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Polish spouse and child will be born in Poland. I wish to obtain a Polish passport.

19 Jun 2015 #1
I am married to my polish wife in London since Nov 2014. I am going to have a baby with her in Nov 2015. Due to some reasons, we decided to have the baby here and stay here longer term. Or she will stay in Poland and I'll work in an EU country. But I wish to obtain a polish passport for that purpose.

Please recommend what path to take. And what's the quickest or easiest way to get that. We are both in quite stress because of this.


I am a Pakistani national and have a UK EU spouse visa on my Pakistani passport by the way.
Polsyr 6 | 761
19 Jun 2015 #2
I wish to obtain a polish passport

The quickest path you have to a Polish passport involves living in Poland for at least 4 years. Your best option is to stay with her in the UK for now - unless you have a very good job offer from Poland. You can also live and work in any other EU country provided that she lives there and works there too, but not separately. That includes the UK.
OP Saadjaved007
19 Jun 2015 #3
Thank you Polsyr. But we didn't want to live in the UK anymore. And she would definitely like to live and raise the baby in Poland. So our only option was Poland. But I heard that on the basis of polish baby, I can get polish citizenship. Which doesn't seem to be true I guess.

Thanks again.

What is the 4 years process anyways, if you don't mind telling me ? Thanks.
Polsyr 6 | 761
19 Jun 2015 #4
the 4 years process

2 years on temporary residence followed by 2 years on permanent residence. No you can't become a citizen on the basis of having a Polish baby.
OP Saadjaved007
20 Jun 2015 #5
Thanks again. Real help. Appreciate that
20 Jun 2015 #6
Marry her, that's quickest way.
OP Saadjaved007
20 Jun 2015 #7
Blah. I'm married to her. Since nov 2014.
20 Jun 2015 #8
@Saadjaved007, do it by the book:,Ways-of-acquiring-Polish-citizenship.html

"a foreigner residing continuously on the territory of the Republic of Poland for at least 2 years, pursuant to an establishment permit, an EC residence permit for a long-term resident, or a permanent residence permit, being for at least 3 years married to a Polish citizen, or is a stateless person;"

You just need to stay with her for a 3 years ;) As a spouse of Polish citizen you gonna get temporary (2 yr) residence permit.,31212.html
OP Saadjaved007
20 Jun 2015 #9
Thanks Blah. Really appreciate the help. But I need to complete three years of marriage under permanent resident permit. Don't I ? Which I will get after 2 years of temporary residence anyways.

And also we are married by the book in London. And we will register our marriage in Poland too. So when we do, does the three year band start from the registration of marriage date in Poland or they accept the London registered marriage as well.

Thanks again.
20 Jun 2015 #10
No prob. Good idea is to go to consulate with your spouse and register marriage before. Show her the last link. If you are not member of terrorist or crime group, then you should get temporary residence permit ASAP. That's her and your right.
OP Saadjaved007
20 Jun 2015 #11
Thanks. I am not a part of such group.
21 Jun 2015 #12
Dear, I am also married to a Polish citizen but living in Pakistan since many years and having kids and business in Pakistan.To get a Polish passport this will take a lot of time and you must speak polish language too.

Why don't you get UK passport ?
OP Saadjaved007
22 Jun 2015 #13
Long story sir. thinking about going to Pakistan too after all this situation. It will approximately take the same time for UK passport and Polish. I think ill be happy with my mighty green passport I the end.

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