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Surname Krzyszczuk

pawian 197 | 20,021
3 Jun 2021 #31
I would very much like to know his family origins.

What exactly do you expect of us?
Cheryl A - | 3
17 Jul 2021 #32
Thanks for the reply, I thought maybe this website was no longer being used. I don't know what anyone can exactly do, except maybe connect with the other descendants of the Krzyszczuk name looking on this site and see if there are some connections.

I've spoken to a couple of elders that might remember stories. One stated, there was a Paul Kreschuk (my ggfather) a Walter Kryschuk, a Joe Kryschuk, and a Tony Kryschuk that were all related. From my understanding, Walter Kryschuk (in Winnipeg), Joe Kryschuk (in Flin Flon) and Tony Kryschuk (in Edmonton) were brothers, and they had a brother John Kryszczuk who was in Poland. According to this elder, my ggfather was related - a cousin. The elder also remembered visiting an Anton or Antone in Fort William. The elder said they came from Austria-Hungary. My ggf stated on a census that he was Austrian and spoke Ruthenian. I was raised thinking we were polish, and that my grandfather spoke Polish, yet his sister told me that they spoke Ukrainian, as did the other Kryschuk families.

I guess I'll keep checking back in case someone might have some information to add to what I know so far. :)
Cheryl A - | 3
10 Oct 2021 #33
So after all my digging, somehow, we are all connected, but it's hard to find where that connection is, when records are no longer available. However, most of the immigrants to North America, with the variation of the name Krzyszczuk came from Hostow, or Hostiv. So, the fact that they all came from the same village, I believe, is a good clue!
Karl W - | 5
24 Nov 2021 #34
I believe that the western Ukraine was part of Austro-Hungary around 1900. I have had my DNA done at Those here who might be interested to see of some of us are related might consider having their DNA done on, as well. Just a thought. The original English spelling that I am aware of my ancestral Polish side was Krzyszczuk. Then it became either Krzyzczuk or Krzczuk.

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