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12 Apr 2010
News / Poland President National Mourning in Some Countries [212]

Lithuanian government has announced 3 days of national mourning
to commemorate the tragedy of Polish delegation in Smolensk ...

How utterly meaningless. These 3 days will not change the eternal destinies of the deceased.
29 Mar 2010

MediaWatch: ... As for people saying that there were plenty of Jewish jokes, that's true. But they generally were pretty mild as far as tearing down the image of Jewish people since many of those Jewish Jokes were told by Jews ...

How utterly amazing.
The Jews pop up again. Envy is a debilitating condition.
God bless.
28 Mar 2010
Life / Do Polish people have a temper? [53]

Allison: ... I just want to know whether that steryotype is true for MOST poles or not.

Polish women in particular have been known to display violent, irrational temper tantrums. It is, for the most part, a by-product of frustrated ambition. Overshadowed by the superior stock of females to the east and confronted by the "high-quality" pool of available Polish gentlemen, Polish women are explosions waiting to happen. Be careful when in the vicinity of such outbursts.

This pathology is especially acute among the frustrated 26-38 year old Polish spinsters. In addition to the above-mentioned conditions, Polish spinsters in this demographic category also have to reckon with being also-rans relative to their younger counterparts. This accelerates the frustrated ambition quotient and incites numerous dramatic hissy fits.
17 Mar 2010
Life / Racism in Poland - the future [441]

If one "understands" such nationalism, multiply this by a factor of greater than one and perhaps this will provide an "understanding" of the alleged "racism" of Polaks concerning Negroes. Humans tend to be tribal. They tend to associate with those having similar designated attributes. Hence the tribalism which predominates on this planet.

... But is there even 1% of blacks in Poland??? Most Poles have never even seen one in their life and probably never will. They have no affect on Poles and I don't understand why they are so hated when they pose no threat to Poland or it's people ...

Polaks do have access to the news media and Polaks also have access to libraries. The Negroes, even from a distant, superficial vantage point, appear so very different to the Polaks. Hence the tribalism mechanism kicks in. From such a point of view the difference(s) are much more pronounced and severe than those associated with the neighboring Slavs or the Aryans to the west.

... I really don't get how futball fans are so racist towards their own players that are black!!

Consider the absurd attitudes and behavior of many football fans towards fans and players from the opposing teams. What is the nature of this superficial, belligerent, savage madness? Observe how these creatures behave over something as trivial as a silly game. Then fuel the fire by including other nationalities, ethnicities, and races in the mix, and these diabolical louts go absolutely bananas. All this over a trivial game.
17 Mar 2010
Love / Nigerian Girls and Polish Guys [43]

Can a real relationship work between a Nigerian Girl and a Polish Guy?

This will, of course, depend in part on whether this refined Polish gentleman has any living family members and the extent to which this sophisticated Polish specimen has any contact with said family. Otherwise, "Polish Guy's" olfactory sensitivity will heavily influence the outcome.

However, as the noted anthropologist Exiled suggested above, there may be more ideal alternatives.

Take care, and God bless.
14 Mar 2010
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]

1. the polish girls are mostly liars, golddiggers and cheaters

Yes, but remember that their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers taught them these things. This is the only life they know. They are victims.

However, they compensate in part by being extremely hairy girls. This does cover a multitude of sins. If you can handle the high turnover, things become more bearable.

2. the business men in poland are very incorrect and cheating you for money anytime

This is a consequence of the often-mentioned honesty of these people.
14 Mar 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161] many people realise that global warming is almost entirely due to fatty farts...?

I do not have time to establish the links between the other environmental and moral disasters which have spread from blubberous America to the rest of the world. However, I will now reveal the promised silver lining in the battle against the dark cloud of blubber. We will look at one government program that has had dramatic results in reducing the incidence of blubber in American women.

I have the great privilege of releasing today, for the first time, results of a decades old program designed to lighten the American female pig.

In the early 1950s, CIA psychologists and psychiatrists developed the first ever auto-suggestive eating disorder: Anorexia Nervosa. By creating a false positive, that is, by manipulating the images of women produced by the mass media, the government has gradually begun to precondition females, from the earliest ages at which they can comprehend external cues, to embrace an emaciated, skeletal appearance as the ideal in female beauty. The results have been encouraging on two levels. First, obviously, as a general overall weight reducer. The Anorexia Nervosa program has effectively saturated 10% of the American female population, and recent surveys predict a continued steady growth rate throughout at least the next decade. The program’s goal of an overall saturation rate of 33% seems attainable. The second level of success has stemmed from an unpredicted outcome. For some still unknown reason, it has been discovered that 2-5% of the females participating in the Anorexia Nervosa program will die. This unexpected side effect is, of course, highly efficient in terms of weight reduction.
13 Mar 2010
Life / If I say POLAND, you say...? [100]

What would you say in response to POLAND?

A treasure trove for psychiatric investigation.
13 Mar 2010

So maybe have more mercy for the Eastern people ;)))))

And more pity for these creatures.
11 Mar 2010

... There were a couple token episodes of "All in the Family" which portrayed the Polish character Michael Stivic in a positive way, but most of the episodes he's portrayed as a Slob and in almost every show Archie Bunker kept calling him "A meathead dumb Polack" ...

The simple fact is that Polak Michael Stivic was the quintessential meathead, as evidenced in the video below. Stivic's behavior is reprehensible. Shame on him.

Shame, shame.
9 Mar 2010

Absolutely correct, my good man. Race and gender are much more fruitful and valid topics which can be judiciously addressed. Equal opportunities abound in this category for so many of the inferior minority groups.
8 Mar 2010

The Polish media's alleged accusations of Poland being anti-semitic and homophobic does not qualify as "bashing" this great country. Polish boys must learn to embrace their culture and traditions, and not perceive the Polish media's accurate depictions of Poland as "bashing."

Indeed not!
4 Mar 2010

Jews are irrelevant to this topic but for some reason they keep popping up in MediaWatch's posts. Very interesting. The ADL is watching.

What do you care if a guy called up objecting to the racist jokes.

Again, the issue is the shallow, flimsy tactic that the caller used - playing the Hitler card - not the fact that he called a talk show to defend an ethnicity. If the caller was so passionate about his crusade, he should have mustered much more valid evidence. Instead, he spewed some spurious comment invoking the name of Hitler. So, in fact the caller reinforced the stereotype instead of defending his ethnicity.

And usually people who defend their ethnictiy from degrading slurs are respected not disrespected.

That is a stereotype which is not grounded in fact, as the quote above clearly demonstrates.
4 Mar 2010

Only a walking stereotype would embarrass himself and his "people" by calling a radio talk show and uttering such a flimsy, gratuitous statement.

In fact, it is the caller himself who is guilty of promoting an untenable stereotype.
4 Mar 2010

... Every joke was about how dumb Polish people were.

Ah yes, play the Hitler card when all other evidence is either transparent or non-existent. Shallow individuals have been doing this for decades. Did the caller consider that he was merely reinforcing the stereotype?
3 Mar 2010
Love / How to seduce Polish girls: Tips and advice [118]

What are the best ways to get into polish girls' pants?

Regardless of the tactics employed, prepare yourself for the inevitable by wearing a clothespin (spinacz) on your nose.

You're welcome.
1 Mar 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161]

Please pass the Fritos

I must now exhibit one of the most shameful facets of the fat male’s personality. The male pig in America, his belly so bloated by beer and Big Macs, has completely lost sight of his own penis. Let me repeat this. The fat man in America is so overstuffed that his stomach extends well past the point at which his vision can observe his lower extremities over the horizon of his belly. The fat man is left with a veritable waistband eclipse of his own penis. He therefore has developed a severe sexual mental disorder in which he comes to view himself as a pregnant woman. Piotr Romanowski, who pioneered much of the early research into this disorder, has labeled the condition FART, or Fat Activated Remote Transsexualism. As such, the FART sufferer is preternaturally drawn to small boys, whom he identifies as the child he once was, and whom he fantasizes as carrying in his own bloated stomach/womb, soon to be reborn.

Left at this, FART would merely be a harmless eccentricity of the jolly fat man. Unfortunately, repeated encounters with slim, lithe boys triggers an infantile sexual state in the fat man – resulting in a partial regression to the oral state of development where the fatty is consumed with a monstrous, insatiable desire to engage in activity which is unmentionable in this august forum. Statistical corroboration of the FART phenomenon is provided by FBI data which reveals that the typical male serial offender is almost always fat. Convicted adult male offenders have an average height of 5’ 9” and an average weight of 295 lbs. Perverted blubber, ladies and gentlemen, perverted blubber.
1 Mar 2010
Genealogy / What are common Polish character traits? [417]

No,polish hips are very well shaped.They are neither non-existent like germanic female hips nor huge aka mediteranean hips.Generally Slavic hips are well formed and polish ones provide these extra aesthetically pleasing curves ...

As usual, your analysis is notoriously accurate. However, the conscientious researcher into this topic will note that by the time the typical Polish female reaches her mid-20s, there is a noticeable expansion -and, in some extreme cases, a flattening - of the area under consideration. This is due, of course, to the repeated and furious pounding which this area tends to experience over the prior 10-15 years.
26 Feb 2010
Life / Fat People in Poland? [161]

The current economic crisis in the USA is not without its physical manifestations. For just as the American's budget contains blubber, so does the American himself.

Translation- Polish nut job taking a crap.

I have detailed for you, in the form of the rise in earthquakes, just one of the many, many environmental disasters caused by the gross obesity and uncontrolled appetites of Americans. This then, the uncontrolled appetites of the Americans, is the beginning of the worldwide blubber crisis. But there is an even more alarming consequence of the swinish American character than the environmental ruin that I have just cataloged. For the American blubber mass is also a moral abomination. No longer able to be classified as human, these Americans must now be branded as pigs, inasmuch as they have given themselves over to the most reprehensible practices.

We see in the female pig, or in the fat blubberous American woman, a disturbing tendency toward the physical torture of children. Otis Harrel's study of child care workers showed that 73% of all full-time American babysitters are obese women - note: we are not talking of teenage girls who work part-time for movie and chewing gum money, but the terminally obese female pigs who, because of their repellent physical characteristics, are unable to secure full-time employment in the public sector, and must therefore turn to full-time child care work where their fat bodies can be safely hidden from the public's view behind the locked doors of the homes of families with working parents or in day care centers. These ugly female endless eaters have been naturally selected to be shunted away from decent society.

Unfortunately, the only position left available is child care. In a tragedy beyond compare, these hideous cellulite nannies are the absolute worst surrogates to care for our children. Harrel's study has shown that female pigs, when exposed to healthy thin children, begin to experience feelings of intense self-loathing. This self-loathing is then projected, via the fatty's ego defense mechanism, onto the innocent thin child. Harrel has documented the findings with over 500 hours of video tape of child torture. Dozens of families and commercial child care institutions allowed Harrel to install video surveillance equipment in their homes and day care centers. The results are truly horrific, ladies and gentlemen: 200-300 pound greasy haired female pigs victimizing thin children, screaming the most profane epithets imaginable, while slapping, punching, scratching, and clawing at the innocent thin. Worse yet, some attack the normal youths with scissors, needles, forks, knives, even the children's own toys. One 260-pound behemoth live-in nanny was even caught on tape loading a pretty 35-pound girl into a clothes dryer. How do they get away with this? By threatening the children with death if they dare tell their parents. 'You skinny little rat, if you tell your mother, I'll cut you into bite-size pieces and cook you and eat you,' we hear one massive sitter growl.

The American female pig's cannibalistic lust has an interesting parallel in Nazi Germany. A little reported fact is that the second most blubberous nation on record in human history is Nazi Germany. And even in that loathsome society, where men eagerly volunteered to commit the most heinous atrocities, still, when it came to the mass extermination of Jewish, Slavic, and handicapped children, only overweight Frauleins could be moved to operate the crematoria. This ugly fact is documented in Heinrich Zifftag's "Hansel and Gretel as Fact: Obese Women in Nazi Germany."
25 Feb 2010
USA, Canada / Where can I meet Polish women in Chicago [85]

... The sad part of it all was, my parents are Polish immigrants

The hot Polish tails which somehow avoided you needed time to find snorkels that fit. A cottage industry developed in the meantime (both in the city and in the suburbs) which altered over-the-counter snorkels to accommodate the substantial Polish nose.

So while you were frittering your affections away dabbling in the mud races, the Polish tails were being serviced with regularity. And now, with your atrophied spelling skills as your calling card, you lament the wasted years of your youth.

OK. The anorexia finally caught up with you and brought you to your senses. Now try northern Romania. The diet there is clean and the women hairy. This will help you rehabilitate. Then proceed north. Learn the Ukrainian language. Go in the summer. And bring your own snorkel and toothbrush.
23 Feb 2010
Love / Do Polish girls like Balkan guys? [24]

So if a Nordic a Germanic and a Balkan guy appeared and showed their weapons who would you think a Polka would choose?

Polish females have demonstrated a clear-cut preference for circumcised males.
15 Feb 2010
Life / 3 reasons why winter is the best time of the year in Poland [58]

... You must be wired oddly if you think the winter temperatures tend to be "comfortable".

Alternatively, there is a remedy for those who are burdened by the temperate wintertime climate in Poland. Simply huddle around the kiełbasa rack in your pursuit of warmth and solace.

... It looks like he has managed to cut&paste the content from a book ...

Perhaps sadly - untrue.

... Happy babcie? Now I know he is on drugs or having a laugh ...

The observations are based on serious, painstaking anthropological and ethnological research. Be advised that this research is both assiduous and ongoing.

Now let us examine the context of the happy babcie reference: " ... the happy babcie (mad as Hell) wandering the streets."

The beloved babcie are simultaneously "happy" and "mad as Hell." This is a point which cannot be overemphasized. Failure to grasp this is to neglect the underlying pathology of these wandering, fur-clad matriarchs. As living testaments to the glory and grandeur of the Polish triumph, these dignified grand dames wandering the streets ooze the essence of what it is to be Polish from every pore of their weather-beaten bodies.

Appreciate them.
Cherish them.
Without them we wouldn't have the Poland that we treasure and embrace today.
15 Feb 2010
Life / 3 reasons why winter is the best time of the year in Poland [58]

It is axiomatic that Poland is in fact Europe's winter wonderland. Located in the cultural and geographical center of Europe, Poland is a great place to live or visit any time of the year. However, wintertime brings out the very best in this unique and amazing country.

1. During the winter the temperatures tend to be very comfortable in Poland. Because of this, people spend a lot of time outdoors ice skating, horseback riding, skiing, building snowmen, ice fishing, and enjoying the fresh, clear winter air. The air pollution which occurs in some areas is almost non-existent in the winter. Also, during the winter nobody is concerned with the lack of air conditioning. Many Polish people wish that winter would last all year long.

2. Poland’s tremendous beauty is magnified in the winter months. The ice and snow on the trees and bushes illuminate the landscape. The hills and mountains sparkle and shine in the bright winter sunlight. Even the buildings seem to radiate the splendor and vitality of winter’s glory. An example of this is the stunning wintertime facade of Poland’s most sensational building: The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Towering over Poland’s capital city like an invincible Soviet Trojan horse, the Palace of Culture and Science seems almost surreal when viewed against the backdrop of the dazzling Polish wintertime landscape. Indeed, so much of the uniqueness of the world-famous Polish architecture is enhanced by each icicle which dangles so delicately from the most innocuous of origins –an evacuated balcony, a rusty gutter, an inactive flower pot, a forgotten shovel resting idly on the edge of a rooftop - transforming metal, glass, and stone into a breathtaking scaffolding of Slavic beauty and artistry. The most otherwise uninspiring commieblock residential buildings seem to vibrate with life when decorated by winter’s paintbrush.

3. Poles wear their most fashionable and memorable clothing during the winter. A wide variety of fur coats can be seen on the happy babcie (mad as Hell) wandering the streets. Fox, rabbit, chinchilla, mink, ermine, and sable coats are not only comfortable and economical, but they make one appear to radiate with an enchanting beauty which must be seen to be fully understood. Consider the wide variety of stylish boots that can be seen in the wintertime. The snow and ice reveal footprints of white boots, suede boots, leather boots, yellow boots, red boots, snakeskin boots, and black boots, among others. Polish women fill their closets with their boots and keep the rest in the kitchen next to the kiełbasa rack. White boots are very common in Nowy Sącz and Kraków. In Wrocław as well as in the villages of southwestern Poland, black leather jack boots are particularly common among the gentlemen. This, of course, is a tradition reflecting their noble Silesian heritage. Between Christmas and Ash Wednesday, shiny red boots can be seen adorning the women in Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship. After Ash Wednesday, however, the shiny red boots are put in storage and are replaced by thigh-high black leather boots. Definitely do not overlook footprints in the snow (and their origins) when spending the winter in Poland.

As we have seen, Poland’s many magnificent features are even more majestic when experienced during the winter. Can you think of additional reasons why winter is the best time of the year to experience Poland?
15 Feb 2010
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

The problem for Polish words is that there is not a big enough Black population to really raise the argument.

And apart from this spurious, trivial linguistic gnat-straining, the Polish people blissfully embrace the demographic observation noted above.
12 Feb 2010
Language / Terms of endearment in Polish [222]

Is 'bitch' consdered a sexy term to call your partner in Polish? I am having a debate with my Polish partner about the term 'bitch'. he likes to call me this in English- he speaks English really well and says in Polish it would mean I was really sexy and it would be a compliment! Do you agree? ...

Based on the information available, yes, the gentleman is absolutely correct.

... I cannot decide if I like it.....! I as it has too many negative connotations in English- and I don't feel it is a positive thing...but maybe I am just a frump! comments please!

Quod erat demonstrandum.