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Finding my Polish father who I never knew existed

jackiebailey1 1 | 1
20 Nov 2020 #1
I understand that my father was a Polish displaced person living in a camp/hostel in the mid 1950's which was based in:

Tudor Road/Ramsden Avenue
Camp Hill Estate
CV10 9EF or CV10 9EB

I have researched Polish resettlement camps within the UK but there is no mention of the Nuneaton hostel/camp and my only assumption is that it was a very small unit. However I did research locally and the feedback revealed, there was actually a camp/hostel situated in Tudor Road/Ramsden Avenue area which accommodated Polish displaced persons. I also contacted the Nuneaton & Bedworth library (archive department) but they had no record of the camp/hostel.

The only other information I have at the moment is that my father moved to Kerseley in Coventry, Warwickshire after the camp/hostel which must have been around the mid 1950's.

I am hoping someone may read my request and point me in the right direction as to where I may research further information

Mrs Jackie Bailey
Poloniusz 2 | 150
21 Nov 2020 #2
Here is a link to a variety of different resources which might be useful:
OP jackiebailey1 1 | 1
22 Nov 2020 #3
Hi Poloniusz

Re: Finding my Polish father who I never knew existed

Thank you for responding to my request, I shall check the site. Regards
Jackie Bailey
Poloniusz 2 | 150
22 Nov 2020 #4
You're welcome. Good luck with your searches. I hope you find some answers.

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