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Children's Songs in Polish

karturn 9 | 20
23 May 2007 #1
My Father in Law sent my daughter a couple of childrens CD's. THey are all very catchy tunes & I find myself having the songs running thru my head at odd times of the day & night. My problem is, is that I don't know what the songs are saying. Our favorite is Tosi Tosi L(w)apci as my husband use to sing it to her. Does anyone have the english for that one?

Some of the other title are:
Entliczek, Pentliczek
Plum Plum Misia Bela
Ele Mele Dutki
Raz, Dwa, Trzy, Cztery
English for these please.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
23 May 2007 #2
Raz, Dwa, Trzy, Cztery

One, two, three, four...

The rest are not really words, rather noises...
mlo63 - | 1
8 Feb 2008 #3
Thread attached on merging:
Polish Children's Song

Hey everyone,

I speak no Polish at all, but my grandmother does. Lately she has been slowly losing her memory, and I am trying to preserve some memories now. When I was younger, she used to sing a song to me. I can't remember what it means, or even if I am pronouncing it right, but it sounded something like this:

Oopye Shoopye, Oopye Shoopye, Oopye Shoopye Danna

If anyone has any idea what I am talking about, I could not thank you enough. I would love to remember this song again.

Wild Bill 1 | 4
9 Feb 2008 #4
This was a Polish polka made popular in the U.S. by Li'll Walley and other polka bands in the 1960s

Hupaj Siupaj Polka
Repeat Chorus: Hupaj siupaj, hupaj siupaj...


If you think that your Grandmother would like hear the song again send me email.
Rogoza 1 | 5
9 Feb 2008 #5
I, too, have been looking for lyrics, info, etc. for that same song (my Polish dad used to sing it to us as kids, back in the '50s), and I posted a thread to that effect not too long ago, from which I got several helpful answers. So please check out "Looking for lyrics to 'Hoopai Shoopai'" (also under Polish Culture, about Jan. 22, 'o8), as there seems to have been more than one song written to this same tune. Also, the words "hupaj siupaj" (an exhortation to JUMP!, according to one source I found) appear in lyrics to other, completely different melodies, which makes the whole subject both fascinating and confusing all at once. Good luck in finding your grandmother's version.
rog1201 - | 16
26 Feb 2008 #6
hello I'm new here but I found this

A nasza kompania tam wo kopach stoi
tamwo kopach stoi, tam wo kopach stoi
I pis ze do caraze sie go nie boi,
ze sie go nie boi, hupaj siup.


Pije Kuba do Jakuba
Jakub do Michała
wiwat ty wiwat ja
kompanija cała..
plk123 8 | 4,148
26 Feb 2008 #7
hey look around here for nursery rhimes thread.. it's chock full of goodies.
polish4me - | 2
15 Jul 2008 #8
I am looking for a polish children's song or lullaby. It has been passed down through generations but now no one is sure what the words are. Here is my best shot at one of the verses as is sounds in english:

aaaaaaaaA ka kee vah
sha de bu de oh bed va
nich nerendo oh be E
bendo *first name* bah ve Eeee Eeee Eeee eeE!

Please help me restore this song in my family.
Marek 4 | 867
16 Jul 2008 #9
Is 'Lato, lato...' specifically a children's song? I can't seem to find it.
16 Jul 2008 #10
is it this one?

tekst piosenki LATO,LATO CZEKA - Halina Kunicka


Marek 4 | 867
16 Jul 2008 #11

Tak jest. Bardzo dziękuję! Was recently at a gala event hosted by our local Fundacja Kośćiuskiej and they sang this lovely song. I looked for the words in the Polish-language program, but to no avail.

polish4me - | 2
16 Jul 2008 #12
polishgirltx , Thank you so much for your reply. I looked up your suggestion but it just doesn't sound right. Maybee i'm wrong, but I remember how the tempo and beat of the song goes. It just doesn't match up. Any other suggestions?
16 Jul 2008 #13
no problem guys....just a lucky guess....maybe somebody else really knows those songs...good luck :)
krysia 23 | 3,058
16 Jul 2008 #14
Polishgirltx is right, but there are different versions of it:

A, a - kotki dwa,
szare, bure obydwa.
Nic nie będą robiły,
tylko dziecko bawiły.
Jak sie kotki rozigrały,
to dziecinę kołysały.
Jeden szary, drugi bury,
a ten trzeci myk! do dziury.
Żeby tylko jeden był,
toby z dzieckiem mleczko pił.
18 Jul 2008 #15
Hi found your song. Go to You Tube and type in Śpij Kochanie. I hope this is what you are looking for. - Bogęm. Krystyna
Barney 15 | 1,507
18 Jul 2008 #16
My friend sang me a song about a cucumber with a green suit in work about a month ago she said she learned it in kindergarden. anybody know it?
18 Jul 2008 #17
Ogórek wąsaty

Wesoło jesienią w ogródku na grządce,
Tu ruda marchewka tam strączek,
Tu dynia jak słońce, tam główka sałaty,
A w kącie ogórek wąsaty.

Ogórek, ogórek, ogórek,
Zielony ma garniturek,
I czapkę i sandały,
Zielony, zielony jest cały.

Barney 15 | 1,507
18 Jul 2008 #18
Hot Dang
She is in poland
You are in Texas
The kids are in bed
I'm here

Thats the right song Thank you very much Ms PGT
I searched for it........obviously not very well.
18 Jul 2008 #19
no problem Barney :)
6 Aug 2008 #21
hi i am a polish girl that speaks polish so if anyone has any questions about how a song goes or anything like that u can email me at and i will try and help u as much as i can
Franek 8 | 271
6 Aug 2008 #22
Yep, Krysia.. That is the version that I know

Now I need your help..

Czy ja ta drzewczyna, co po wode idjie
Ladnie sie ubrala, pewnie moja bedzie

I forgot the rest.. Can you help me
6 Aug 2008 #23
Czy ja ta drzewczyna (...)

Czyja to dziewczyna
Co po wode idzie
Ladnie sie ubrala
Pewnie moja bedzie

Czyja ta dziewczyna
Czyja ta czyja ta
Co ja do niej chodzil
Trzy zimy trzy lata
Franek 8 | 271
6 Aug 2008 #24
Awww! Tex , you are sweetheart..Yeah,, now you have me singing all over the place.

Would you know the words to Poganiala Wolki??
2 May 2009 #25
Aaa, kotki dwa,
Szare, bure, obydwa,
Nic nie będą robiły,
Tylko <insert name> bawiły.

Hope it helps

Shari - | 21
5 May 2009 #26
Does anyone know the Krasnoludki song?

edit: Ok, nevermind - found it.

muz./sł. tradycyjna

My jesteśmy krasnoludki,
Hopsa sa, hopsa sa,
Pod grzybkami nasze budki,
Hopsa, hopsa sa,
Jemy mrówki, żabkie łapki,
Oj tak tak, oj tak tak,
A na głowach krasne czapki,
To nasz, to nasz znak.
18 Jan 2010 #27
I'm looking for a polish march that starts out

raz dwa trzy, raz dwa trzy

I don't know the rest of the words, but I do know the melody. If anyone has any suggestions, links, etc., it would be most appreciated.

- Celeste
29 Mar 2010 #28
entliczek pentliczek=magic magic
Raz, Dwa, Trzy, Cztery=One, two, three, four...
24 Apr 2011 #29
My dad used to sing us a song as he tickled our arm and pulled our fingers and at the end he would swing his arm in an arc. Anyone know what the words were to this? I am assuming this is something like the itsy bitsy spider type thing.
norbertp75 - | 1
4 May 2011 #30
I think, it's song:" Magpie Cooked Her Porridge"

"Sroczka kaszke warzyla"

temu dala na miseczke
temu dala na lyzeczke
temu dala do kubeczka
temu dala do dziobeczka
a temu nic nie dala tylko
frrrrr... Odleciala...
Tu spadla, tam wpadla...
Tu sie zatrzymala....

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