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When did this village existed? Drozdowo?

MaksymDrozdowsky 1 | -
16 Nov 2020 #1
So I should start this story from a long ago. I was thinking that I am 100% Ukrainian but then My grandparents told me,that Drozdowsky is an Polish surname,then I started digging up some info,and found out that both my grandparents,from fathers line and mothers line are Polish. And this is the point where all starts... Appearantly my grand-grandfather was escaping World War 2 and emigrated to Ukraine where he burnt all his polish documents... We were able to find out that he had a brother and he is from a village called "Drozdowichy" or something like that.. Me and my parents sent a request to Poland to see if we still have ancestors there,but they told us that this village doesn't exist anymore. All we know is that it was situated near Bialystok. Does somebody know where the village was situated and when did it extincted? Please tell me if you know anything,any information is really important to me and my family.
cms neuf - | 1,579
16 Nov 2020 #2
Maybe Drozdowo - 60km from Bialystock ?
kaprys 3 | 2,503
16 Nov 2020 #3
Who did you write to?
Any time frame?

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