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Are there any Polish persons living in Louisiana?

Bdog145 1 | 2
15 Jul 2007 #1
I was just wondering if there is any sort of Polish community in Louisiana? I spent a few months in Houston and I met some polish peeps there--but, I have yet to meet anyone from a Polish background here. A lot of French people though...oo la al

Have yet to see a Polish Deli amongst the various CAJUN restaurants and crawfish places.

Patryk83 2 | 5
27 Jul 2007 #2
I am polish and I am living in louisiana......its a scary place hehe
sledz 23 | 2,250
27 Jul 2007 #3
where??? nawleans?????
American 3 | 8
6 Dec 2008 #4
Lafayette La about to move to New Orleans after returning from Poland at the end of Jan. Anyone here around these areas?
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
6 Dec 2008 #5
Chicago Al's
Home of great hot dogs and Polish sausage
670 Oneal Ln
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 275-1966
elaImike - | 3
9 Dec 2008 #6
hey, what about iowa??? anybody here??
9 Dec 2008 #7
Louisiana and Iowa are abandoned by Poles states... just like Texas ... ;)
grethomory 1 | 155
29 Nov 2011 #8
Merged: Any Polish in Louisiana?

My job is probably going to move me from Chicago to Louisiana. I work in the oil business. I'm not Polish, but my roommate is, so he's coming too. I was just wondering are there any Polish anyone knows of in Louisiana? We met one couple that's Polish from there. Let us know.

9 Feb 2014 #9
Merged: Poles in Louisiana?

is there any polish towns or areas in louisiana
3 Jun 2014 #10
The Polish community in the Louisiana state is almost not existent - there are fewest Poles among all the States (equally in Alabama). They are afraid of hurricanes I suppose - it's not safe place to live sometimes..
3 Aug 2016 #11
Merged: Polish gal here!

Hello! I know I'm a couple years late, but I'm a Chinowsky, and I live in Baton Rouge. Would love to find more Polish-decent people my age (I'm only twenty).. It's near impossible.

Coming here from Massachusetts where the Polish community is very large is a huge culture shock. I think it's high time for a Louisiana Polish Association or something of the like.
2 May 2019 #12
I am of Polish ancestry and fully fluent in the language. I live near Amite, LA. Would be intersted in meeting senior Polish people. 208-447-8838
18 Sep 2019 #13
hi, I am Polish and I live in Baton Rouge. I have relocated from Poland a few months ago. I am interested in meeting Polish people in the area.

Kamila + 1 225 921 6301
AdrianaK - | 1
28 Jan 2020 #14
Hi all! I do agree we need some type of Louisiana Polish Association! Lol I'd love to do a meet up and hang out with other Poles/speak about our culture and maybe even in Polish? 31 year old Polish American, originally from Chicago, have been in Louisiana for 4 years now. Miss my Polish connection. Let me know if you'd like to get together!
Paulwiz 1 | 55
1 Feb 2020 #15
I have the answer to your dilemma. And it may be the answer to the meaning of life as well. One word: pączki. (I hope I'm spelling it right.)

I grew up in the Cleveland area. We all knew our surname was Polish but it was not a big deal. Back then people would search you out and tell you the latest Polack joke they just heard. And you were expected to just smile politely, maybe even chuckle, then move on.

I was back in Ohio at the start of Lent last year. The whole place was crazy for pączki. All the bakeries had big signs out front. It was on the evening news. Heck, my sister-in-law is from Japan and she was talking about where I should go to get the best pączki. Lines go around the block. One place even had a polka band playing when they opened at 6 A.M. on pączki day.

I figure it would fit right in with the LA pre-Lenten escapades. Worst case, you'd have some really good pączki. And you may have discovered the answer to the meaning of life.
21 Dec 2022 #16
I'm Polish and I live in Louisiana. I'm 19. Recently I went to New Orleans with my mom and we went to just one coffee shop. Instantly we spotted two Ukrainian women working there (what are the odds) so my guess is that most Polish people in LA are mostly in New Orleans,

Makes sense since that's kind of the only real international city in Louisiana right now other than maybe Baton Rouge.
21 Dec 2022 #17

How big is the Polish community in Louisiana? Is Baton Rouge, Lafayette, or New Orleans more of a hotspot?


I've been living in Louisiana and wondering if there are any large Polish communities in Louisiana. I've met a couple of "Polish people" here and there, but they seem not to be not very common in the state of Louisiana.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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