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Last Name Information - Lewandowski

trlew7 1 | 4
27 Nov 2008 #1
Any information on the last name Lewandowski? I know our coat of arms has a knights helmet and shield with arrows.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
27 Nov 2008 #2
Actually there were four lines of noble Lewnadowskis, each entitled to use a different coat of arms. One of them called Dołęga has got have arrows on it. The crowned knight's helmet is a typical emblem found in teh crest (upper section) of most Polish coats of arms.
OP trlew7 1 | 4
28 Nov 2008 #3
Thank you for the information! : )
wildrover 98 | 4,436
28 Nov 2008 #4
My next door neighbour is called Lewandowski...i believe her family originates from Gdansk......
OP trlew7 1 | 4
28 Nov 2008 #5
I have visted Gdansk once. It is very beautiful! My family is not from that area. Maybe they could have been going years back, but I am not sure.
30 Jan 2010 #6
Lewandowski comes from the old polish word for Lavender, which was Lewanda, in modern polish, Lawenda. The location of the names origin is thought to have started in a town once known as "lewandow" which was in the Warszawa voivodeship.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
30 Jan 2010 #7
Also Lewandowszczyzna in the Lublin region.
abbyroselew - | 3
25 Aug 2012 #8
I'm not sure about Lewandowski, can you tell me? it's very common, however I have heard different things from different sources.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
25 Aug 2012 #9
LEWANDOWSKI: 7th most popular surname in Poland. The root is the Old Polish word lewanda (lavender) - lawenda in modern Polish. Most likely a toponymic tag from Lewandów (Lavenderville), now a section of the Warsaw right-bank suburb of Białołęka.
boletus 30 | 1,361
25 Aug 2012 #10
I'm not sure about Lewandowski, can you tell me? it's very common, however I have heard different things from different sources.

There is extremely large group of surnames in Polish language which stem from the word "lewy" (left), from the name Leon, from the Hebrew name Levi, or from the German name Levin. The website lists 278 such surnames. Some of them are as simple as Levi, Levin, Lew or Lewa; some end with -SKI, -CKI, -ICZ, such as Lewanowicz, Lewacki, Lewaczyński, Lewaszki, Lewaszkiewicz, etc.

Significantly smaller group of similar surnames, 77 of all, derives from the word "lawenda", English lavender. To this group belongs Lewandowski, together with Lewandoski, Lewandowicz, Lewandewski, Lewanderski, Lewandrowski, Lewandziewski, Lewandziński, Lewantowicz. Lawenderski, Lawendowski, etc.

The surname Lewandowski is extremely popular in Poland: 43690 males Lewandowski and 47406 females Lewandowska. This is the seventh most common surname in Poland. Lewandowski, the various mutations of this surname, "lawenda" and lavender all stem from "Lewant", Levant, now: Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and partially Egypt and Turkey. In connection with this etymology of this surname those names were quite popular among Polish (and not only) neophytes from that region.
15 Nov 2013 #11
I was born Lewandowski I do know that Mike Lewandowski a great Grand father ima grated from poland to the US an build the first St, Hedwig Church in Toledo Ohio whith that what could you tell me about my family and what is our coat of arms loks like
Astoria - | 153
15 Nov 2013 #12
what could you tell me about my family and what is our coat of arms loks like

Currently, 43690 Lewandowskis live in Poland as this map shows:

Of course, all of them belong to nobility and own peasants who work for them. This is their current Coat of Arms:
Jardinero 1 | 402
15 Nov 2013 #13
Lewandowski is one of the most common Polish surnames...
18 Aug 2015 #14
I want to find relatives to my Granfather Julian Lewandowski from Poland , Warsaw or Ina Wroclaw .who disappeared after the war having married Grandma leaving instructions to bring up Janina Maria Lewandowski b1931 as a catholic.
Polonius3 986 | 12,343
18 Aug 2015 #15
find relatives

Try contacting the Polish Red Cross Tracing Service:;
tel. 48 22 628 4348.
24 Oct 2021 #16
Hi there, I was just going through the origins of my families surname and came across your post. My great grandfather's name was Michael Lewandowski. My grandfather's was Bernard (Ben) Lewandowski. And my dad was Walter Lewandowski.

We are from Minnesota. They came over from Poland.
It just caught my eye when you said you were related to Michael. So thought we might be related.
Debbie (Lewandowski) Kaproth

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