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Warsaw Rising 1944 - National Disaster or Triumph of Spirit ?

delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
2 Oct 2019 #271
About 80% of the city and Germans have still not returned many Polish historical artefacts that they stole.

I had a chat with one expert in this field, and she reckons that a large amount of it ended up in the USA after the war. It seems to be backed up by the way that stuff keeps appearing for auction over there...
OP pawian 176 | 15,400
5 Oct 2019 #272
Hmm, the reason might be different - the robbed items surface in American auctions more frequently coz owners are not aware of the origin of what they want to sell. In Europe it might be different - owners keep their dubious belongings to themselves and rarely show them to public in fear of consequences.
OP pawian 176 | 15,400
1 Aug 2020 #273
I was waiting till now to see if all those mock "Poles" who boast of their immense patriotism and love for Poland will mention the anniversary. No, they didn`t. Shame on them.

The march organised by nationalist groups is passing through Warsaa centre.
The German embassy lowered its flag.

Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,004
1 Aug 2020 #274
I was busy helping out the family and commemorating it with a good meal.
Good initiative Pawian
1-0 to Pawian
OP pawian 176 | 15,400
1 Aug 2020 #275
Here`s a list of Polish celebrities who fought in the Warsaw Rising.

Alina Janowska - Poles must know her from Wojna Domowa series or Moralność Pani Dulskiej film.

She was arrested on the night of 23 April 1942, accused of collaborating with the underground and helping a Jewish family. She was imprisoned for 7 months in Pawiak in Warsaw.[3] She was a member of the Warsaw Uprising, acting as a liaison official for the Battalion "Kiliński"

  • Rising

  • Post war celebrity
OP pawian 176 | 15,400
1 Aug 2020 #277
About 1000 Warsaw insurgents still live.

Crow 148 | 9,327
1 Aug 2020 #278
Triumph of Spirit ?


But to those who organized WWII it was a mere social experiment. As we all are.
jon357 67 | 16,921
1 Aug 2020 #279
it was a mere social experiment.

It wasn't.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
2 Aug 2020 #280
The march

Wow, people still wear those "patriotic" clothes.
kaprys 3 | 2,511
2 Aug 2020 #282
There are posts on Facebook (and probably on other social media )that try to ridicule the W hour in Warsaw. They say that the decision to start the uprising was a tragic one.

Personally, I think people want to pay their respects to the victims and survivors. That's how I feel about it.
OP pawian 176 | 15,400
3 Aug 2020 #283
the decision to start the uprising

Well, we have discussed it in this thread since the very beginning. Some people support Warsaw Rising as a Triumph of Spirit, other condemn it as a disaster.

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