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Does anyone have any information about the surname Marciniszyn?

18 Oct 2013 #1
I am searching for official information about my surname. My father was born in southeastern Poland in an area that was under Russian occupation shortly before he was born, but which became part of Poland after a border war. My mother's maiden name is Robak and she was born in a village called Uszew, near Kraków. Her immigration papers for entry into the US have her name spelled as Robakova.

Thank you,
Alex Marciniszyn
Astoria - | 155
19 Oct 2013 #2
Marciniszyn: from first name Marcin, this from Latin Martinus "belonging to the god of war Mars". 1079 people in Poland are named Marciniszyn:

Robak: first recorded in 1340, from robak "worm, insect." 7386 people in Poland are named Robak:

Robakova: Czech or Slovak, wife or daughter of Robak. In Polish, it would be spelled Robakowa (wife of Robak, but not daughter) - dated. In Poland, your mother couldn't be Robakowa because she was the wife of Marciniszyn, not Robak. As a daughter of Robak she would be Robakówna.

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