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12 Sep 2016
Genealogy / Any information about Dziedzic Surname? [31]

If anyone has any additional information on the origin of Dziedzic surname it would be greatly appreciated. Those of you living in Poland have way better access to this information.
17 Nov 2015
Real Estate / Land value and ownership in Poland [6]

Merged: Who owns the most land in Poland?

Is there a list of top land owners in Poland? I would be interested in finding out who the top ten are.
9 Oct 2012
Life / Poland needs more immigrants and their children - which nationalities are the best? [518]

I think culture and tradition are what makes us all unique. I believe that preserving our borders, our languages, our cultures makes nations what they are. Immigration dilutes all of that.

Polish natives should be absolutely proud of their nation and preserve their values.

In the United States we have a huge problem with immigration. Our system is abused simply because it is the nature of our country to take in everyone. We are doing that and look where we are at. Our economy is bottomed out right now. Immigration while some don't want to hear it.... it contributes to alot of our problems. Believe me, the United States is not all "sunshine and lollipops" for lack of a better term.
8 Oct 2012
Life / Polish cartoons for kids [38]

Not even this? The Polish version of Winnie the Pooh?

Oh yes, We had Winnie the Poo of course, but not Miś Uszatek. They are somewhat similar =)
8 Oct 2012
Life / Polish cartoons for kids [38]

Very nice thread topic Pawian, thanks for your contribution. Enjoyed learning about polish cartoons. I grew up in the USA but all my family is from Poland. We never had those cartoons here.
11 May 2012
Life / Polish patriotic music! [25]

DJ Hazel(a polish DJ) made tribute to patriotism in Poland:


Looking for army/patriotic songs in English and Polish.

Does anyone know a site or book that has Polish army / patriotic songs in Polish and English? would appreciate it.

Try Treasured Polish Songs which contains patriotic and soldier songs with notes in Polish and english translation. It was published in the USA by Polanie. Jacek Gałązka from Poland has also published such a book but I forget the title.
7 Mar 2012
Food / Eating Kielbasa - how do you cook yours? [119]

I really dislike poorly made polish sausage. Often it is greasy and has no garlic.

ps- Krawkowska cant be that much different to make. Its more of a lunch meat though.
19 Nov 2011
Life / Whats a good gift to send to someone in Poland for Christmas [40]

Ideas please. It doesn't have to necessarily be extravagant. What kind of things arent readily available in Poland that are in the USA? Are there any kinds of things desired from the USA that would be cool gifts to send someone in Poland?
1 Apr 2010
Food / Eating Kielbasa - how do you cook yours? [119]

Good Kielbasa MUST have garlic in it. And it cant be greasy. I cant tell you how many times ive been to the store and ill see a different brand of "Polish sausage". I buy it and try and it and become very disappointed. Most grocery stores carry terrible versions of Kielbasa.
29 Jan 2010
Life / What is going on in Polish Music [128]

What music do Polish people like, just a thought and hope everyone will respond, thanks :)

We like a little of everything, well atleast I do. Rock, R&B, Techno, some country etc etc
13 Apr 2009
Genealogy / Any information about Dziedzic Surname? [31]

One of these days when I have the time im going to really research my family tree. I was watching a show on tv about Polish immigration to the U.S.A, it was very interesting. Most Polish immigrants came over well before WWI. In the late 1800's(around 1875).
21 Sep 2008
Love / What do Polish girls think about dating Asian guys? [134]

I don't think anybody is in the position to tell me what or who, for that matter, I should "stick" to. I am an adult and I make decisions on my own.

I think the word tradition and way of culture applies to what Arise_St_George is trying to say. Honestly, my family would frown if I brought a black Woman home. Im sure, that black Womans family would do the same if she brought a white guy home.Its instilled in how some of us are brought up. I dont think its a racism thing its just preference.

I say this for good arguments sake.
19 Sep 2008
Love / Polish Women Versus Your Local Women ? [289]

Im not going to say all the good things that id normally say about Polish women. If I do they will be more hounded and sought after then they normally are.
27 Aug 2008
Language / Polish Lessons Units [189]

Janusz , very useful contribution to this forum!!

I was raised to learn english but I really wish my mother and father would have taught me polish.They didnt offer Polish foreign language classes when I went to Highschool. Its a language that isnt taught that much in California or in American universitys for that matter.
14 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Any information about Dziedzic Surname? [31]

Dziedzic may I know in what region of Poland come from your ancestors with surname Dziedzic?

Małopolskie, Lesser Poland.
9 Apr 2008
Genealogy / Any information about Dziedzic Surname? [31]

Is Dziedzic surname very common in Poland? Im interested in the history behind my last name. I figured that this would be the place to ask. Any information would be very helpful. Im sure there are other people out there that share my last name who would be interested in this information also.

Thank you in advance ! = )