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16 Nov 2011
Language / Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language [129]

which of these would yous recommend for someone who kinda has a moderate grasp of the language and just wants to improve? I can speak the language mostly fine, but my vocabulary is pretty limited and I have a really tough time reading it.
26 Jul 2010
Life / Do Polish People steal a lot? [330]

Do you know of a society devoted to thievery in Poland? Like a nationalised one?
16 Jul 2010
Life / How Polish are you? [74]

11% because I'm not Catholic x3. Fork that, Catholicism is so not Polish.
11 Feb 2010
Life / Punk and Garage scene in Poland [35]

I like 'Miguel and the Living Dead' to a point. I'd say they're Death Rock, a subset of Punk, but their sound can be varied.

Do I kill topics, man?
11 Feb 2010
USA, Canada / Most common ancestries in the USA [56]

There are several scarcely populated states. Another accurate figure is the Irish population in the New England area; there are supposedly more Irish there than in Ireland.