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3 Mar 2011
History / Armia Krajowa - Polish underground forces during WWII [4]

In today's magazin "Polska Zbrojna" ("Poland Armed") there is an article-interview with Jan Bohdan Chmielewski who worked in a group of execution AK.

Contrary to many beliefs do not necessarily depend on nationality. High importance was the social origin. Polish patriotism flourished mainly at courts and among the urban intelligentsia, especially those of Grodno. However, the village was set indifferent or reluctant, but certainly not hostile.

After resolving the Army I made it the second time in 1945, but I confess that even I did not ask, what exactly is the organization it is filed. I knew that is a continuation of the AK, but I had no clue, what are its goals. I believed that patriotic. And right after the events, which have been really hard for me to agree. I learned, for example, that was the sentence of death on my colleague from the guerrillas just because they assumed - I do not know whether voluntarily or by necessity - a soldier's uniform Polish People's Army.

2 Mar 2011
Life / Child abuse in Poland [52]

Define abuse. Physically, verbally, or neglect. I don't think it's any different in other countries. Maybe nowadays, parents "let the kids go" way too much.
1 Mar 2011
Life / Womans day in Poland? [132]

Send her whatever flowers she likes.
But if you don't know what she likes: roses are always safe. Tulips are pretty. Freesias smells pretty.
25 Feb 2011
Genealogy / Surnames: Sierzputowski & Skrocki [25]



My father's name was spelled Sierputowski. I do not know how the name change came about. They settled in Cleveland Ohio. That's all I know

It's been changed for easier pronunciation maybe.
24 Feb 2011
USA, Canada / Moved back from Canada to Poland:). Here are the reasons why. [868]

I sounded like a homeless dog.

Aww, somebody needs a hug. :)

my first time at the doctors

Yay! Somebody needs a HUGE hug!!!! :)

Testosteron and Ladis movie CDs

You'll enjoy them. I did! :)

Get better, missy!
24 Feb 2011
Travel / Krakow or Warsaw for a 25yr old? [12]

Krakow has more history, and a great night life.
Warszawa has less history and even more night life.
Both cities are worth visiting. You decide.

Enjoy and come back here to tell us how you liked it.
24 Feb 2011
Food / Eat goulash from a cat and a steak from a dog in Poland! [99]

Why? Because we are so called "thinking creatures" aka. "humans" and we must eat everything we see on our way? Maybe if we would stop and think just a little bit, our asses wouldn't be so huge and our brains so small.
23 Feb 2011
Law / A father (foreigner) of a Polish child. How to protect my/daughter's rights? [19]

Should I get any kind of written agreement (involving lawers)?

Yes! ASAP!

What is she refuses to sign anything?

She will. A lawyer will know what and how to do it.

It may get nasty in the future, so better prepare yourelf and your daughter for that now. 1200 zl is pretty good money. She'll probably get less when signed in the court, but who knows.

Good luck!
23 Feb 2011
Life / What is Poland's view on obesity? How healthy, fit are Poles? [166]

Philadelphia where I live (same size as Warsaw) has 200 + fast food joints (McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Papa John's, Jack in the Box etc.) not counting hundreds of corner store businesses that sell fast food.

So? It's the USA. That's why people are fat. Maybe you should think of reducing this number, instead of being proud of it.

Pennsylvania isn't just to the north of Szmulki.

23 Feb 2011
Food / Typical lunch in Poland? [50]

This might be more common amongst upscale types who constitute only a fraction of Polish society.

What an utter bu!!sh!t!
23 Feb 2011
Life / What is Poland's view on obesity? How healthy, fit are Poles? [166]

I think most will get used to this sight as obesity rates in Poland are on the rise.

There will be always the US to beat the Poles to it.

And also how much into personal fitness revolves around polish life.

Don't worry, it's a totally different lifestyle in Poland; you'll lose your extra weight.