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16 Nov 2010
Life / Driving test, English speaking driving school in Warsaw? [95]

The other disadvantage's with getting a uk license would be that i cannot drive abroad for at least a year.

Where do get your information? I can assure you that this is rubbish.

does anyone know if this can be done in English?!

For goodness' sake, you're not living in England. The days of empire are over????
Do you think there's a facility for POlish speakers to "do their theory test in Polish" in England?
Hardly. As you're living in Warsaw...hey....why not learn the language?
2 Dec 2009
News / What is wrong with Poland that Poles emigrate? [167]

Like many things, there is some truth in that, njc.

Seanus you don't live here and haven't done for some years now. so what would know about the reality of life in the UK today?

The only reason that Polish people can take low wage jobs isn't because British people dont want to do them, more they don't want /can't live 10 to a room, skipping off when the Council Tax bill/leccy/gas comes on top.

Besides in my town I don't see Polish people in crappy jobs that "British people don't want", I see them in jobs we would be grateful for.

Time for this myth to stop being peddled.
25 Nov 2009
History / Polish hatred towards Jews... [1290]

Till now, that has only been a rumour. I'm glad you cleared that up.

put your mind at rest yehudi!!!
13 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

"illegal Pole in the UK"? What's the definition?
Just curious?

derrr. pre 2004 worker natch.

Santander..."Why would you assist illegal poles, ?"[b][/b]
Because I was related to them..:)
8 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

Polish people were only entitled to state schools and health service when they had their children borne in the UK who automatically became UK citizens (as far as I know) -

That is just ill informed and specious rubbish.....sorry...:) (I did personally assist illegal Poles register for health service and education so I do have some knowledge on this)

Actually rubbish on two counts...being born in UK doesn't make you British citizen.
7 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

Believe or not I do understand what Polish ppl are saying aside from Kurwa kurwa and dziesienc pfund. Is that so very strange?
Please excuse my spelling I only know spoken Polish.

are you sure she did - maybe just learned it from her friends - when learning is part of fun I wouldn't call it an effort

Yes I make effort in every European language..:)Dzięki Gumi...xx ..and yes Gumi...close to a decade, there were thousands of Poles here working before 2004 as I am sure you know....with their children in state schools and using the Health service...

I didn't realize before exactly to what extent you are insecure

it's not about "insecurity" or my imagination it's about objecting to newcomers to my country being extremely rude to and about the ppl here, another example? OK how about the gang of drunken hooligans outside their squat in London Sieg Heiling to every passing non white person? Or was that simply my "insecurity"?
7 Oct 2009
UK, Ireland / Sad life of a Polish migrant in the UK. Ch. 5 - Racism [259]

If you don't like the UK then I can send you a map to the airport. Additionally there are frequent buses.
I have never ment such rudeness and arrogance and , yes, shock , horror "racism" as from Polish people.
Girls with faces like a bag of spanners making personal comments about all the women around them.
Guys on the tube saying something like "F.ucking Pig" about the Black Londoner who has the misfortune to sit next to them, just in a casual passing comment way.

Guys who are in the UK to avoid arrest and army service pulling knives out "Cos I hate F'cking n.iggers".
People who have spent close to a decade claiming tax credits and child benefits running home to Poland whining about every aspect of life in the UK.

rednecks on the train moaning about "Czarny" and again the non stop stream of personal comments about people around them.
Drunken scum pointing at every woman in a tube carriage and shouting "Not pretty!"
This is just ONE PERSON'S personal experience. You see some stupid English do understand your language, and honey, it ain't great.
And then you have the CHEEK to try and jump on the PC wagon and complain about our "racism".
I would PMSL but it's not that amusing any more.
22 Sep 2009
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1690]

i'm glad you didn't write 'most of you' because it could be a problem...

hahaha yes I chose my words offence meant to you Polish women in general!!!
22 Sep 2009
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1690]

,but when i came to england for the first time and seen english girls.....well,no coment.............,i could not belive how we polish girls are sexy!!!

There are all kinds of English girls, pretty, ugly, whatever.
You Polish girls might think youre sexy....I think alot of you seem dumb and shallow and incredibly rude and judgemental...just my opinion...:)
18 Sep 2009
Love / What do Polish Guys Like Women to Wear? [64]

Do Polish men think ugg boots are ugly? And seriously, what the hell should I wear then?!!!!

Just get some proper expensive Uggs not those awful cheap ones that kind of fold over after a bit of wear and quite honestly look worse than ugly.....yes alot of English girls wear them and they do look ghastly.
14 Sep 2009
Law / Polish EU Drivers Licence - can I get one the easy way (by paying for it)? [184]

As for the Britain vs Poland stuff - let's be honest, the UK is simply inferior to most of the EU when it comes to driving standards and laws. Even the speed limits in the UK are ridiculously low - 112km/h on motorways? Even Ireland has 120km/h!

I am sorry but this is just arrant rubbish, British drivers are far better than those Euronutters.
This is fact.
Ever been to Greece, Italy or Spain? Seen the roadside shrines to the dead of the road??
8 Sep 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

.If you are in a hotel with Slavs taking breakfast you do not listen anything.They just whisper not to annoy the people next to them.

what total rubbish ...last time I was in a guest house taking breakfast with Polish ppl there was a loud running commentary about poor daughter ran from the room in shame, they had no idea she is more or less bilingual.
8 Sep 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

Maybe in the "west" we should dispose of our disabled at birth just like they do in Greece..:) How much more "pleasant" that would be.
7 Sep 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

Well, I sure am getting the hell out.

Oh well have a good journey..;)...Let me know when your bus is departing and I will come to Victoria with some nice English snacks for u and wave u off with a white hanky.

3 reasons why I hate Poland.....
People stare too much
The transport links are terrible
Terrible stink of vodka breath
7 Sep 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

You make some true points but it just sounds like a dissatisfied whinge.
You have to stay in London more than a few months, and know it a bit before you can really appreciate its true attraction and beauty......
4 Sep 2009
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1010]

is it OK for 2 guys(friends) to sleep in the same bed when travelling?

Depends how much they like each other I suppose................
26 Aug 2009
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [851]

That is why most people die in Poland before they are fifty.

what nonsense you speak
23 Aug 2009
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [851]

It is interesting to read the comments from the British public as to why they love Poland.

How would somebody called "LA Girl" be British?
Incidentally healthcare and schooling are also free in Poland, and probably a higher standard. Also Polish are generally workers not benefit claimants.
Additionaly it's not Polish who are gettng "free council houses", they are the wrong colour for that.
Don't call British "naive" maybe they're just being polite.
I personally have no illusions, Poland and GB are both shyte, just in different ways.
Have a nice day.
16 Aug 2009
Life / Why are Poles in other countries called "Plastic Poles"? [168]

Not always. Poor people are more likely to get caught and go to jail. Ever hear of white collar crime?

How very true fact with alot of the crime and fraud committed by the middle classes, they don't even see it as "crime", for example employing a good accountant to avoid paying taxes. etc etc