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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

Atch 17 | 2,839
11 Jul 2016  #301
Well I have to say it's unusual. You don't see that often. I lived in London for six years and saw loads of trannies and drag queens etc but they usually wore make up etc and tried to look a bit feminine. This guy was like a truck driver in a skirt :D

Anyway, as to whether Poles prefer Russians or Germans I can only speak for my own husband who is Polish, and he much prefers Russians. He really likes them. I suppose it's the thing of all being Slavs and having some sense of 'brotherhood'. However, he wouldn't have any big problem with Germans, he just feels more of a connection with Russians.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #302
I've seen trannies, drag queens, and all that but I've never seen a trucker with a skirt. Anyway, that's what I feel with my friends who're Slavic, as well. Matter o fact, the Russian friends are the ones who said I look like I could be Russian.
Atch 17 | 2,839
11 Jul 2016  #303
At the moment, with you hair very short, you'd pass for 100% Polish I think. A lot of Polish guys wear their hair very short in summer. Some of them shave their heads completely and then let it grow back. It's a kind of superstition they have that it helps the hair growth, you know, stops you from going bald.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #304
Yes. I've heard that superstition. I've wondered about that. People of Slavic descent tend to bald "earlier" than let's say, the Irish. But my grandfather who was full Pole didn't recede until his fifties, so I guess that varies.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
11 Jul 2016  #305
A lot of polish boys in uk have shaved heads or variations of it
Atch 17 | 2,839
11 Jul 2016  #307
Oh, I don't know, Poleboy, I've seen a few sadly bare heads in Ireland! It could be more the hair type, there's a particular type of Polish very fair hair, that's very fine and fluffy, like the downy feathers on a duckling. Those poor guys go bald very early.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #308
Irish being one of the most dominant cultural backgrounds in the US, most I've seen have really thick, wavy to curly hair. Typically brown despite the stereotype. That was my concern about fitting in actually. My nose seems smaller than most slavs though.
Atch 17 | 2,839
11 Jul 2016  #309
Well I'm living here with my Irish hair and nobody has attacked me yet :D The girls would probably love you because you'd look different but if you wanted to you could just keep it very short. But honestly it wouldn't be a problem.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #310
That's cool. Haha. Then there's my height. I already have people 'towering over me'.
Atch 17 | 2,839
11 Jul 2016  #311
Polish guys are average height, 5'10 is the average apparently but there are loads of shorter guys here. Really, I see them every day. And in the south of Poland they're shorter than average. Go and live there, grow your hair and you'll look like a Viking amongst them! They tend to be short and dark.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #312
That was a good laugh. What about the Plock area?
jon357 63 | 14,122
11 Jul 2016  #313
Remember, Poleboy765, that there have been huge movements of population in the last few years. First as part of the post-war border changes and then there was industrialisation. That means there isn't such a regional 'look' as there once was.
Poleboy765 - | 66
11 Jul 2016  #314
Yes. That also explains variations in Krakow. I want to choose a smaller city where I can enjoy the view, but not be in the middle of no where. Suggestions?
jon357 63 | 14,122
11 Jul 2016  #315
Torun? Bialystok? Opole?
Poleboy765 - | 66
12 Jul 2016  #316
Possibly. What do you yourself like about these areas? Have you been to these places? If you would be ok with it would you talk to me via messages?
jon357 63 | 14,122
12 Jul 2016  #317
Feel free to message. I've been to all of those places and like each of them in their own way. But still prefer Warsaw above anywhere else here.
Poleboy765 - | 66
26 Jul 2016  #318
Thank you, Jon. Anyway, I have found I am a mixture of northeastern Polish and Southern Polish by looking back in history. My family started in Mazovia, then migrated further down.
Lyzko 22 | 6,524
26 Jul 2016  #319
In the end, I've yet to find ONE "typically" Polish look, rather, an admixture of various neighboring influences, i.e. more "Germanic" nearing the former Silesian/German border, more stock "Slavic" tending towards Ukraine etc...
18 Aug 2016  #320
So i m polish i have background(maybe 25%) that s include austriac belarusian and lemko(Å‚emkowie is small etnich grup and they are also slavic). i have brown hair light brown eyes and yellow tone sikn not pale but also not very tan.So my point is people can have any hair color i would say that most popular is light brown and dark blond but there are many light blonds,dark brunette ,redheads exist but they arent so many .Eyes are more hard to define . Reserach says that 70 % poles has light eyes we'r talking about gray blue green .30 procent has dark eyes hazel light brown brown.Skin is pretty simple slavic people are like in middle,we arent so tan like italian or greeks but we arent so pale like swedes norwegians.if you cures about hight we are tall nacition men usually are 5"11 women 5"6.
Lyzko 22 | 6,524
18 Aug 2016  #321
I can usually recognize Polish people by their facial bone structure, for both men and women. Italians tend to have rounder faces and more acquiline features. Germans are often extremely tall and large-boned, with squarish body types and faces, even if many have dark-colored eyes or skin:-)
Poleboy765 - | 66
19 Aug 2016  #322
What's odd is I never see anyone with my eye color. My iris is green, and my pupils are blue and there's no brown whatsoever. Haven't seen anyone with this same exact eye color. I figured I'd mention it while we're on the topic of eye color as well. Under certain lights they look grey.
Dreamergirl 4 | 276
19 Aug 2016  #323
One of my polish boyfriends had eyes like that
Red Turtle
1 Mar 2018  #324
My father was born in Poland, I get my red hair, blue eyes, and my facial features from him.
kaprys 2 | 1,790
2 Mar 2018  #325
I don't think red hair is that common here, though. It must be something that runs in your family. :)
2 Mar 2018  #326
I'm American, but I'm mainly polish (dna analysis: 86% polish, 6% german, 6% russian, 1% finnish, 1% south Asian). Red hair is pretty common in my family.
MischaW - | 2
2 Mar 2018  #327
I am American. Eastern Europeans typically approach me assuming I speak their language... I think either polish or russian... When I say I don't speak the language they talk to me in English.

Do I look so Eastern European that without knowing me you would assume I spoke the language?
kaprys 2 | 1,790
3 Mar 2018  #328
Perhaps it's something about your features rather than hair colour.
dagenhamdave 1 | 11
3 Mar 2018  #329
I've said it once, and I'll say it again. Polish men look like baked potatoes. Polish women look like roses.
G (undercover)
3 Mar 2018  #330
Thank God, there's you, a beautiful pink prince, who balance it out.

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