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24 Aug 2013
History / Film "Wałęsa" - historical reality vs myth - controvercies [103]

She called him a simpleton too. He proudly stated he had never read a book in his life. We believe him.

BTW, he has too favorite vacation spots: Florida and Arłamów "prison" in Bieszczady. Prison is where you clowns live compared to where he was.
8 Feb 2013
History / "Westerner's" most ridiculous beliefs about the time of communism in Poland [73]

The demeanor of the people was more introverted and "suspicious" but the causes for that are still a speculation for me.

All communist/socialist systems depend on fear and absence of justice. Snitching is encouraged and rewarded.. Criticizing the system will get you in trouble, so you are naturally suspicious and reluctant to speak freely. Not much to speculate about.
7 Jan 2013
History / Life in communist Poland - personal relations [409]

There are people who like prison life. Housing and food are free, so is education is some cases. You can work if you want, and you even get paid. There is order. You get used to the rules and you become comfortable after a while. What's not to like? Even sex is available and there is not much homophobia. Very progressive.

Many inmates, when they get out, cannot adjust to the outside and they reminisce about all the good things they experienced while there. If they come from the margins of society, were raised in unprincipled and cowardly families, they will most likely raise their children in the same spirit, who in turn will not understand that their slightly modernized ( New Left) viewpoint of prison life, that they now are advocating for, will lead them back to their parents home.
6 Jan 2013
History / Life in communist Poland - personal relations [409]

what do you think of communism being used in advertisements?

Propagating totalitarian systems and their heroes is illegal in Poland. Of course, due to a well planned transition, the communists retained control over key sectors of government, one of them being the justice system. So, even though there are laws against carrying around communist flags around, the courts are very unlikely to prosecute the new "progressives." Since there was no decommunisation, the same judges, prosecutors, and often now their children sit at the bar.

See? KPP is quite open about it

It is worth mentioning the "useful idiots." Ruch Palikota, SLD, Krytyka Polityczna crowd, Gazeta Wborcza, Antifa, etc., who are continuing the fight against the family, the Church, and Poland as a nation state. Of course, you can join them by concentrating on a struggle against racism, homophobia, antisemitism, and patriotism. You will feel good about yourself for being progressive and modern, a "New Man, " and you will be delighted in your contribution in bringing down Western civilization. In Poland, your main enemy is the Church and PiS. This is not personal to you Sean, but if the glove fits...
1 Jan 2013
News / The quality of Polish media coverage [50]

1jola: ts Uważam Rze weekly had become the best selling weekly in the country. Impossible.

Not impossible at all, in fact, a fact.

They shot in their own feet with the article about explosives on the Smoleńsk plane wreck. It was very unprofessional, you must admit. Did Tusk order them to publish it???

What was very unprofessional? A month later, the state prosecutors confirmed it. Of course they danced and wriggled - it was TNT but it could have been deodorant(sic). I'm afraid you're not up on the subject. Let me tell why. You read state praising papers. Now you can add Rzepa to the list and you will be as informed as Belorussians are.

and Fakty stands out to me as being the worst.

If you knew who created ITI(TVN), when, and why, you would not be surprised at all. Same with Polsat. Wikipedia will not help you much here though.

Just out of interest, it all comes down who pulls the strings in the III RP. I recommend Anatoliy Golitsyn's "New Lies for Old" - Part III. You can easilyt find it in pdf form. It's a good start to understanding what is around you and in general about the "fall" of communism.

For understanding U.S. media it is helpful to read some old Chomsky's texts on the subject and also know something in general about neo-Marxism.
31 Dec 2012
News / The quality of Polish media coverage [50]

Wprost is an anti PiS and anti Church oriented paper

So is Gazeta Wyborcza, Polityka, Newsweek(Lisweek), and so are all the TV stations: TVP(public), TVN, Polsat, Superstacja.

All are propaganda for Lemmings.

Rzeczpospolita was till recently the only conservative daily and its Uważam Rze weekly had become the best selling weekly in the country. This has changed recently and now PO(govn't) and the Leftists have got the media wrapped up.

Lack of plurality in the media is one of the signs of a failed democracy.

The Lemmings are starting to wake up slowly as recent government (PO) popularity is falling sharply.
13 Dec 2012
Food / 'Wigilia', the traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland [77]

my son can't handle that fare

Well, I think it is sad that Polish emigrants like you can wipe out generations of our culture in one generation. The Russians have tried, the Germans have tried, but you did it. Live with it.
13 Dec 2012
Food / 'Wigilia', the traditional Christmas Eve supper in Poland [77]

The girlfriend has promised I can grab a burger before we go to her grandmother's this year, to compensate for the "meal".

In Poland, to grab a burger means you will have to hit McDonald's...on Christmas Eve. How sad for you. Why would you even go to grandma's? Come on, tell us "Out of respect, of course."

Don't worry, when your girlfriend finishes using you for free English lessons, she will dump you.
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [117]

It's 2012.. not the 1920s.

Could you approximate the year that politeness went out the door in your country? Apparently in your country it was polite to open doors for women in the 1920's.

I can't imagine you giving up a seat for a pregnant woman or an elderly person since you darn right paid for the ticket and got there first. Was it ever polite to do that in your country? When did it stop and why?
18 Nov 2012
UK, Ireland / English/British rudeness - what do Polish people think about it? [117]

I thought he was talking about explicitly opening a door for a woman hotel style.

He was, which is normal for polite people in our country. Some women say thanks and some don't, but that's another story.

I wouldn't hold the door open for some random woman..

Of course you wouldn't since you beat her to the door, you have the right to go first and you are stronger.

A Pole would abrupt blurt out - "Pass me the salt!".

" Podaj mi sól!!!" I normally throw in "You Hudson hick" after it .
Where do you "dine?" The prison chow hall?
18 Nov 2012
Food / Goose meat anyone in Poland? [20]

When an average Pole reaches festive monthly pay, I assure you we will be eating goose and lobster three times a day. This reminds me of my roommate's in college father's story of how poor they were in Maine and could only afford lobster. Ah, poverty.

Goose lard is healthy. It lowers bad cholesterol levels.
18 Nov 2012
Food / Goose meat anyone in Poland? [20]

They probably sell it for relatively exorbitant prices

My wife wanted to buy a goose at the market last week. It was 90 zl/Kg. Chicken was 17 zl/Kg.
18 Nov 2012
History / Pokłosie (film on Jedwabne) [36]

Was it balanced? Was it fair? Or was it 'fair and balanced' (either way)?

The viewer is left with the closing scene of murderous Christian Poles crucifying a Jew on a side of a barn. I think that's why they called it a thriller.

If you liked this film, you will most likely love this one:

The portrayal of Poles and the blacks is similar in both films.
4 Nov 2012
Work / Teaching English in Poland....CELTA or TESOL certificate? [66]

Harry: CELTA. End of story
Harry: the rest are either not worth the paper they are printed on

Harry: an internationally recognised gold standard (which I personally do not have).

Which inferior cert do you have then, and why don't you recommend it?

To moderator who dunked this post: This is a valid question for folks looking to get certified to teach English. In case you are new to this forum, let me explain slowly. Harry has been teaching English in Poland for ten years or so. His mickey mouse cert has been good enough to survive here and pay taxes for us to live a little better. So, if CELTA, which he doeas not have, is the only one worth having and the rest are toilet paper, how did he do it? Believe me, he can handle himself without you helping him out.
2 Nov 2012
Life / I hate Warsaw. The worst part about living here is the people who move here from small towns, villages.. [124]

There are several independent rainbow flags in use today. The most widely known worldwide is the pride flag representing gay pride.


Certainly him and his family must have valued money over everything else,.

Look pipsqueak, I addressed that last week but the mods found my answer to your daily personal remark off-topic. Go to Random Chat Thread page 37 and read what I had to say about that. After my post, Sobieski wanted to know more, so be sure to read my reply to him on the same page

I thought it was cool. But then again, I'm not some uptight Polish homophobic b-tch.

You have little to say. Cool? Don't be so verbose.
You might not have fear of homosexuals, but is anyone really interested in your personal fears?
I have a feeling you are a person who when asked abroad "Where are you from?" answers faintly "Poland," and is happy when someone says "Oh, I love Holland."

On behalf of all Varsovians "Don't let the door hit you on your ass."
2 Nov 2012
Life / I hate Warsaw. The worst part about living here is the people who move here from small towns, villages.. [124]

Although these days it is better described as plac Hipstera.

If by any chance you could manage to load a weapon, you should get ready. The "artist" and her 1,600 hipster volunteers will be making paper flowers to rebuild the "Hipster Rainbow." You will recognize them by immediately by matted hair, pierced faces, and Che Guevara T-shirts. They might be holding balloons and chanting anti-fascist slogans. You should load birdshot to blast a hipster and balloon at the same time. Have fun.

Nobody made it "difficult" just for us.

For you, but you are aware that THEY did for others.
2 Nov 2012
Life / I hate Warsaw. The worst part about living here is the people who move here from small towns, villages.. [124]

during the period of communism the only people living in that specific area was the intelegentsia.

Thank you, and you're right. I don't come from a chłopsko-robotniczej family. Because of our background, and my parents unwillingness to join PZPR, which would have amounted to treason in our circles, the communists made it very difficult for us to live in communist Poland. In case you are confused what intelligentsia means though( look up spelling when you learn a new word), here is something you can compare. The first is Polish intelligentsia and the second communist "intelligentsia":

I thought it was great.

I think that it's a very nice rainbow.

Besides it offended nobody - it was really nice.

You clowns follow me like lost puppies. Now, go and look up the definition of