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Are any of you from the Village of Niepla?

Dhyde121 1 | 6
21 Mar 2015 #1
My grandmother was born there and I would like to learn more about this Village....
Looker - | 1,134
21 Mar 2015 #2
I found some historical facts about this village:

Niepla - the village in south-eastern Poland, which dates back to the beginnings of ancient times. In the 80s of the twentieth century have been carried out archaeological work here that have shown that people have lived in these surroundings approx. 3500 thousand years ago. Also has been discovered here traces of Slavic settlements from VII-IX and XI-XII centuries.

Present Niepla was established in the second half of the fourteenth century and was set under the German law. One half was the property of the knights, and the other half belonged to the Benedictines of Tyniec. Jan Dlugosz writes that in the village is an inn, but there is no manor. In 1581, the village had mill, fish ponds and four unkempt ponds. In 1894, the population lived mainly from agriculture. Here was sown flax or hemp straw, from which the local weavers were making the canvas. There were two forges, and the village was famous for its good wheelwrights. There were 735 inhabitants at this time. In 1922, due to insistent endeavors of all residents, Niepla was moved to the parish in Szebnie.
During the World War II in Szebnie existed an underground movements of the Home Army and Peasants' Battalions. In 1944, for quite a long time near the village were many combats, as a result of which Niepla was destroyed.

Currently lives here about 600 people. A new schoolhouse named after John Paul II was built, and the folk house. Here operates a fire brigade.

OP Dhyde121 1 | 6
21 Mar 2015 #3
Thank you so much for the information. It helps to understand the life of my ancestors who lived there. How would I find a directory of the current residents of Niepla?
Looker - | 1,134
22 Mar 2015 #4
It's not easy to get such data in Poland. I think it's because of the law on the Protection of Personal Data...
The only hint I can give you is to check facebook and (Polish equivalent of FB)

Facebook page shows quite a few names from Niepla - go to Search for Friends, then in the Current City or the Hometown field write Niepla.

And here is the direct link with people from Niepla (233 names) on the NK site (but you have to register there to see the search results)
OP Dhyde121 1 | 6
16 Mar 2018 #5
Thank you for your post on the Village of Niepla. I found it very interesting.
Stanley Shopa
24 Sep 2021 #6
What caused the residents of Niepla to demand that their church be moved to Szebnie? My grandfather, Jozef Shopa returned to Poland and died in 1936. I can find no trace of his burial place including the cemetery at Szebnie. I visited Niepla in 2011, and wish I knew more. Can anyone help?

Stan Shopa
18 May 2023 #7
My great-grandfather and his family, "Betlej," are buried in Niepla and had land. My grandmother's family were tenants farmers on the Betlej farming lands. Still have family there but very little land left.
5 Sep 2023 #8
Hi @ticker103
My GrGrGr grandmother was Katarzyna Betlej (1839-1888) from Niepla. She married Bartlomiej Kowalczyk in 1857. Descendents from their line and marriages all in Niepla and my relatives include Szelag, Macek, Bachta, Zygarowska, Rogoski(?). All farmers or "half farmer" Which I'm trying to understand what that means. Would you have connection for the local cemetery as I assume they were all buried in the Niepla as well and some I cannot find death record, etc.

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