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9 Jun 2006
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

Mosco Bosco sounds a little like "Matko Boska" - meaning literally Mother of God
yezza sova - this is a tough one. the first one could be "jędza" (sort of "witch") the second looks like "sowa" (an owl), but together it doesn't make much sense to me, unless your grandparents had their own way to curse at each other, which wouldn't be anything unusual

grama/grampa - babcia/dziadek

Time to run (Please see the proper Polish translation for this expression above:).

excellent touch :)

BTW. most of the s-words have more then one meaning, and that's where it gets complicated
18 Jul 2006
Food / Stuffed eggs (Polish-style recipe) [17]

one of my friens did it a bit different way.
so once the eggs were hard boiled she would cut them in half (yes,cut, in order not to destroy the shells) then she would take the egg out of it's shell, cut is in very little pieces, mix with fried shampignons also cut in little pieces, some mayonaise and spices then put is back in the shells (well not in a complete shell but in the two remaining bowls after cutting the egg). then she would put those in a oven for a couple of minutes. tastes very good this way.

you can fry the mushrooms with some onions.
17 Oct 2006
Language / Polish sayings [236]

This one is not serious

Komu w drogę, temu gwóźdź w nogę - who wants/needs to leave, stick a nail in his foot

in fact it's a piss at one of those written by Krysia

Komu pora, temu czas - when it's your time, you have to go

18 Nov 2006
Genealogy / Are all Poles blue eyed and blonde? [451]

All the poles that i know are blonde with blue eyes.

funny, it's not the first time I hear this. it's not true, though when I look around sometimes down here I'm prone to agree. that's probably because of drinking :) extensive alcohol intake makes one's eyes brighter :). The hair of the workers becomes brighter due to the white paint constantly falling on their heads, and there you go - blue eyes, blond hair.

and girls? it seems to me that it's extremely popular to dye the hair blond. i've been to a Polish party and I my friends could swear that 90% of girsl were blond... if they hadn't known better :)

23 Apr 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

can anyone tell me what baku means?

a slang word, it means weed, pot (or however it's spelled) - you know, happy smoking
24 Apr 2007
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [417]

Krysia, you're so on the spot. Both, stubborn and constantly complaining.

I'd also add moody.

But there are also good things about us!!!! Really.

like very, very inventive
10 Aug 2007
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [243]

Here comes a little crab (a little cancer to be exact) nieboraczek (this word has no meaning really, an invented word that rhymes with 'raczek')

when it stings/tweaks you there will be a mark
10 Aug 2007
Life / Polish Nursery Rhymes [243]

I had no idea! really! :) but in a horoscope there's cancer, too, am I a disease, then?

sh..., this could really scare a child, i mean singing to it about a disease

anyway, new day, new word ;) everything's fine

cheers, Krysia
11 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Warning to British people visiting Poland!! Don't get drunk and smash the place up! [447]

We liberated you from Nazi oppression, our lads sacrificing their lives for your freedom

i don't think so, although a longer discussion would be pointless. :)

Why is it wrong to visit Poland...

it's not. ignoring those voices is the best policy. myself, I find it iteresting to meet foreigners in Poland and learn about their experiences in my country, especially since only throughout recent years we see large increase in numbers of westerners visiting the place (except for the Germans, they've always been there, at least where I come from). don't worry mate, you want to go and have cheaper fun in Poland, GO AHEAD! :)
13 Aug 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

" mala jest twoja pala" means "his cock is very small :)

YOUR cock is very small - that's what it means
oh, Slwkk quicker again :)
13 Aug 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

:) nice,
remember, though you probably know it, mała is also written with a £
13 Aug 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

świr (the word 'świrus' originates from) means 'nutcase, nut, nuts'

Nutcase Bartek would be the translation

it isn't insulting really, świrus has a positive feeling to it as in calling 'crazy' someone who's positively crazy, therefore amusing
13 Aug 2007
Language / Polish Swear Words [1242]

pojebany/a/e (m., f., n.) is already quite vulgar, i think ot translates to 'f... up'
in fact there's quite a number of words that translate to it
17 Aug 2007
Language / About usage of the special Polish letters: ą ć ę ł ń ó ś ż ź [28]


you can't find this one ('zwrotów'), because it's not in it's basic form (singular, first case - denominator), it is 'zwrot' you should be looking for in this case

it's not the presence of those letters, that makes it hard to find a word in a dictionary
20 Aug 2007
Language / "Poles" or "Polish people" - which is better to use? [200]

haha, this is a nice word play. good to learn

If people from Poland are called "Poles," why aren't people from Holland called "Holes"?

what woud the Russian and Belgian be in this scheme?
Rolls, Balls?

the Dutch don't like to word Holland too much.