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26 Feb 2013
Travel / Poland-Kaliningrad connection? [6]

I saw that there is no LOT connection between Pl-Kaliningrad, why? How people travel between these two places?
My question is not practical, rather theoretical, I'm interested about the background. How are the polticial-economical-tourist relations between them? I read some articles and I saw that they want to strengthen the ties, and make it easier to travel and such things, but how does it look in real life?
21 Jan 2013
History / Why did Hitler want to sign the Non-agression agreement with Poland? [5]

Our professor told that Hitler had changed his geopolitical ideas, but I don't really understand it. Could you please help me and explain it?

I also read it somewhere that the Four Power Pact had contributed to this non agression treaty but still don't really understand it...
28 Nov 2012
Language / How to say "to waste money" in Polish slang? [7]

Thank you! but could also you give me an example, where the verb is also slang (or have some countryside taste), not only the noun "money". I want to express the action itself with such a word.
28 Nov 2012
Language / Dzbanecznik as a synonym of alcohol? [10]

I need a Polish slang word for alcohol, in the meaning of a drink which relieves the troubles, makes you feel better, eases your pain or something like that. Or maybe it's not slang, it can be any synonym which is commonly used for alcoholic drinks. I only found this word, but as I saw it it seems it's not the best choice - i dont even know what it means actually :/

Thanks for any tips.
14 Sep 2012
Travel / Gdansk - where to go and what's cool to see? [25]

[Moved from]: Can tourists visit Gdańsk container terminal?

How much is the port accessible? Are tourists allowed to go in (eg. via organised ship trips on the channel like in Hamburg or sthing)?

Please give me info, because I love harbours and shipspotting ^.^
11 Sep 2012
Travel / How to get from Warsaw to Belarus (ex-Polish areas)? [5]

I would like to visit towns with a considerable Polish minority. I'm thinking of going by train or bus, could you give me advice? Which is cheaper? Any places I must visit?

Thank you in advance for any tip.
30 May 2012
Polonia / Anything in Hamburg which connects to Polish culture or history? [4]

I will visit Hamburg in the summer, and since I study polonistics, I am interested in everything about Poles and try to find their clues everywhere I go.

Any advice on what should I visit there besides the main attractions in the city?
My main interest is history.
15 Nov 2011
Language / być pod ręką [7]

Thanks a lot for your explanation! :D
15 Nov 2011
Language / być pod ręką [7]


I would like to ask about the usage of this phrase. Can we use it for human, or only for non living things? Can we use it with mieć, in a possessive context? For example:

Mam przyjaciół zawsze pod reka? - or it doesn't make sense?

Thanks a lot for any help!

Hey please help I need only a short answer! O.o