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Any information about Dziedzic Surname?

Dziedzic 3 | 43
9 Apr 2008 #1
Is Dziedzic surname very common in Poland? Im interested in the history behind my last name. I figured that this would be the place to ask. Any information would be very helpful. Im sure there are other people out there that share my last name who would be interested in this information also.

Thank you in advance ! = )
witek 1 | 587
9 Apr 2008 #2
try this link

it highlights the areas of Poland where the surname appears and shows you towns.

you can type in any surname you want. just press "szukaj" / search
OP Dziedzic 3 | 43
10 Apr 2008 #3
Very interesting.

Seems like the majority of familys with the the surname Dziedzic are in southern Poland.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Apr 2008 #4
Yes, more than 20,000 in Poland share the Dziedzic surname. The biggest concentrations are found in southern Poladn in the Katowice, Bielsko-Biała Kraków, Tarnów and Rzeszów areas. Two different coats of arms accompany the related surname Dziedzicki. For more information please contact resaerch60@gmail
11 Apr 2008 #5
Does that cost anything Polonius?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Apr 2008 #6
A nominal fee is charged. Send me email for details.
msbjf 2 | 10
11 Apr 2008 #7
I noticed this name and I am searching for my grandfathers family. But on his papers his name was spelled Driezic. People on this site said there was no spelling like that and they spelled it your way. My grandfathers name was Stefan, and he had 1 brother and 2 stepsisters. Could it be possible we could be related in some way?
Jane Done - | 24
11 Apr 2008 #8
Dziedzic may I know in what region of Poland come from your ancestors with surname Dziedzic?
msbjf 2 | 10
12 Apr 2008 #9
Odryzyn, That is what it says on his papers. he said Poland but everyone tells me Belarus.
OP Dziedzic 3 | 43
14 Apr 2008 #10
Dziedzic may I know in what region of Poland come from your ancestors with surname Dziedzic?

Małopolskie, Lesser Poland.
Jane Done - | 24
14 Apr 2008 #11
Ok, thx for answer Dziedzic.I aksed because I know some Dziedzic from Podkarpacie.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
10 Feb 2009 #12
Yes, my student's name is Dziedzic. He's a very smart and cool guy.
Magda7 1 | 12
11 Feb 2009 #13
I had a teacher in primary school whose surname was Dziedzic. She comes from Cieszyn. Southern Poland (near the Czech Republic).
OP Dziedzic 3 | 43
13 Apr 2009 #14
One of these days when I have the time im going to really research my family tree. I was watching a show on tv about Polish immigration to the U.S.A, it was very interesting. Most Polish immigrants came over well before WWI. In the late 1800's(around 1875).
Mystic 2 | 48
13 Apr 2009 #15
One of my ancestors has this surname as well. I wish it wasn't so terribly common, though!
OP Dziedzic 3 | 43
23 Apr 2009 #16
Well atleast its not like the surname smith or jones!
Mystic 2 | 48
24 Apr 2009 #17
Very true. I'm happy that my true Polish surname is rather uncommon in Poland... probably easier to find relatives lol.
myonick - | 2
16 Jun 2011 #18
Merged: Research on my Dziedzic Family

I am doing research on my Dziedzic Family. My grandfather Josef Dziedzic came from the village bęczyn, in the district of wadowice, in the province of małoploska. His parents were Jan and Maria Badura. The family attended church in Paszkowka. I would appreicate any help.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jun 2011 #19
I taught a Dziedzic family. I know 3 of them very well :) Can I be of help??
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
17 Jun 2011 #20
DZIEDZIC: heir, squire; probably topo nick from Dziedzice

BADURA: from badurzyć (to tell tall tales, speak rubbish) hence yarn-spinner
10 Feb 2012 #21
I am researching my mothers family. Surname Dziedzic immigrated from Poland in 1910. I am looking for information as to what part of Poland they came from, and any other info on their parents, etc...Does anyone know how to find this? Other than because they have nothing.
TheOther 6 | 3,692
10 Feb 2012 #22
Poland didn't exist in 1910, so your ancestors came either from the German Empire, Russia or Austria-Hungary. You might want to take a look at the Ellis Island web site at, where you can check the ship manifests of the vessels that brought immigrants to New York.
myonick - | 2
12 Jul 2012 #23
I would appreicate your help. I would like to know if any of the Dziedzic you know are related to my Dziedzic family. If not, do they know of any Dziedzic that live or lived near the Catholic Church in Paszkowska?

Also, is their anyone who can go to the parish in Paszkowka and look up my families records?
Thank you
Bandepart - | 1
20 May 2013 #24
Merged: Jan Dziedzic - Wishing to find my birth father

I was born in 1968 in Warsaw, Poland. I was at the age of three adopted, and have been living in Sweden since then. I went to Poland in 1996 and was able trace my birth mother. At that time it did not feel relevant in finding my birth father.

His name is Jan Dziedzic ( this according to the Distric Court in Warsaw-Praga )and was born on May 11th 1937. In 1971 he was living in Piaseczno, ul Pulawska 9.

If anyone can help me in how to proceed in locating him I would be most grateful.
Thank you!
OP Dziedzic 3 | 43
12 Sep 2016 #25
If anyone has any additional information on the origin of Dziedzic surname it would be greatly appreciated. Those of you living in Poland have way better access to this information.
31 Oct 2016 #26
My surname is Dzidic. I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dziedzic and Dzidic are very similiar surnames, and I'm trying to investigate more about it.
31 Oct 2016 #27
I am Croat from Bosnia and Herzegovina and my surname is Džidić. I am here because of reading a book in which is american author Michael Dziedzic mentioned a few times. He is kind of military officer. There is interesting connection between Dzidic and Dziedzic surnames.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
31 Oct 2016 #28

Does Dzidić mean anything in Croatian?
31 Oct 2016 #29
There is no actual meaning. My nickname is Džida and it's common nickname of all people with Dzidic surname. ''Džida'' is something like long spear or stick with flag on it.
25 Feb 2020 #30
I am looking for the same information- my great grandmother came over around 1910, same last name, from Breslau. Her name was Angeline. Did you have any success? Maybe we could compare notes.

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