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22 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

I wonder if they rent it out for summer holidays.? lolol
22 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

A new space colony on Mars

Pffft. Mars is boring. All rocks and sand.

My condo on Alpha prime is way nicer. lol
22 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

I think its some kinda Buisness or tourist centre somewhere in Poland.
22 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

Looks like my place....after a lot of Polish beer.....

At least yours doesnt move like mine does after lots of polish beer. lol
22 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

My hobby is collecting photos of foreign cars with misleading Krakow plates. So far I have taken two....

A new hobby.?? lol
17 Jul 2008
Travel / Poland in photo riddles [3134]

Ok.. Enough Carp-ing on about dirt.. lol More riddles pls. )
14 Jul 2008
History / WWII - Battle of Britain and Poles [104]


Im guessing you were actually there.
And know better than anyone else. So no point in my voicing any opinion.
14 Jul 2008
Love / My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site [158]


You really have only 2 questions..

Do you believe him.?
Can you forgive him.?

If you answer yes to these questions.
Then you have no reason to justify your actions to anyone.
You came and asked for help. And it was given. Freely. And for a proportion i wont judge. Wisely.

Now its up to YOU.
Not anyone here. Including me. To decide or judge you.
Its YOUR life. Your Descion. Your Choices.

I wish you Luck.
And pray he has the sense to realise he has YOU.
And what he stands to loose if he messes up again..

Take care Zabko.
14 Jul 2008
History / WWII - Battle of Britain and Poles [104]

It was Poland responsible for the cracking of the German code,

August 1939 the British established the Government Code and Cipher School at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.
They were.. Experienced codebreakers, secret service officers, mathematicians, scientists, crossword experts, international chess players, students, actresses and even astrologers and debutants.

Fortunately for the British codebreakers, in the years running up to the war Poland had worked on various techniques for cracking Enigma.
Shortly before the German invasion of Poland, they shared their work with their British allies.
Poland's government was the first to employ mathematicians as code-breakers, and the mathematicians' logical minds proved to be just what was needed to tackle Enigma.

This vital headstart from the Polish, coupled with the unique problem-solving and intuitive thinking skills of Bletchley's recruits,
Meant that Enigma was cracked.
In early 1940 a reliable technique for cracking Enigma was established.
22 Jun 2008
Language / Polish slang phrases - most popular. [601]

But since HG have said that in their MTV, so why didn't Police arrest them...

For the same reason Rappers don't get arrested for Racism when they say Nigg@r in the songs they write.

If you can figure that out. Your a better man than me.
24 May 2008
UK, Ireland / Posting from UK to Poland....not good! [53]

I send parcels regularly to Poland.
ALLWAYS International signed for.
It cost a couple of £ more.

But its worth it for peace of mind.
And NO fail to arrives :))
10 Apr 2008
Language / Learning Polish, good for beginners? [29]

BW Mazur has some good self help books and tapes.

You could also try the language section of this Forum :)
1 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

never been undercut by compition in your line of work?HHmm.

Sure. Its called competition.
I do agree with your point.
it just occurs to me that the people doing most of the complaining.
Are the ones With too much free time on their hands.

Bring back national service. Harumph. Lol

Says the guy an hour ahead of us.......

Sit.! Good dog. :)

Now get in your bed. lol
1 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

That is par for the course in any country i guess.

It used to be Blacks.. And Pakistani's that were blamed.
Now its the Polish.
Soon it will be some other Hapless lot..

Lazy asses. Will allways find something to whine about.
Or find someone to point the finger of blame at.
Instead of finding a solution to the problem.

I can stand nails down a blackboard anyday.
But i hate Whiners.
1 Apr 2008
UK, Ireland / A collection of noimmigration's threads or "STAY AWAY from BRITAIN" [978]

Did anyone watch the Documentary. ( The Poles are coming. ) ?

I was really amused at the Dorks who when offered £6 and hour to go Picking Veg. Said F'k that. I would rather sign on.

And then in the same breath ***** about the fact that Polish people snap up the Jobs.

For some.. ( No finger pointing. )
Its easier to get up early once a fortnight.
Sign a piece of paper.. And then go back to bed.

Its nothing to do with it being beneath them.
Or being to good for it.

They simply are too happy whining to get a job.
8 Dec 2007
Love / My Polish wife doesn't want to move to the UK with me - what to do? [96]


why do I get a feeling that the love is gone.

I cant help but feel it wasnt really there in the first place..
He's been there 18 months..

Never Communicated before the wedding..
Hates the weather..
Cant speak the language..
Has Problems with her family..
And No career Prospects.. ( "But he is flexible on where to live as he works via the internet.")

Did i miss anything..??

polish-speaking bit is a major problem for me. But also, the soviet-style communist flats, busy roads, parochial attitudes also make the place quite depressing, especially in winter. In the summer, i find the humidity quite high too;

And her thoughts on English attitudes. Expensive Flats.. Crap Weather. Busy Roads.?

one's ambitions shouldnt be suffocated by the hope to live near your immediate family. Therefore, there seems no point living in a country with so many personal difficulties, when i could live in the UK at similar cost.

What about HER Ambitions.? HER Family.?

I agree with all of your posts,, you show very much that marriage is supposed to
be a committment and also to compromise in such situations.. thats what its all

Sounds to me like SHE is the one expected to do ALL the Compromising..
17 Nov 2007
Travel / New Year in Tricity, Poland [9]

0oo :))

Thanks guys :))

<--- Making a list. LOL

Though im not sure the person im meeting.
Will appreciate me Eying up Hot Polish women in tight red shorts dasla.. LOL

But thx for the Tip :)))
16 Nov 2007
Travel / New Year in Tricity, Poland [9]

I Will be in Gdansk. Sopot For New year.
And i wonder if anyone knows any Great places to Eat/Drink.?
Or Places to Be. On New years eve. :))

Also. If anyone else will be there. And Fancies a Drink.. :)
11 Nov 2007
Travel / Cheaper Flights to Poland [50]


I tried Wizair.. Hoping to be there for New year..

£150 Return. Liverpool Uk to Gdansk
Cheapest so far..