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Are there any Polish persons living in Louisiana?

Bdog145 1 | 2
15 Jul 2007  #1
I was just wondering if there is any sort of Polish community in Louisiana? I spent a few months in Houston and I met some polish peeps there--but, I have yet to meet anyone from a Polish background here. A lot of French people though...oo la al

Have yet to see a Polish Deli amongst the various CAJUN restaurants and crawfish places.

Patryk83 2 | 5
27 Jul 2007  #2
I am polish and I am living in louisiana......its a scary place hehe
sledz 23 | 2,250
27 Jul 2007  #3
where??? nawleans?????
American 3 | 8
6 Dec 2008  #4
Lafayette La about to move to New Orleans after returning from Poland at the end of Jan. Anyone here around these areas?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
6 Dec 2008  #5
Chicago Al's
Home of great hot dogs and Polish sausage
670 Oneal Ln
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 275-1966
elaImike - | 3
9 Dec 2008  #6
hey, what about iowa??? anybody here??
9 Dec 2008  #7
Louisiana and Iowa are abandoned by Poles states... just like Texas ... ;)
grethomory 1 | 154
29 Nov 2011  #8
Merged: Any Polish in Louisiana?

My job is probably going to move me from Chicago to Louisiana. I work in the oil business. I'm not Polish, but my roommate is, so he's coming too. I was just wondering are there any Polish anyone knows of in Louisiana? We met one couple that's Polish from there. Let us know.

9 Feb 2014  #9
Merged: Poles in Louisiana?

is there any polish towns or areas in louisiana
3 Jun 2014  #10
The Polish community in the Louisiana state is almost not existent - there are fewest Poles among all the States (equally in Alabama). They are afraid of hurricanes I suppose - it's not safe place to live sometimes..
3 Aug 2016  #11
Merged: Polish gal here!

Hello! I know I'm a couple years late, but I'm a Chinowsky, and I live in Baton Rouge. Would love to find more Polish-decent people my age (I'm only twenty).. It's near impossible.

Coming here from Massachusetts where the Polish community is very large is a huge culture shock. I think it's high time for a Louisiana Polish Association or something of the like.
2 May 2019  #12
I am of Polish ancestry and fully fluent in the language. I live near Amite, LA. Would be intersted in meeting senior Polish people. 208-447-8838

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