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14 Sep 2011 #1
I live in the UK, and have applied for a NINo, I had my interview at 14th of July 2011, and so far iI have not received my card. I only received a letter confirming my number, but I have not get my Card.

Where can I send a letter (as in what address should I post my letter to)? To the Glasgow Job Centre Plus? Glasgow Portcullis (LN) Jobcentre Plus Office 5th Floor, Portcullis House, 21 India Street, Glasgow, G2 4PH ?

Or somewhere else?

Thank you.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Sep 2011 #2
Don't worry about it - you don't need the card, just the number.
PWEI 3 | 612
14 Sep 2011 #3
That is right. I lost my NI card almost immediately after I got it and nobody has ever asked to see it.
OP nikki
14 Sep 2011 #4
I understand that I don't need the card, yet I heard people receiving the Card quite fast, they didn't have to wait long :/. I'd rather have the Card, then I finally know that it's sorted. I haven't even got a letter saying why it's taking so long

I am thinking of either calling or sending them a letter though.
modafinil - | 418
14 Sep 2011 #5
The cards are produced in large runs/batches, not as and when.
Once you have a letter it means you have been added to the system, you're sorted. The number produced is the last step of being added to the system. Make a photocopy if you are worried, to use as proof, if ever needed, with a credit card or other proof of address. The letter is every bit as valid as the card, legally. There isn't a card carrying culture to concern yourself with here. (the card or number is not complete proof of a right to work, just to make sure of traceable pension cont's.)
OP nikki
15 Sep 2011 #6
so if they are produced in large runs, when is the next date of such production?

yeah I know I seem to be pestering, but I really wat to know :P

thank you
modafinil - | 418
15 Sep 2011 #7
so if they are produced in large runs, when is the next date of such production?

I just noticed your interview was in July. That was the last run ever for adults. If your confirmation letter is dated after July you may never receive a card. Call up 0845 915 7006 (have the letter ref and nino to hand) to find out either way.
OP nikki
15 Sep 2011 #8
my confirmation letter was dated 19th of July 2011, do you think i'll receive my card? thank you for the phone number, i'll try to call them tomorrow (as i'm at work)

thank you
modafinil - | 418
15 Sep 2011 #9
It's only because I'm feebly trying to do a tax return without an accountant this year that I've stumbled on any of this info. Phone 'em tomorrow for a definitive answer. Be nice to them, the dept. might be shutting down soon.

And be careful browsing the web too much on a work PC, they're almost always monitored.
OP nikki
15 Sep 2011 #10
do you think it'll cost me much if i call from a mobile phone then? since i don't want to make much problems?

thank you
15 Sep 2011 #11
0845 numbers are quite expensive when called from a mobile. BT landlines are free i think.
OP nikki
15 Sep 2011 #12
thank you very much :)
15 Sep 2011 #13
you are welcome. And i hope you enjoy your time in the UK!
isthatu2 4 | 2,702
16 Sep 2011 #14
Sheesh, I have not seen my card in nearly 20 years now...........seriously, if you have the number,save the price of a phone call. This is Britain not Poland, we are still slightly more relaxed about this whole id nonsense ......

pointless fact....During WW2 when people had to carry an ID card at all times (for the first and as yet last time in our history) you only put a photograph in it if YOU wanted to, it was considered bad form to demand people put photos in :)
OP nikki
16 Sep 2011 #15
i am just asking you know :) there's nothing wrong about it :P

thank you anyways :)
modafinil - | 418
16 Sep 2011 #16
i am just asking you know :) there's nothing wrong about it :P

No one's having a go. I would wage there are only an insignificant few who aren't happy for you to be a tax paying contributor to the UK. Isthatu2 is a self-confessed history geek who takes every opportunity to spread his knowledge. He's very generous with his country also, just don't attack his values or you'll never hear the end of it. :)
OP nikki
17 Sep 2011 #17
i just checked with the official HMRC website and it's apparently true (no cards, just letters):

ah well, at least I have the letter with my number on it.

thanks for all responses though :)
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
17 Sep 2011 #18
nikki I received my NI number about 30 years ago and have never once, not once, been asked for the card.......the number (which is in my head) says it all.
29 Oct 2014 #19
Hi I apply and fill an ni form two weeks ago and am yet to get the number, please when should I be expecting it.
jon357 69 | 18,445
29 Oct 2014 #20
A long time. There's a backlog caused by the number of applicants. You don't actually need it though to get paid - your employer just pays under the emergency number and does the rest of the paperwork later.
Cardno85 31 | 976
30 Oct 2014 #21
emergency number

I have always had an NI number since I started work, but I was under the impression that this would lead to a really high rate of PAYE being taken off your wages which can't be claimed back until the end of the tax year?
jon357 69 | 18,445
30 Oct 2014 #22
I think for new employees in large companies it can be adjusted before - if not, it only lasts for a few weeks until you get your own number and it does mean you get a rebate at the end of the tax year as in Poland.

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