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7 Jan 2010
Food / Traditionally-Polish salads, help needed [19]

grate cabbage, carrots, apple, cucumber put mayo and lemon juice and also add little salt ^^ we use to eat it with breaded pork chop ^^
7 Jan 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

Hi LaGirl
Btw im Aze a filipina just curretly moved out in Poland with my polish husband ^^.
Im just new here in this forum as im searching some Filipinas in here.
Yeah have a romantic gateaway with him ^^
bake a cake and put the promice bracelet in it hehehe
usually only guys do it and put the ring in the cake...
well girls can also do it ^^,
Hope to have more friends here ^^
8 Jan 2010
Love / Polish boyfriend coming to visit [52]

Hi Marek1024... I suggest you to cook adobo hehehe... My husbands parents are very tradional in terms of food excepts his 2 sisters... so since i dont know what to cook for them... I let them to try adobo and sinigang... But they more like adobo... I found out also that they have same dish like "nilaga" but the difference is they boil it with leek and it really taste good. You can also serve bbq and fish ^^. Polish people also like vegies so maybe you can also serve some vegetables salad. I also cooked pancit and kare-kare and other philippine foods to my husband and he likes it. My husband loves philippine food but he dont want to try balut and exotic foods hahaha. Good luck to your BF as he see balut ^^
8 Jan 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

Why not Polish female friends?


Hi BrutalButcher. I am open to make friends to all.. i am searching for filipina here coz who knows if they live near in the town where i lived now. And as i also said Hope to have more friends here^^
21 Jan 2010
Language / co to jest? [11]

when to use (jak/jaki/jakie) and when to use (co)? coz in bez problemu book it both means "what" but they dont give explanation about it. Just little confused. Im a beginer learner of Polish so i still dont know much and I hope someone can help me. Dziękuję
22 Jan 2010
Language / co to jest? [11]

Thank you so much ^^, mhuaaa -Aze
4 Feb 2010
Love / Asian living in Poland asks: Valentine's coming, what to send? how to send? help [16]

Hi Im also Asian girl ^^ but Im living now here in Poland with my husband. Last valentines day my husband also bought gifts via online since Im in my country that time... And it reached me so I dont think even they are online basis it will still reach to ur gF.

I think your girlfriend will really like it because as I knew some of polish girls...
They really appreciate giving flowers and chocolates or even little gifts.
And it is sweet if you do it.
So don't hesitate to send flowers and chocolates to her if you really want... and if you really want to spend some money for her because online buying valentine gifts are little expensive.

Try the first one but if you dont understand some of the information you can try to use google translator or contact them in skype or by phone or try other sites.
4 Feb 2010
Love / Asian living in Poland asks: Valentine's coming, what to send? how to send? help [16]

(here on the last website u can find list of different flower shops)

thats some of the flower shops in poland... just use google translate because i dont know if they have english language.

kwiaciarnia = flower shop... maybe u can try to search this and add Rzeczenica Poland
5 Feb 2010
Love / What do foreign women think of Polish men? [120]

what do foreign women think of polish men?
I think it still depends on each person.
To be honest so hard to judge men that you really dont know well but in generel as I knew some of Polish men... they are kind, hard working, family oriented, friendly and loyal.

Some of them also likes to drink beer everyday and smoking (for me I just dont like it)
6 Feb 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

how to treat a polish guy

hmmmm... let him know all about you and how the way we live there, be sweet and be a good listener coz i found most of polish wants to have someone to listen to them.

I have this guy and I even dont know what he really feels for me.

Me and my husband... before when were still chattig and dont meet yet in personal that time... even he likes me already he still dont want to rush things. like what your guy did... he also did it to me (calls, gifts, introduced me in his family and also want me to come in poland). Im just lucky my aunt invited me in Sweden last year and we finally 1st met the same day I arrived there.

Most of the polish men are loyal and serious in relationship. I think he is serious with you.
6 Feb 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]


its always like that in 1st meeting... u feel nervous, dont know what to do what to say, how to act in front of him, will u hug or kiss him when u see each other hehehe really funny ^^ but good luck for the both of you
7 Feb 2010
Love / What do foreign women think of Polish men? [120]

Swedish man here. I think Polish blokes are bumbling, balding headed fools. No offence.

I knew some swedish men (relatives and friends) they are bald headed also hehe ^^,
22 Feb 2010
Law / residence visa stamp (Asian girl with a Polish husband) [9]

This is Aze,
Im an Asian girl who have polish husband, I went back to my country then I applied visa in Bangkok (so I can go back to Poland and reside with my husband) and they gave me category VISA D in my passport which will expired in March 15,2010. But when i came back here in Poland I've got residence card but no PESEL in it. But Ive got my PESEL now.

My question is do I still need to apply for residence visa stamp in my passport (coz it will expire already) even I have residence ID card (without PESEL written in it)? The immigration said its ok even without PESEl written in it.

But the thing is me and my husband are planning to move out in UK, which requiring to have proof of residency here.

Hoping for someone who will reply. Thanks :)
8 Mar 2010
Life / Womans day in Poland? [132]

Mar 8, 10, 18:58 - Thread attached on merging:
happy womans day?

how do you say it in polish?
15 Mar 2010
UK, Ireland / EEA family permit from Poland to UK - time and process [60]

[Moved from]: a family permit going to UK, possible to edit online?

i fill up a family permit going to UK via online and submitted it already. Is there any chance that I can edit the information that I gave coz I still need to changed something and add some information there

8 Apr 2010
Law / Paperwork needed in Marriage in Poland!! [13]

ok... Are you here in Poland or in Thailand?

If you want to marry here in Poland you might needed the following:

*birth certificate(translated in Polish
*single status of you and your future husband (Polish also)
*certification of legal capacity to contract marriage which you can get it in Thailand consulate/embassy here in Poland(if you are here also in Poland, this is like a proof that you can marry your fiancee & its little different from single status because your future husband's name is written in that papper unlike in single status)

*passport & copy
*passport size picture
*if you are also here in Poland you need also registration or permission to live in your fiancee house
*and visa (if in Poland also)
*and some little money for payment
18 Apr 2010
Law / Paperwork needed in Marriage in Poland!! [13]

If its possible in Thainland do it there... Because I dont know if there is Thai-Polish certified translator here... Coz they usually translate English to Polish. Or if you dont find anything... translate your documents in English and they can translate it here in english to polish.
28 May 2010
Law / Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage. [116]

Merged: Married to Polish citizen, how long before I can apply for Polish citizenship?

im married to Polish. I want to know how many years do i need or when I can apply for citizenship here? And what are the requirements?