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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

Lyzko 24 | 6,805
3 Mar 2018 #331
Most Poles in general, being Poland is still a by and large homogeneous gene pool, tend to have high cheekbones and square jaws. Although frequently, one might mistake Poles for Northern Germans, it's the sometimes almost Asiatic-looking, intense pale blue eyes and those high cheekbones which give them away, despite a typically tall stature:-)
kaprys 2 | 1,915
3 Mar 2018 #332
Not really. Poles differ in terms of hair and eye colour, not to mention the height. Especially women - mostly somewhere between 1,5-1,8 m tall.

Lots of people have blue and green eyes but brown eyes are not uncommon. Blond and brown hair are most common and lots of brunettes were actually blondes when they were kids.

As for features, it all depends too. Some faces simply look 'familiar' but again there's no rule about it.
Lyzko 24 | 6,805
3 Mar 2018 #333
I see what you're saying. However, the only truly dark-eyed Poles whom I've encountered, both here in the States and Poland, claimed to be mostly of Kaszub extraction, thus not "pure" Polish. This again, their words, not mine:-)

Radislaw Sikorski has what I would consider a representative "Polish face", without appearing in any way disrespectful; tall, angular-featured, light-eyed and light-haired.
kaprys 2 | 1,915
4 Mar 2018 #335
I have never thought of Sikorski as a representative Polish face. Lots of men here who look like him and lots who don't.
And what are Kashubs if they're not pure Polish? :S
There are people with brown eyes all over Poland. They don't belong to one ethnic group.
Even within my own family I can see lots of differences in the height, eye and hair colour etc.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #336
Well...thanks god i´m Greek :D

I may only be two weeks there, but i guess for polish ladies it will be like Apollo himself steps on their land.

Marino unleashed :D
SigSauer 4 | 413
4 Mar 2018 #337
Yea, how are they going to resist your magnanimous personality and your humble attitude?
mafketis 21 | 7,474
4 Mar 2018 #338
A lot of Polish women are _very_ much into the southern european look (more into Spanish than Greek but anywhere swarthy). He won't lack for female comapny in Poland.

I was once talking to a Polish teacher of Greek who said such marriages (Polish woman Greek man) rarely work out because things that are tolerable in a boyfriend/crush quickly become intolerable in husbands... Polish men tend to become uxorious after marriage and southern europeans.... don't.
delphiandomine 83 | 17,771
4 Mar 2018 #339
such marriages (Polish woman Greek man) rarely work out

I know at least four divorces so far between Polish women and "southern" men, and I dare say there will be more. Most of them really struggle to integrate into Poland in the long run, and the wife obviously has no interest in being away from the family over the long term.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #340

I see people like stars.

There are many types of stars. The majority are brown dwarfs. Very small stars with a mass just few times more than Jupiter which just great some infrared radiation. There are also many red dwarfs. Stars that are like 1/4 of our sun. Emitting plae red light and quite cold.

Only few stars reach the power of our sun. But even this type is caleld "yellow dwarf".

And then there are the massive stars. The blue hypergiants. Like Eta Carinae. With 150 times mass of the sun. Their extreme gravity influences large parts of the galaxy. Such a start emitts in one second more energy than our sun in 40.000 years. Their presence alone triggers new stars to form in their near region.

Thats how i see myself.

I think we simply are raised to have a far bigger ego than northerners. And most women like this.

For example when i had a swedish tourist group there was a couple which just married. And while he was making a tour to visit some temples she joined me in the spa. Since i´m a nice tour guide, i did not reject ;)

rozumiemnic 8 | 3,671
4 Mar 2018 #341
so you would shag any old W.hore then?
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #342
I have a certain quality and i expect same from my women. I never go below my standard. She must be fit and hot.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,671
4 Mar 2018 #343
so you would shag a newly married woman and then chat to her husband, as long as she is 'fit and hot'?
Sorry but that doesn't sound as though you have any standards/quality at all. More like a dog.

I know a few women who have got together with Greek men and they have invariably regretted it.
SigSauer 4 | 413
4 Mar 2018 #344
@Marino_Kat old are you? That is the sort of behavior I thought was cool when I was 18-21......

Do these words mean anything to you?

Most people say that those words mean something to them, and if you said the same thing I would tell you that your behavior indicates otherwise. Someone who was first and foremost, a guest in your country, and second a customer of yours who was paying you (probably money that you desperately needed judging from the state of the Greek economy), that you decided to betray. You probably absolved yourself because the woman initiated the contact, and therein is the difference between what a man with integrity does, versus one who is morally bankrupt.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #345
I dont see it that way. She was a paying customer too, very intellectual and more than he deserved.
kaprys 2 | 1,915
4 Mar 2018 #346
Well, it's good he's easy. Women who are into the southern type and no attachments will be happy.
Just wear a condom.
Who knows what STDs you carry. Or those who will be happy to have a one night stand with you. They scored other easy southern men before.
SigSauer 4 | 413
4 Mar 2018 #347

Right, I know you don't see it that way or you wouldn't have done it. The question is, do you think it was an honorable thing to do? Do you believe you have integrity?
mafketis 21 | 7,474
4 Mar 2018 #348
I dont see it that way

horn dogs rarely do.... too bad for the husband though, little did he know he married a ho
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #349

Yes i do have integrity. I would never betray my girl for example. When im in a relationship, then im off the market. I had no relationship then, so it was ok.
O WELL 1 | 158
4 Mar 2018 #350
I was 18-21......

He is almost in that age group.
Pls check your regular mail.
Lyzko 24 | 6,805
4 Mar 2018 #351

Nonetheless, I've never as yet encountered a black-haired, brown-eyed, short (meaning under 1 meter 20/5 ft. five inches), round-faced Pole who was not of some foreign extraction and/or a Polish Jew.

Then again, this is only my experience:-)

As far as Jews are concerned, there's been so much intermarriage between Jews and gentiles over the centuries, all bets are off!
kaprys 2 | 1,915
4 Mar 2018 #352
Any adult shorter than 1,2 m suffers from dwarfism, I believe ;)
As for shorter dark haired, dark eyed men they might be of Tatar origin as well. Or southern European.

I calculated 5 ft 5 inches to cm and apparently it's about 1,65 m. It's rather uncommon to see young to middle-aged men of that height here. Though I have some elderly neighbours of that height. It might be connected both with genes and living conditions (malnutrition) before, during and after the war.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #353
Many greeks happen to be quite tall.

I´m roughly 1.85m tall.
kaprys 2 | 1,915
4 Mar 2018 #354
So are many Poles. According to Wiki Greeks on average are slightly shorter than Poles.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
4 Mar 2018 #355
You know what shocked me?

When i was in Egypt, i learned Pharao Ramses II was over 1.9m tall.

The average height back then in Egypt was like 1.6 meters. Guess he had quite an impressive statue back then.
Lyzko 24 | 6,805
4 Mar 2018 #356
Once more, facial features, rather than size alone, are for me the dead give away as to whether someone is Polish or not. Nearly every nationality and ethnicity has certain charactaristics peculiar to that particular group. I'm simply sharing my observations which have usually proven me correct as to my guess.
Ironside 48 | 9,905
4 Mar 2018 #357
Once more, facial features,

That generalization and BS lyzko. I have been mistaken for a German, Dutch, English, Irish and can't remember what else in different places in Europe. I mean Germans took me for a German, or a Dutch for exmaple is not like some Japanese would make such a mistake.

Ah, a one Japanese woman told me I remind her of an actor a young James Steward or was it Gregory Peck, I don't recall it, one of those old stars, but it was years ago I don't see any semblance. Never did, at the time I thought she was just trying to falter me, maybe that what it was given what it led to :)
Ironside 48 | 9,905
4 Mar 2018 #358
being Poland is still a by and large homogeneous gene pool

Son, Poland has been an empire for about 300 years that spanned a half of Europe and that attracted tons of immigrants from Scotland, Germany. Holland, Italy, what is today Romania, Armenia, Asians and Georgians and so on not counting Jews.

That was a quite mixing of genes.
Unless yo mean black Africans in large numbers. Then yes you are right. Also you are dumb leftie screwball. Go admonish Israel for deporting black immigrants.
Lyzko 24 | 6,805
5 Mar 2018 #359
@Ironside, I realize that while you, along with certain others on this Forum, do enjoy playing Devil's Advocate, no intelligent, well-read person denies that Poland has to be sure a vastly homogeneous population among the countries of Europe, in comparison even with Germany, certainly Russia, France, except perhaps for Finland or Hungary:-) Italy and Spain, by comparison both had colonies, particularly Spain, something which Poland never had. They are therefore quite used to non-native, usually black, people living in their midst, thank you very much! The only group today throughout Europe which is the most marginalized remains the Sinti-Roma, otherwise known as the Gypsies.

Concerning my observations with regard to the "typical Polish look", I speak from my experience (as I'd prefaced heretofore), in the same way you undoubtedly speak from yours.
kaprys 2 | 1,915
5 Mar 2018 #360
And we speak from our experience of living here. We're not as homogenous as you think.

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