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12 Feb 2010
Work / Is it normal for companies/schools in Poland to be rude? [116]

... but I find it hard to believe that a company could be so rude!

There is a significant lack of "follow-through" over here. A lot of talk, but not a corresponding quantity of action. How does Declan cope with it?

Incidentally, it is difficult for one to conduct a demo lesson from abroad.
11 Feb 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161]

... there is a higher prevalence of fat men in the USA than in any country of Latin America or Africa. So it not the race that make people fat, it is the US lifestyle..

The current economic crisis in the USA is not without its physical manifestations. For just as the American’s budget contains blubber, so does the American himself. Department of Health statistics reveal that close to 70% of Americans are overweight, with 33% being so overweight that they are categorized as obese. Obese is the polite word for 'pig.' One out of every three Americans is a pig. Too much blubber, ladies and gentlemen, too much blubber.

Americans eat more than they need, plain and simple. And, astonishingly, the consequences are now being felt literally throughout the planet – for the collective blubber of the American people is at a weight that is now causing stress upon the earth’s crust. The surface land mass of the continental United State is actually sagging into the earth’s lithosphere, thereby causing severe convergences of tectonic plates. Not only is this responsible for the rise of earthquakes in the United States in the past decade, but also of those worldwide. This is because the slippage of the faults under the U.S. surface area is so great that the effects extend to the continental plates under all of North America. This, in turn, puts pressure on the plates of South America, which, in turn, put pressure on the plates under Australia, and so on.

In short, the blubber of America has caused an earthquake domino effect that has reordered the tectonic plates of the entire planet. Thus we see an unprecedented rise in earthquakes worldwide. Every mouthful of food that the American pig shovels into his or her mouth pushes the entire world closer to the catastrophe of a magnitude 10 quake. Millions will die as the result of the one American pig eating the one potato chip that will actually break the continental plate’s back.
10 Feb 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161]

The destructive force of blubber can be seen throughout the four corners of the globe. We see it in the starving and diseased masses of Africa, in the forced executions of orphans in China, in the child slave labor and prostitution of Southeast Asia, and in the outright obesity of the American population. And it is in the American population where this destructive tide originates. For it is the disgusting craving for yet another Whopper with Cheese by the American fatty which has caused the conversion of one of the earth’s greatest treasures, the rain forest, into mere grazing land for cattle. Millions of acres of land, formerly producing vitally needed oxygen, are now left besotted with tons and tons of cattle feces. Rising from this gargantuan new dung heap is a vast poisonous cloud of methane gas which drifts into the upper atmosphere and disrupts the normal equatorial currents – the result of which has left vast portions of Africa in continual drought.

And because of this the Polish people suffer.
6 Feb 2010
Love / Do Polish Women age well? [153]

There is a point about 32-34 years of age when slavic women totally collapse in terms of appearance and in one night they turn from hot girls into babcias.
I also advise against too much sponsoring in these ages because they use it to eat and smoke more.

Of course this is plain and evident to even the most casual observer. Sponsoring of women in this demographic category does more harm than good. The considerate gentleman will invest his sponsorship funds in womenfolk who are not so prone to gluttony and smoking.

By not providing these short-sighted women with the means to abuse themselves, we, the people, can mitigate a national disaster.

These women must be stopped.
6 Feb 2010
Life / The Poles - do they "bumble" through life? [29]

It would be incorrect to suggest that all Poles lack even a modicum of self-esteem.

For example, as Dr. Seanus carefully explained above, some Polish experts have risen to the top of the hierarchy.
30 Jan 2010
Love / Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish? [128]

What do you think?

Do you think that Polish should stick to Polish?

... I'm curious to see what you think....

Consider the consequences.

Does one desire to reproduce, or is one merely looking to pair off with someone? If one is simply searching for a mate, then the consequences hinge on the synergy between the two individuals. This includes, but is by no means limited to, one's ethnic/genetic background.

However, should one consider reproduction, we have a much more profound issue at stake. One must consider where one stands regarding the following: If one is, to the best of one's knowledge, of 100% Polish ancestry, should one maintain the Polish stock and "ethnicity"? Or should one otherwise dilute the bloodline and the precious Polish pedigree?

The answer to this has grave implications for the great nation of Poland and for future generations of our people.

Govern thyselves accordingly.
30 Jan 2010
History / What are Poland's pagan roots? [62]

That's easy ...
30 Jan 2010
Life / Do Polish People steal a lot? [330]

... Poles were not the only people in the past to experience war. Modern day Poles need to give up this shtick ...

This is another example of the abysmal lack of Christian ethics in Poland.

The prudent individual must factor this into one's day-to-day paradigm in order to maintain a psychological equilibrium (not to mention financial solvency) in this country.
20 Jan 2010
Life / Poles are not racist [873]

I think this topic is a bit overrated. Mankind itself is racist.

This topic is vastly overrated.

As the insightful BrutalButcher so eloquently articulates, mankind is indeed racist, which, in fact, is a subset of mankind's more notorious condition - tribalism. The conscientious reader will note the various categories into which mankind divides itself and the consequent behavior (choose the appropriate "-ism," there are many).

So mankind stratifies itself with respect to race, ethnicity, nationality, family, religion, favorite football team, political party, etc. Such is the way of homo sapiens sapiens.

As King Solomon informed us, "nothing new under the sun," folks.
16 Jan 2010
Love / Polish girls hard in relationships [156]

Polish girls become bossy and all "high and mighty" when they come to America or England ...

This can be partially attributed to the fact that they are no longer toiling in the shadow of Ukrainian women.
15 Jan 2010

are British women considered promiscuous?

The readers will be delighted to learn that the answer is an unequivocal "yes."
15 Jan 2010
Life / Poles - the Nation of Liars? [478]

Sorry folks but the Poles are a Nation of liars. When you have an appointment with them or any kind of transaction which involves a Pole when they realise they cannot keep their side of the bargain they lie their way out of it rather than tell the truth ...

Much of this can be attributed to the overwhelming preponderance of Roman Catholicism in Poland. Turning their backs on the Bible, the Polish natives stumble about on the shifting sands of moral relativism with little regard for the consequences of their actions.

Of course, they reap what they sow, as history has demonstrated time and time again.