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8 Jan 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

Why not Polish female friends?


Hi BrutalButcher. I am open to make friends to all.. i am searching for filipina here coz who knows if they live near in the town where i lived now. And as i also said Hope to have more friends here^^
8 Jan 2010
Love / Polish boyfriend coming to visit [52]

Hi Marek1024... I suggest you to cook adobo hehehe... My husbands parents are very tradional in terms of food excepts his 2 sisters... so since i dont know what to cook for them... I let them to try adobo and sinigang... But they more like adobo... I found out also that they have same dish like "nilaga" but the difference is they boil it with leek and it really taste good. You can also serve bbq and fish ^^. Polish people also like vegies so maybe you can also serve some vegetables salad. I also cooked pancit and kare-kare and other philippine foods to my husband and he likes it. My husband loves philippine food but he dont want to try balut and exotic foods hahaha. Good luck to your BF as he see balut ^^
7 Jan 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

Hi LaGirl
Btw im Aze a filipina just curretly moved out in Poland with my polish husband ^^.
Im just new here in this forum as im searching some Filipinas in here.
Yeah have a romantic gateaway with him ^^
bake a cake and put the promice bracelet in it hehehe
usually only guys do it and put the ring in the cake...
well girls can also do it ^^,
Hope to have more friends here ^^
7 Jan 2010
Food / Traditionally-Polish salads, help needed [19]

grate cabbage, carrots, apple, cucumber put mayo and lemon juice and also add little salt ^^ we use to eat it with breaded pork chop ^^