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20 Sep 2012
Life / Polish vs British vs American - Clash of cultures [390]

i made a kielbasa hotdog slice it in half with a half sour pickle sliced in half...together they make a whole and i eat two on a potato roll with hot sauce, true story.
24 Aug 2012

the missile defense shield was not meant for a threat from Russia, as far as i am aware, it was Russia who saw it as a threat.

would Russia be in danger of fallout if they sent nukes towards Poland.

@ legend, look up the "czar" bomb...7.1 on the Richter scale; then again it was this site i first ever even heard of it so, thanks.
21 Aug 2012

drone army is the way to go.

President Komorowski has stated Poland's own plans for the military.

i dont understand how a missile defense shield can be wrong and right at the same time, this to me says they will buy russian technology rather than american.
9 Aug 2012

In the entire world actually,not just IN EUROPE as you have claimed obviously trying to say why didnt that many men come instantly to Polands aid......well, because most of them were thousands of miles away .

i thought 0 came to aid plus a few missed airdrops.

as transportation and technology advances so do the borders; house to house to town to town to state to state and so on.

im pretty sure if newjersey could go to war with new york we would ;P
9 Aug 2012

are plastic poles allowed to fight in the polish army, i read it somewhere in a hemingway novel that you had a choice to fight for your adopted country or choose the mother country, maybe a farewell to arms"

wonder about immigration laws and language barriers.

i guess in terms of world war, poland would be occupied anyway and polish refugees would fight for allied countries.
19 Mar 2012
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [742]

why bother posting

its easier to accept the story told, dude

there is evidence that russia conspired to divert the presidents plane, by defenition thats a conspiracy.
19 Mar 2012
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [742]

Based on the experience of the crew, it would seem that they were used to flying approaches which relied on decision height and not decision altitude.

you would think adjusting the altimeter and essentially turning off TAWS, is a sure sign that they were reading the barometric meter. (white numbered dial)

"...fact that the airport wasnt in the database..."

1.8.2 Maps and approach charts
The crew had at their disposal approach charts of SMOLENSK NORTH, which were
copies of materials passed off to Polish Embassy in Moscow by the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Russian Federation. On 09.04.2009, that outpost forwarded
said materials to the
Military Air Traffic Service Office of The Polish Armed Forces which passed them to the 36

According to a statement by an employee of the Polish Embassy in Moscow, made on 5.05.2010,
a representative of the Polish Dep. at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation informed on
05.04.2010 that procedures for the year 2010 are just like those from 2009.

what pilot would adjust one altimeter to turn off TAWs and not use the other? is this guy serious? and they knew the airport wasnt in the database?
17 Mar 2012
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [742]

wasnt the airport closed, not cleared for landing?

except it was open for Tusk to land?

so was it closed due to weather or because it was decommissioned?

16 Mar 2012
News / Polish final report on Smoleńsk aircrash [742]

so this commander J, is he speculating or was involved at the time, someone told him or her...they said he was interviewed at a nuclear conference by intelligence officers.

Also, why did they allow the airplane with the journalists to land?

exactly, why did they allow the airplane with the journalists to land and not the presidents plane? ;)
4 Mar 2012
News / More anti Polish sentiment in western media ("Apple is worth more than Poland") [110]

news flash, this is a zionist jew, in america, taking slight of poland, it may not even be intentional because he himself is brainwashed to say such things.

the three people posting here with "why" or "oh" your wasting your time, because these three people never have a good word for poland on here anyway

edit: obviously slighting saudi arabia and sweden and belgium, your a fool if you think a financial analyst is unintentionally comparing a countries gdp to apple

Gross Domestic Product, Israel $217.33 Billion US dollars at current prices - 2010 Source: World Bank
28 Jan 2012
History / Polish inventors - what have they ever given to the world? [93]

i know the polish inventor site your reffering to ill have to look to see if i deleted it

there is polish logic which i cant understand

there are maaaaaaany the OP just doesnt really care to know

brb...nope, deleted damnit
5 Jan 2012
History / Poland and Orientalism [115]

Well, Poland was viewed as a backwoods country because of the democratic constitution while all civilized countries enjoyed absolute rules.
Today current form of democracy is seen as the most advanced, who knows what tomorrow will bring ?

poland has never been imperialistic in its constitution, that might be viewed as backwoods...

it may have seemed backwards cause poland had little need for diplomacy.
3 Jan 2012
Life / Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland? [67]

when i came back to this site which i love and saw harry nic, r u serious? the troll is strong in you it is.

can we make a thread and list jewish/poles/americans because i am really really interested in their opinions.
2 Jan 2012
Life / Are there many crypto-Jews in Poland? [67]

wow a jew with a career in media? shocking...

this goes back to the sejm when a unanimous vote was needed to pass order

people were judged by land ownership and royalty and you could practice devil worship for all anyone cared

it is historic fact that neighboring countries would send diplomats to throw votes and keep progress and efficiency on lockdown