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12 Feb 2013
Language / Does Polish have a plural of "You"? [51]

and I've notice your use of a racist expletive-

One may deem it pejorative, but racist and expletive? Not in my books.
11 Feb 2013
History / Churchill and Poland [121]

Don't you think that you been indoctrinated by the Communists? That they done a right number on you? You are just repeating their propaganda and calling it history.

No, No and No.

How was Churchill made into a Hate figure in Poland and Stalin not?

Stalin is widely hated here, maybe you don't live here, if you did you would know it.

Well that pretty much ends the need to debate.


What Internet Troll Acadamy did you graduate from?
8 Feb 2013
Travel / Partying in Zabrze! Possible? [8]

Depends on your idea of partying.

If it is having a few beers / vodkas, food, friends, music and chats it is easy enough.

If you want coke, hookers and an orgy, that might be a little more difficult to arrange.
31 Jan 2013
Life / Washing machine in the bathroom of Poles [78]

Which is right ?

Marriage experts over the years have determined that the key to a happy marriage is that the wife is always right.
18 Jan 2013
Food / Poland known for their sweets? [67]

Certain tastes never change, huh, Shawn? :):):)

After almost 6 years, they are still good.

Must be the preservatives....
10 Jan 2013
News / Predictions about Poland for 2013 [80]

I predict "more of the same".

Some interesting comparisons with Latvia:

I'd like to do is briefly compare Latvia to Northern Europe's "soundest" and most resilient economy: Poland. While substantially different in size, Poland and Latvia, apart from being close to one another, both inherited woefully deficient institutions from communism and have struggled with many of the same economic ills over the past two decades. They have also adopted staggeringly different approaches to the crisis, one of which was a lot more effective than the other.
23 Dec 2012
News / Lech Wałęsa's empty fridge? [9]

If you don't get fed at home, you go for a McDonald's, as Bill Clinton said.

Do they have a cigar lounge in the McD's there in PL?
23 Dec 2012
News / Lech Wałęsa's empty fridge? [9]

I come home and the fridge is empty, because my wife is off to a book-signing

There is always McDonalds.
7 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / How long will Poles use communism and ww2 as an excuse to move to the UK? [55]


In case you had'nt realized, my good man, I was doing a parody of the highly intelligent Master Hicks' original post. I in no way intended to offend any intelligent posters, as I would have thought they would have gotten the joke. If I have in any way offended your senses, please accept my humble apology....

I agree with you 99%. Just remember not all teachers teach 'Engrish'. Don't go hating all teachers...
Also, America is not a real country in England's eyes;) It's a step down for us... Australia would be a better example:P
And lastly, 'Ireland' isn't British;)

On the ball I see... Some of my best teachers were teachers! Furthermore, I acknowledge that Ireland and England are as akin to each other as the Czech Republic and Lithuania.
6 Dec 2012
UK, Ireland / How long will Poles use communism and ww2 as an excuse to move to the UK? [55]

So often i read from chavs on forums and news websites about the woes of the UK - Usually blaming the wave of hard working immigrants that bring a truly global sense of multiculutralism (which their leaders fully embraced), blaming the Muslims for 7/11, and blaming the poor weather for "our collective malaise".

It;s been nearly 50 years since the introduction of mass immigration. You've had 10 years of crying the blues.. and you are still a economic mess.

Anglo cultures are all very similar - with a commonality in the chav sub-culture (oxy-moron.....) Very lazy, uneducated, conniving, selfish and will do anything to make get a holiday in mallorca.

Look at Ireland! Incredibly rich in natural beauty, yet full of troublemakers.
Brits need to face facts. You're just not economically viable as a nation without somebody willing to do work for the priveleged and chav-class.

The pick of the bunch, in my opinion are the Welsh. I also noticed the people there are quite friendly and ambitious for Anglo standards! Perhaps this is a clue??

Have no fear. Anglos have embraced their right to escape their leaders and move to proper countries such as the Canada, USA, Poland and Spain.

Proper countries. Countries full of community spirit, drive and motivation to get off the couch and stop watching Jeremy Kyle and eating fries from a news paper.

Just a shame lots of them haven't conducted themselves as ambassadors of England. Committing Crimes. Scrounging Benefits. Dancing naked in Polish fountains, marrying the birds, teaching Engrish, the list is endless.

They're even getting in on the act with the 'compensation culture'.

Type in "I would do that job for Minimum wage, and be happy at it" in google and you'll find hundreds of time wasting sites to kill the day away.
5 Dec 2012
Language / Mushroom: pieczarka vs grzyb [24]

If I am not mistaken, grzyb refers to mushrooms in a general sense and pieczarka is a very specific type of mushroom.
28 Nov 2012
Off-Topic / PF - The Omnibus Edition [1502]

Like I said before, I'm easy on dates but with my kind of work I do I need advance notice. Only certain people are qualified to work in my ward (challenging behavior - self harming, suicidal, arson, aggressive behavior and schizophrenic) so can only get holidays when someone on the other shift agrees to sign a "contract" to cover my days off. The joys of my job :D

When did you get the Mod Job on PF?
21 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / Do the poles like British culture [127]

I accept that is a choice people make in life

Really, I thought it was an orientation impervious to choice, will, training or of even "being cured"...

This man isn't a Christian or a patriot

If a person of the muslim faith refused to drive a bus advertising bacon, would he have a leg to stand on, get the same support (or lack thereof)?

he's homophobic


most probably he's a closet gay

Really? Statistically based on what?
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [98]

Three part question:

There are four urinals mounted on the wall of a men's WC.

1) nobody else is in the WC. Which urinal do you use?
2) one person is using the second urinal from the left. Which urinal do you use?
3) one person is using the second urinal from the right and another person is using the fourth from the left. Which urinal do you use?

My answers:
1) Far left.
2) Far right.
3) Far left.

Maybe I will post the "why's?" later.