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29 Nov 2011
USA, Canada / Are there any Polish persons living in Louisiana? [17]

Merged: Any Polish in Louisiana?

My job is probably going to move me from Chicago to Louisiana. I work in the oil business. I'm not Polish, but my roommate is, so he's coming too. I was just wondering are there any Polish anyone knows of in Louisiana? We met one couple that's Polish from there. Let us know.

7 Feb 2011
Love / Arabs: "Polish women are easy and stupid" [132]

Arabs treat all women poorly. Not just Polish. They even treat their own women poorly which is sad, but their women don't know any better because they have never had any type of freedom.

I once asked an Arab about this and he stated to me there are "men's rights" and "women's rights" and neither one can cross the other. I asked him to designed the rights for women? Was it women? No answer.
7 Sep 2010
USA, Canada / PolAms -- do you regard yourselves only as 'white Americans'? [187]

I noticed on the census it asked "which group do you identify, i.e. african american, hispanic, etc. I have 2 friends who are both bi-racial. The one who is in his 40's and half black/half white puts down Black, but the one who is in her late 20's half black/half white puts down both. I've noticed that older bi-racial people like "Obama" state they are black, but the younger bi-racial people state they are both. I think this stems from the old law here in America that stated if you had one drop of black blood you were black.
24 Aug 2010
Love / Are Polish men dominating, controlling and emotional? [36]

I`m a non-Polish woman and I`m in a long term relationship with a man who was born and raised in Poland. He was extremely controlling when we first met and very emotional. He`s not as controlling now but he is still very emotional. I was wondering if it is a culturally accepted practice for men to dominate and control their girlfriends and wives? And are Polish men very emotional also?

I can only speak from what I see from the guys from Poland here in America...they don't seem to be controlling at all. It's the Polish women who appear to be very controlling and dramatic.
12 May 2010
Life / Smoking vs. Grilling on Balconies / High Rises in Poland [66]

In America, apartment buildings, balconies, etc. are generally built with Poland, they all seem to be built with brick or stone. It seems ironic that grills are largely allowed on American balconies but not on Polish ones..

Not where I come Dallas/Ft. Worth where I lived the apartments were made of brick...and they are not like the apartments here in Chicago where alot of people are co-habitating.. It's a little more spreadout, but you could get a good fine for grilling on the balcony. You have to be at least 100 feet away from the building to grill. Many apartment complexes have grills outside away from the building for you to grill on.
18 Apr 2010
Study / Is there a lot of racism in Warsaw (Brazilian student's question) [83]

Hi Manny...I'm in Chicago as well. I can tell you from the Poles just here in Chicago...there are some who can be really nice, but the majority are not quite so accepting of other cultures. I think that's why some of them find it hard here in America because you cannot just shut yourself off from the rest of the world. In some manner sooner or later you will have to deal with someone different from yourself. I would suggest you go somewhere else to study. Again, they are not evil, but I see alot of them as children who just don't know better.
21 Mar 2010
News / Crucifixes to stay in Polish schools [364]

Jews have historically cursed Him, and called Him a bastard...

But doesn't "The Bible" say that Jews are God's chosen people?
21 Mar 2010

And personally, I always thought Archie came off looking like the jerk. He put down everyone! Edith (the dingbat according to Archie), deserved a medal for patience and devotion.

That's what it was all about. Archie exemplified ignorance and it truly gave you a chance to realize how stupid and ignorant a person was....which made it funny. This show touched on alot of topics...including blacks or "coloreds" as Archie called them. Also women's issues such as rape and women's rights. The funniest turn of events was when a black family(The Jefferson's) moved next door...and this black family was doing better economically than they were. The tv show the Jefferson's was a spin-off from All In The Family.
9 Mar 2010

I look at what Blacks and Jews say about bigotry and hatred against them and use that as my basis when I speak out againt bigotry and hatred against Polish people.

Amen. Good for you MediaWatch. As someone said in a previous one makes fun of themselves it's always some ethnic group other than themselves. As I stated before, these horrible jokes reinforce stereotypes from ignorant people and unfortunately it's the ignorant ones who are the most vocal.

I don't think it's funny when people make jokes about disabled people either. But idiots laugh and never think that one day they could have a child and their child could be disabled in some manner.

There are alot of other things in the world to laugh about than ethnicity or disability
7 Mar 2010

I agree. As I have already said, in the US, Polish jokes like Polish Kielbasa jokes or Polish Pierogi jokes were always around but the Subhuman Intelligence jokes about the Polish were introduced and pushed mainly in the 1960's.

I'm not Polish, MediaWatch, but I agree with you. Jokes are jokes and there are funny things about all groups...I won't say races...groups of people, but when the jokes are at the butt of subhuman reinforces a stereotype. See, most people know how ridiculous these jokes are...but there are some who truly believe that Polish have subhuman intelligence and unfortunately...those are the ones that are most vocal. When that guy called into the station...I never knew about Hitler stating those things about Polish, but see...Hitler was an idiot...and he was very vocal. Those are the dangerous ones.
6 Mar 2010

I'm glad that Polish guy called in and told them about the origin of Subhuman intelligence jokes about Polish people.

I truly don't know the station. I was riding in the car with my friend and it was on. Kinda new to Chicago so I am still getting the radio stations down. I will ask him if I see him this weekend for you.
4 Mar 2010

They were making Polish jokes on the radio here today in Chicago. They said since they didn't celebrate Pulaski Day they were going to do it. So, people were calling in telling Polish jokes. Every joke was about how dumb Polish people were. Then this one man called in and stated he was 3rd generation Polish and the origin of Polish jokes came from when the Nazis invaded Poland and Hitler thought the Polish people were not not smart enough for anything but to be slaves. That kind of shut them up when he called in and said that.
3 Mar 2010

Jokes about any ethnic group are not funny. Why? Because there are idiots out there who will believe these stereotypes. Here in America...alot of people think that Polish people are dumb and stupid. Those of us who happen to know Polish people know better, but the average uneducated person will believe this. Jokes about any type of people are not funny.
22 Feb 2010
Love / They seem nice, but could Polish girls be "gold diggers"? [196]

Someone has been taken for a ride. People often take when offered, there's nothing new about that.

Exactly right, I don't think Polish women are anymore golddiggers than any other types of women or men for that matter. If you put yourself in a position to get taken advantage of then that's what happens. I agree with you Seanus.
15 Feb 2010
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

It in the states Polak is a derogatory term for Polish. To use that word in America is a put down on Polish people. Although many here in the states have heard it, they have no realization they are being put down by their white counterparts here in America.
11 Feb 2010
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

That is correct it is all about context. How it's used. If you are using it in a derogatory statement by all means it is.
8 Jan 2010
Love / What to Get my Polish Guy for Valentines Day. [77]

Why don't you get yourself some nice lingerie and wear it for him on your weekend?

Yes, but to make it more fun...give it a some nice lingerie and make him wear it...and then you tear it off of him, lol
24 Dec 2009
Food / Why is it that some Polish people refuse to eat anything that is not Polish? [120]

I'm not polish, but I would eat polish food every day if possible!!!

I know the feeling. I am originally from Louisiana and I now live in Chicago. Chicago does not have the food I grew up with eating. If they do, they don't prepare it in the same I do the next best thing. I have food ordered through cajun grocer who delivers it on dry ice to me. I am now in heaven. For Thanksgiving I ordered a Turducken....these people in Chicago didn't know what it was, but they ate the hell out of it.