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Children's Songs in Polish

pawian 223 | 24,390
26 Sep 2020 #61
It is not little but had. And not grandma but a country woman. Miała baba koguta - a country woman had a rooster.

luckybogucki - | 1
13 Jul 2023 #62

Polish children's songs

My grandfather used to bounce a baby on his knee while singing (phonetically in English) "shoe pie shoe pie da-na shoe pie shoe pie da-na, weeee!" I tried to look up some possible Polish spellings but couldn't find any thing with good translations:

szupaj dana
Szczupaj dana
siupaj dana
śćupaj dana, etc.

Couldn't find anything good. Any ideas?
Ms Middle
27 Jan 2024 #63

children's songs

Does anyone know the lyrics to a Polish song that start like this: O sloneczko sliczne, O sloneczko mile, Ty masz czarujaco, I ponentna sile
Alien 20 | 4,979
27 Jan 2024 #64
masz czarujaco, I ponentna sile

Ty masz czarującą i ponętną siłę.
Ms Middle
27 Jan 2024 #65
that is the next you know the rest of the song's lyrics?
Ms Middle
27 Jan 2024 #66
Alien provided the next line....any one else know the rest?

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