profile you write that you speak Polish badly I highly doubt you are but for your information I am Polish :)

Run along to Stormfront now, little racist.

Whats with all the hate? If you don't agree what I say just say so you don't have to call me a racist.
9 Dec 2010
History / Lwów, Wilno ... kresy - Poland have lost enormoust part of our heritage... [389]

Well, some Belorussians still strive to be different though Russian is essentially imposed on them.

Would if be any different if Polish was forced on them.

but to the neighbors which have never caused even a single war!

Yes Russian are peacful people they have never started a war have they ;)

Congrats on accepting those borders ;)

No one is accepting anything...

Our land is our land and that is that !

You are the only one making sense here.
8 Dec 2010
News / John Godson, born in Nigeria, might become Poland Sejm's first black deputy! [313]

They'll now start thinking that maybe Poland is an interesting option for them.
Soon they will be coming. They feel powerful now as even a proud slavic country like Poland seems to give way to african neocolonialism.

I agree with everything you said we must stop John Godson he is a scum and he will let in all the other scum in to Poland.
8 Dec 2010
History / Lwów, Wilno ... kresy - Poland have lost enormoust part of our heritage... [389]

no body is thinking to have war and take it back

Im sure you will find that some people are lol

If my opinion if Belorussian ( white russia ) was to no longer exist ( I dont know why it exist anyway Belorussians are Russians) we wouldn't have to bring up this issue. Poland could have Lwow and Brest and the rest could be split between Ukraine and Lithuania.
7 Dec 2010
History / Christopher Colombowicz: America's discoverer Polish not Portuguese, claim historians [60]

Poland actually owns the whole world

Really? I would have never though of that ;)

Poland invaded itself , failed to come to its own rescue , and allowed itself to occupy itself after the war

It also partitioned it self several times.

Who is gonna take the blame for that i wonder....?

the Jews or the English
14 Aug 2010
News / Poland sends firefighters to help Russia [67]

Poland sent 155 firefighters and 50 fire-fighting vehicles to help put out the wildfires in Russia

Would Russia do the same if it was in Poland?
4 Aug 2010
History / Polish history is 100% glorious [297]

Poland's history is an unbroken chain of glorious events

No everything was glorious but Poland history is something we should be proud of.

no Pole has ever done anything wrong

There have been many Poles that have done terrible things but there are way more Poles that have done good things.

have never lost a war

Your right about that one ;)
2 Aug 2010
History / Give back Lwow to Poland and Kaliningrad to Germany - is it possible? [198]

Poland would have no power anymore to stop Germany to get back their eastern lands

BB you can come and try if you want ;)

Ask Germany.

Germany failed because they got greedy and took land which they had no right to. Poland taking Lwow is not the same.
1 Aug 2010
News / Poland and Kresy being reunited? [162]

In exchange Poland should designate what borders Britain should have !

Ironside if you were in charge of Borders there would be only one country in Europe lol.
31 Jul 2010
News / Poland and Kresy being reunited? [162]

sir curzon was british

Yes but he died in 1925 .I think you misunderstood I was saying whos idea was it for the Curzon line B which included Lwow as Part of Poland

Wasn't it originally Churchill that proposed giving Poland several German lands?

I dont know where you heard that quote from wikipedia:

Winston Churchill was not present at the end of the Yalta Conference as the results of the British election had made it clear he had been defeated. Churchill later claimed that he would never have agreed to the Oder-Western Neisse line, and in his famous Iron Curtain speech declared that:

The Russian-dominated Polish Government has been encouraged to make enormous and wrongful inroads upon Germany, and mass expulsions of millions of Germans on a scale grievous and undreamed-of are now taking place.
—Winston Churchil