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Polish weapons and militaria - got any?

Jamiolkowski - | 1
8 Mar 2010 #151
i wouldn't mind getting a polish sword, i found one at d.htm
but i don't have that kind of money
madmickmcmad - | 1
16 Nov 2010 #152
iv got this really wierd weapon that i believe to be from poland, i bought it at a car boot sale in spain about 10 years ago, its very old as i can see from the fatigue on the blade, its handle is solid ivory, iv not got much info on it though, if your interested in looking at it i can send you some pictures, my e-mail address is the only reason i contact you is that i see you are interested in weapons and maybe you can help me out as in the origin of this strange weapon, iv looked everywhere and cannot find anything with a similar blade, would much appreciate your opinion on this, thanks...... madmickmcmad.

i have something that may interest you my friend !

hi ozi dan, iv got this knife/axe that i believe to be from your neck of the world, i watched a programme on the BBC some years ago about the evolution of the roman uniform, inparticular the roman helmet, it showed how they put a reinforced band of metal right down the middle to stop this strange blade/spike from penetrating the skull, as you can imagine i watched with open mouth because i was looking at a weapon very similar to the one iv got, except mine has a solid ivory handle, this suggested to me that the one iv got didnt belong to the average tribesman but possibly a chief or someone of high position, i have researched in vain to try and find out the origin of this weapon but have never been able to find anything with a similar style of blade, when the roman army were moving north and battleing with the barbarians in their quest to rule all of europe they came across this formidable weapon in and around where poland is today, in this documentary by the BBC it shows this weapon and how it was used, it definatly gave them problems because of the great lengths they went to in evolving the roman infantrymans helmet to try and combat the devestating effects that this weapon was causing, as this is the first time i have used this site im having problems downloading photographs, but i would really appreciate your opinion on this or anyone elses that reads this note, if you are able to help me in my search you can reach me on my E-mail address where i would be glad to send you some pictures, thanks, ps... this is a proper very old and interesting weapon.
24 Sep 2013 #153
I have this one what's it worth

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