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13 Dec 2008
Life / Which nations do Poles like the most / the least? [150]

I don't have a good reason but I seem to hate the french

It's a fad... y'know what? I don't dislike the French anymore... I don't like them... but I don't dislike them... err.. yeah...
24 Nov 2008
Life / Do Russians and Poles get along? [53]

Time enough for a bath, I hope. Dirty business, you know. Ah, best bring a change of clothes too.
24 Nov 2008
Life / Do Russians and Poles get along? [53]

It is in our best interests to cooperate and form a stronger economic partnership.

enough of 'partnerships'! I'm tired of hearing about partnerships this, partnerships that.. annoying, annoying, annoying... it's all just so bloody annoying!
23 Nov 2008
Life / Babcia or Busha - any social class difference? [359]

lol Babka... isn't that some sweet bread? I recall using the word when I was young, I haven't even heard the word or known of the bread before using it.. I just sort of thought it up... I called my grandmother that once and my mother explained what a 'Babka' really is..
22 Nov 2008
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [606]

lol at kibel.. I acquired that word from an unrelated uncle during my past frequent visits to Poland.. My mother used to get so irritated hearing me say that, telling me that it's improper and such...