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Information on a surname prefix / affix + side question

23 Apr 2021 #1
Hello. I am looking for information regarding the surname "Kasprowicz". From what I've gathered "owicz" refers to "the son of". However I can't find any information on the affix "Kaspr" and it doesn't seem like a typical spelling of "Kasper" or "Kacper". Does "Kaspr" mean anything in Polish? Or does it translate to something else longer on its own? I am wondering if the reference to our original surname isn't spelled correctly in this regard. I have done a lot of looking and don't really come up with much.

On a side note, my name is Nicholas and I've found the typical Polish spelling is Mikolaj. Is there a correct short form (nickname)? Like Nick, for example. Miko seemed like the obvious but it doesn't appear common.

Thank you for any insights in advance!

Home / Genealogy / Information on a surname prefix / affix + side question
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