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2 Feb 2019
News / Poland blocks any action on climate change [569]

The climate change hoax will continue to reap billions and billions for those who have a financial interest in their scare mongering. This includes global bureaucrats (U.N.) and corporations who profit from it.l
14 Aug 2016
Law / The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland? [1503]

Moral right? No, I don't think so. It's not a god given right to have a gun. It's a man made product that falls under certain regulations as almost anything else.

The founders of the American constitution did not give special rights to bear arms; the second amendment merely protected what was believed to be a natural right of citizens to keep their guns. . Citizens and 'militia' were interchangeable definitions and considered the same thing since virtually every household had some sort of weapon in those days which was usually used for hunting but also for defense of the home. Indeed, the American revolution was won with guns. .
8 May 2016
Polonia / Should Poles help Germans organize protests demanding free media ? [136]

Rosum..........."that group is best represented by wrinkly old white men..."

Hmmm, perhaps you should work on your prejudices. Are you giving wrinkly old women a pass? What about unwrinkled old men? Feminist bitterness exposes insecurity.
13 Apr 2016
News / Poland -- Europe's only counterweight to Russia [271]

"......reminded me of a european version of Chicago - meaning nothing to brag about and everything you don't want like terrible traffic....."

Hey, hey now; you must not know interesting people in Chicago. The restaurants are marvelous; the museums top-notch; the architecture is a wonder. Evidently, you somehow missed the many many acres of Grant Park, Lincoln Park, the lake shore beaches for miles, and the numerous smaller parks, etc.

You need to develop some up-scale friends. Okay, we have a lot of murders but you know where most of them are committed and besides, we now have conceal-and carry in the city, not that I've needed to use it (so far).
13 Dec 2015
News / Should Poland exit the EU immediately? [374]

Trump has no animosity towards Poland or Poles. His campaign manager is Corey Lewandowski and many Poles in the construction trades have worked for him.
20 Mar 2015
News / The number of millionaires in Poland is on the rise [15]

That's good to know. I wonder when the women will exceed the 50% level in Poland.

I wonder when women well exceed the 50 percent level in construction work, as oil rig workers, as electrical powerline installers, roofers, welders, et al.
I wonder why some women only wonder about only certain jobs. Isn't wondering wonderful?
19 Mar 2015

she had a Polish name but stopped being Polish when she married a Frenchman.......

A black female acquaintance of mine stopped being black when she married a white man..................oh wait......
Seems like Harry still likes to twist himself into a pretzel.
18 Mar 2015

.......the French (because of his birth father Nicolas!) are more than willing to concede that he's French:-)

Yes, Chopin's heart and love of France was so great that he wrote many mazurkas and polonaises in France's honor, oh wait...........

As to Copernicus; that point has been made in these forums years ago. Newcomers should read the old threads.........especially mine :)
17 Mar 2015
History / Movie about Polish Fighter 303 Squadron in the making [37]

Haylel, don't try to convince Harry of anything. He crusted over decades ago and his versions of history are petrified. I've pointed out his many errors long ago yet he continues to stay in his cage even though the door is open.
15 Oct 2014
Genealogy / How common do you think Asiatic ancestry is in Poland? [12]

So me being tall, having light brown hair, pale skin and green eyes must be lucky Polish guy lol

Same here except I have blue/hazel eyes and my blond hair went mousy light brown when I got to my 20's. In the Polish neighborhood where I grew up none of the kids had Asiatic features but subsequently I have run into a few Poles who do. After some research I found that approximately 2% of Poles retain those exotic features and the Polish community is the better for it.
15 Oct 2014
UK, Ireland / Curious about differences Polish people see with the British? [95]

I've traveled all over 'Great Britain' and never had a problem. As an American with a Polish last name checking into hotels, etc. I was always treated well or at least with a modicum of courtesy. That was true even when I spoke Polish in public. Perhaps my 'westerness' projected itself or it may have been my extraordinary good looks (lol).l
21 Mar 2014
Genealogy / The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans [596]

Polish women are very beautiful. Polish men on the other hand...not so much. :-)

You can't have one without the other. I'll explain this as simply as I can.
Let's take a group of people which I'll call a tribe. The characteristics of that tribe will be uniform to it. For example, if a tribe has short women, then it's men will also be short albeit taller than the women. If a tribe is black-haired than both men and women will have that dominant characteristic. Women wouldn't be red-haired and men black-haired. Same goes for looks. Men and women will be equivalent to each other since attractiveness within a group of people is random and consistent.
28 Jan 2014
Love / Cultural difference or flirting? My boyfriend is from Poland. [7]

we met up with some old time friends of his. Of which, two were female.

Shocking, you should have slapped his face.

one he was, in particular very friendly with

Why.....I dare he?

he said that she was an old time friend that he enjoyed catchin up with,

Nah, they were reliving their torrid romantic past.

he also asked a girl he knows to dance once at a party we were at

Shocking, never heard of such a thing.

it is ok to arm link a married woman home etc, but where does the line finish?

Usually in the woman's bed.

what do you think of this ?

You have great potential in becoming a possessive nuisance.
28 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

I didn't realize that I unleashed such a firestorm when I quoted "Judeo-Christian" from a link. Catching up the past two days proved interesting and I must say that Paulina was head and shoulders above her debate foes. Logically speaking, it wasn't even close. When asked a question, Paulina's antagonists weaved and dodged so many times that reading their responses became a blur.

Who cares about Jews. We are discussing Poland

Jews played a significant part in Poland's history.
26 Jan 2014
Law / Laws on walking a dog in Polska [64]

s there a Polish law which states below a certain temperature you don't have to pick up the poo,

There must be. I've never seen dog poo in Antarctica.

I am the only person who seems to have black bag in hand these days?

No, no, black bags are for use in the summer. White bags are the correct color in the winter. Your dog must be embarrassed walking with you :)
26 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

Zimmy: Judeo-Christian foundations
Every time I see phrases like this or cognitive dissonance, suspend belief/disbelief or the elephant in the room I hang my head

That's from the link I quoted; the author was pointing out cultural differences between Muslims and Christians/Jews.
By the way I used the (white) elephant in the room phrase in this very forum last Thursday. As to you hanging your head may I suggest that you study up on the rare albino elephant so that you can add it to your 'bull in a china shop' bromide.

udeo-Christian foundations what a load of crap.....

That terminology and what you think it stands for brings on a virulent reaction from you, vetty vetty interesting.
You really don't believe that Judeo-Christianity heavily influenced much of europe?
26 Jan 2014
Love / 6 months with my Polish girlfriend and I still don't understand her.. [208]

I do .... as throngs of my female fans will attest. (lol)
Sure, many dislike me at first since I point out information that doesn't jive with what they believe nor wish to believe. I offer counter intuitive facts which are often "politically incorrect" hence, the feminists and their flunkies

the subservient 'white male liberals' mentally hick-up when presented with such reality.

So, what do women want? Security and to be adored. (that's the short answer)
26 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

The quote is from the link not from me. There are about half of that amount in France which is a substantial number.
Interesting that you didn't quote this from the link: "....those enclaves have grown to where the Sharia law now challenges the Judeo-Christian foundations of their host European nations." Is it too "politically incorrect" for you to acknowledge it?

ZIMMY "It's a growing problem not to be ignored"
but the plural of anecdote is not data.

It can be if substantial enough. The next time you see or hear of a Muslim riot or violent protest just close your eyes, hold your head between your hands like a vice and loudly cry into the dark night, "its only an anecdote".
25 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

They were marginalised immigrants - the French riot anyway

I knew an agenda driven lefty had to make an excuse for them (talk about not thinking outside the box).

And they certainly don't have Sharia in France.

From the link: "In France, home to 13 million Muslims, the government no longer controls the banlieus , the densely-populated, predominantly Muslim ghettos that encircle most major French cities and where the French police seldompatrol. If that changed, the Muslim population among France's prison inmates would rise even higher than the present 70%"

Once again reality rears its truthful head above leftist feelings about how things are.

I also know the Daily Telegraph statistics (unfortunately I cannot access these as I have exceeded my article limit). Unfortunately, it seems that many people (particularly in Poland) unquestioning believe just about any kind of nonsense critical of Muslims.

Your stats are dated; you will find that things have disintegrated since then. Your "Daily Telegraph" also predicts that by 2050 The European Union will be 20% Muslim. I'm sure this 'diversity' will engender goodness and peace..........

In the UK the number of Polish births is now exceeding the number of Pakistani births. What would be your solution for this 'problem'?

It's a "problem" if Poles don't disenfranchise themselves from Sharia Law; lol
25 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

Don't be so paranoid.

Pointing out a problem is not being paranoid but ignoring one is being naive.

Do you think religion was the motivation for those riots?

Nah, the mere fact that the rioters were Muslims is a coincidence. To illustrate just one example:
25 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

it is all scaremongering and sensationalism,

Evidently not as you continue with.........

.....vigilante sharia groups taking the law into their own hands is a very real danger - for example someone of my aquaintance was in East London when she was set upon and beaten up

Seems like you are fighting with 'what you want to believe vs what reality is telling you'.
Don't forget all those Muslim riots in Paris where hundreds of cars got vandalized. It's a growing problem not to be ignored.
25 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

Do you support the free market?

The free-er the better.

Are Jeffrey Sachs and Milton Friedman lefties? Was the Shock therapy in Poland a plan of the left?

You probably 'feel' your'e making some sense here but you are not. By the way, I (briefly) met Milton Friedman.

The constitution, legal code or common law of a country specifies the hierarchy of courts.

In this "politically correct" western world, we'll see how that pans out.

rozumiemnic:the imposition of sharia law in host countries is a very real issue
Then fight for separation of church and state. Across the board.

Do you really believe there is a big problem with that issue in western worlds? Lefties seem to but most 'normal' people don't.
Typical lefty deflection is attempting to compare Sharia Law with Christian society. It's part of the 'all cultures are equal' tenets that lefties adhere to.

someone with something against Muslims has pulled a set of statistics out of his arse-crack.

Do you have the correct statistics? Your belief doesn't mean much unless you show some counter-proof. Hope you do.
I'm still waiting for someone to specifically address the issue of Sharia Law in host countries. If a male spouse is beating his wife and a neighbor sees it, does that neighbor have to respect the rights provided under Sharia Law?
24 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

Support seems to grow for some of these nutter Muslim clerics. As to the relatively small size of followers, isn't that how Adolph Schicklgruber started?

Can these figures be true? Hard to believe:

From the link: " Roughly on average 60-70% of the entire nations welfare payouts in Sweden appear to go to Muslims. Muslims make up 5% of the total population.

In Britain in 2012 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed. Muslims are also more on sick leave more than anyone else, with 24% of females and 21% of males claiming a disability. What exactly does this mean money-wise? It means that out of 5 million Muslims living in Britain (according to 2012 claims), 4.25 million Muslims, or 85% are living off tax payers.
24 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

rozumiemnic:the imposition of sharia law in host countries is a very real issue
Then fight for separation of church and state. Across the board.

Unlike lefties I don't believe that all cultures are equal in (their) values. Problems are inevitable when an extreme value of the immigrant culture is in conflict with laws and customs of the host country.

From roz's link:
"By 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim country. "It will be the end of freedom of democracy and submission to God. We don't believe in democracy, as soon as they have authority, Muslims should implement Sharia. This is what we're trying to teach people."
24 Jan 2014
News / Don't let Poland become like my country, France. [630]

ZIMMY:Sharia Law?
is an internal matter for a religious group.

Yes, yes but you do not explain how Shari'ah Law will fit into a host country's traditions and laws. The question that struck me was the one about the acceptance of cultural differences.

For instance; will the host country be allowed to interfere with Shari'ah law which allows a husband to physically punish his wife? Can a neighbor interfere?