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Surname Krzyszczuk

John_K 2 | 6
30 Nov 2008 #1
Nicholas Krzyszczuk, Born in Poland (not sure what city) between 1883 and 1886, immigrated to the US between 1901 and 1905 (when the spelling was changed to Krzczuk), ran an onion farm near Goshen, NY and Florida, NY.

Married to Rose (who was a US Citizen) and had several children (2 girls and 3 boys I think) including Anthony, and Anna.

Passed away in 1958.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Dec 2008 #2
That's not much to go on. Both the name's -uk ending and the fact that the largest concentration is in eastern Poland's Zamość area indicate that this is an eastern (Ruthenian-influenced) surname. If it was changed to Krzczuk in America, his fellow-Americans must have had quite a time dealing with that tongue-numbing, multi-consonantal mouthful.
OP John_K 2 | 6
2 Dec 2008 #3
There are only 3 Krzczuks (including me), and only one Krzyszczuk grandchild left in the US that I know of. So everyone who knew anything has either forgotten, or has passed away.

I've been called "John Needs-more-vowels" several times, along with "Kru-check", "Kruz", "Kru-zack", "Kir-cuck", and a host of other mispronunciations. I've only met two people in the last 20 years who have pronounced it the same way my family does- on the first try "Kri-zik".

Though I've heard the original pronunciation of Krzyszczuk was "Shi-shook"

Thanks for the guide in a general direction, I'll have to do some searching.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Dec 2008 #4
Krzczuk is monosyllabic in Polish and pronounced more or less like: KSHCHOOK. Probably every third American who heard it would reply with "Gesundheit" (Bless you).
Krzczuk - | 1
31 Mar 2010 #5
Mój dziadek urodził się 1889 roku Jan Krzczuk
TheOther 6 | 3,692
31 Mar 2010 #6
Nicholas Krzyszczuk, Born in Poland (not sure what city) between 1883 and 1886

He was NOT born in Poland. So, if you are researching your ancestors and need to know which particular archives to access, find out first where he came from. Russian Empire, German Empire or Austrian-Hungarian Empire?
David Kryschuk - | 2
29 Sep 2010 #7
I believe that my original surname was Krzyszczuk before my family immigrated to Canada around 1900. I believe that I still have relatives in the Ukraine, likely around the old village of Tarnowica Polna. I will talk to some of my older relatives to find out some more details.

David Kryschuk
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
21 Jan 2011 #8
Surname Krzyszczuk

Sounds Ukrainian or Lemko
goch - | 4
21 Jan 2011 #9
Dear Sir Krzyszszuk. I was born in Ukraine in Tarnowica polna in 1965. I know that the village is one family with a name. If you want I can go to the village and ask people, maybe your family. I can send photos of the house.
Karl W
13 Feb 2011 #10
Dear John K,

Who is your father? I believe that the Nick
you are referring to is my great uncle. My
grandfather, Antone(Anthony) was "Uncle
Nick's" brother. Grandpa passed away on
New Years Day in 1961. I believe both of
the brothers lived on Golden Hill Avenue,
in Goshen, NY. Grandpa died in his home
at 92 Golden Hill Avenue.

You have numerous relatives living, if you
are the son of Uncle Nick and Aunt Rose,
we are cousins!(2nd, I think)

In Seminole, Fla, lives my Aunt Phil, who is
Uncle Nick's niece. My brother just told me
the villiage in, now Ukraine, that our grand-
parents(brothers) came from was called,
Hastiw. It was not far from the Bug River.
My grandfather's last name was Krzyzczuk,
which was spelled differently than Nick's
last name. Both men, and their wives, are
buried in St. John's Cemetery in Goshen, NY.

My grandfather's Catholicism was just about
his most precious thing to him, I hope you
remain Catholic.

The brothers had a sister, Katherine, whose
grandson, John G, lives in Thunder Bay, Canada.
He came to Canada in 1957, I believe.

Karl W
Karl W - | 5
14 Feb 2011 #11
Dear Goch,

Please do contact that family to ask about if they had a
relative, Leo or Leon, two of whose sons came to
Canada/USA around 1900. They were also related to the
Gacek family and the Gacek's to the Fediuk's, through

Leo or Leon, was the Father of Nickolas and Antone.
Ask also if there was a young sister of Nick and Antone,
who fell into a well and passed away and if their was a
brother of theirs who was killed by the Russians?

These are two stories which have survived into my

Thank you.
goch - | 4
15 Feb 2011 #12
Karl W
Dear Karl W I'll be in the village after 2 weeks
then inform you the result.

Dear Mr Karl W I found out on the phone that lives there Krzyszczuk Mary born in 1956. Her father Joseph was born in 1924, died. Father Joseph called Anton. The building is located between the villages Tarnovytsya and Hostiv.

Maria knows little about their relatives. I'll have to ask older people.
Karl W - | 5
17 Feb 2011 #13
Dear Goch,

You are very kind to take the time to try to help.

I doubt that I will be able to get to the Ukraine
and my guess is that the time which has passed
since about 1900 will be too long for memories.

Thank you.
19 Mar 2011 #14
I was wondering if you heard anything else besides what you have already posted here? Thank you.

Karl W
goch - | 4
28 Mar 2011 #15
So far new knew nothing. If there will be new information will write.
Karl W - | 5
29 Mar 2011 #16
You are a good soul. God bless you.

Can you write in English? Czy można pisać po angielscu?

What was your grandmother's maiden name?

Jakie bylo twoje nazwisko panieński babci?
goch - | 4
9 Apr 2011 #17
Thank you for your words.
English language I do not know, I use Computer translator. Understand Polish but I can not write. The school taught German, Ukrainian, and a well-know Russian.

My grandmother's name was Antonina Ryabinska. My dad was a migrant from Poland in 1946. He Ukrainian (Lemko). Mother (maiden name Bodnar) - Ukrainian. She has Polish roots.
Andrzej K - | 1
24 Dec 2011 #18
Hello David, hello everyone!
My name is Andrzej Krzyszczuk. I'm Maria's and Paweł's Krzyszczuk grandson. Maria was born in early 1920's in Canada (at least as far as I remember it was 1920's but please don't hold me on this), Paweł was born in Ukraine. After WWII they moved back to Poland and lived for over 50 years in small village Januszkowice - SE Poland. My father Anthony (Antoni) was named after Maria's brother. After my grandpa Paweł died Maria moved to my uncle's Joseph house (Józef - my father's younger brother). Anyway, I found it very interesting that we might still have family that we didn't even know is leaving in Canada. I moved from Poland to Chicago seven years ago with my wife and daughter.

I'll find out more details about my grandma's Maria story and if you're interested I'll keep you posted.
Have a very Mary Christmas!
Andrzej Krzyszczuk
27 Jan 2012 #19

My name is Joseph Kryschuk and I live near Edmonton, Alberta
This is what I know

My grandfather was also Joseph Kryschuk

A brother Frank lived with his wife in Poland and corresponded with mom & dad Kryschuk until he died at age 63.
Two other brothers were listed in baba & dido's memorial booklet. One was Nickolaj and the other Martin. Since Dido Joe was born in 1884 or 1886 the birth date given for a brother called Nickolaj would make sense. I remember a Kryszcuk being listed as having died in the Ukrainian Army, but I'd have to search this out again.

My wife and I are travelling to western Ukraine and Poland this summer and are interested if there may be any connection
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
27 Jan 2012 #20
While Krzyszczuk. Kryszczuk, Kryshchuk and suchlike trace back to Krzysztof, possibly alsdo Krzysztan, Krzczuk (used by one of the eaarlier posters of this thread) could have come from krzciuk, a dialetcal form of kciuk (thumb).
2 Feb 2012 #21
My name is Zbigniew Krzyszczuk and I live in Lublin in east Poland. I was born near Uchanie in East Poland where still live my family (village Białowody). Actually I am working as soldier in Polish Land Forces. I am very interested get to know people who have surname KRZYSZCZUK and live around the world. My email -

I will be very grateful for the answer.
Zbigniew Krzyszczuk.
29 Mar 2012 #22
Greeting Zbigniew,

I am looking at my Grandfather's marriage license/certificate,as I type this note. His name was antone L. krzyszczuk, son of Leon and Mary Barczuk Krzyszczuk born Auguast 7, 1890 in Hostow, Poland.

My understanding is he left Poland, and arrived in Fort William Canada sometime around 1907. However, based on accounts of my father, Antone was 13, which would make his arrival into Ft William.....which puts the year at 1903.

Other than Antone's brother Nick, I can only recall mention of a sister named Kate, or Katherine

Does any of this sound familiar? FYI Antone's last surviving son Charles passed on Sunday 11, 2012...he was 82.

warmest regards,

David Kryschuk - | 2
11 Mar 2016 #23
Hello! I haven't checked this forum in many years! I last posted in 2010. I believe my great grandfather was Bazyli Kryszczuk. I believe he was born around 1869 in Galacia. Here's a link which shows his children, and also a copy of his Will. My cousins still live on the property in Brokenhead, Manitoba.

Are any of you on Facebook? You can look me up there also.
singingfalls 3 | 50
18 Mar 2016 #24
Awesome David. Keep at it. I also have the szczuk issue to deal with from the same areas.
Val Krishchuk
6 Sep 2016 #25
Hi everyone!

My name is Valeriia Krishchuk. I am a 27 y.o. Ukrainian national, my whole family lives in Ukraine. I live in Pattaya (Thailand) for 2,5 half years already as I currently work here. Recently I've been talking to my relatives and found out that we have a "lost" family in Canada. My great grandfather Vladimir Krishchuk (or as I think might be Kryschuk) who was born in 1987 had 2 more brothers: Vasiliy (Vasyl) and Nikolay (Nikolaj, Nick, Nicholas) Krishchuk. So the last one Nikolay has immigrated to Canada supposedly in early 1900s. I am not sure if he did it alone, but we suppose so. All three brothers were from Zdolbunov area in Ukraine. Google map:,+Rivnens'ka+oblast,+Ukraine/@50.5137618,26.2240919,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x472f0d933236bcad:0x7f2e934e70db1fb3!8m2!3d50.5089112!4d26.2566443

The Soviet regime was just too strict at all times, so there was no possible way my ancestors could contact him, even though my dad and my uncle both told me that Nikolay used to send us post mails describing his life and his family in Canada. Regretfully our grandparents would burn these mails fearing to get imprisoned by KGB, so we don't have any information about where those mails were addressed from. As for 2 other brothers (my great grandfather Vladimir and his brother Vasiliy) both of them were sentenced to death for counter-revolutionary activity by USSR regime, at the moment this is considered genocyde. Vladimir was killed in 1943, Vasiliy was shot in 1938. Another thing I know is that Vladimir and Vasiliy both relocated to Kharkov with their families. And that's where I was born and that's where most of the descendants live. What might surprise you is the fact, that I never knew about 2 other brothers before! This topic was prohibited in my dad's family, so he didn't know much either. After I started trying to find out details, I managed to find descendants of Vasiliy and was really shocked to know that most of them lived in Kharkov too. They explained me why wouldn't our ancestors keep contact with each other. Because their great grandmother blamed my great grandmother for death of Vasiliy. She made my great granddad relocate to Kharkov, and he also pushed Vasiliy's family to do the same, which led both of them to death. Anyways they were very happy that I found them and I promised them that as soon as I come back to Ukraine I will get all of us together.

As I am the only person in our family who can speak decent English, I decided to search for our relatives In Canada, I went through numerous records on, searched various Canada voters lists etc, and realized there are no Krishchuks, only Kryschuks families that immigrated to Canada at around that time frame and that's how I came across this discussion. My Dad told me that we are supposed to have a wedding picture of Nikolay and his wife and he can try find it for me if needed.

All of our family would be really happy to find our relatives and get together. This entire situation made me think differently about this life. The history is repeating and we must know as much as possible about it, we have to be telling our children about where they come from and what they worth of.

So if any of this information sounds familiar to you, please contact me at valeriiakrishchuk@gmail, or you can add me on Facebook (Valeriya Krishchuk) and I would gladly accept your request.
Karl W - | 5
2 Apr 2020 #26
Just curious if an Krzyzczuks/others are still around an have learned more of their familial backgrounds.
Heather F
24 Mar 2021 #27
Hi everyone. My grandfather's last name was Kraszczuk. His father's name was Danilo Kraszczuk and his siblings were Vladimir, Antonina, and Aleksandra. I realize that's not exactly like Kryszczuk, but I'm wondering if it's from a similar area. He was originally from Domachewo, Belarus, but I've always been told it's a Ukrainian name and he always signed that he was Polish-Ukrainian on documents. He lost his family in WWII, so I don't know much about them. If anyone can shed some light on the name and where it originated that would be amazing. He also ended up in Canada by the way.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,356
25 Mar 2021 #28
Kryszczuk sounds more Ukrainian than Kraszczuk, so the latter may be a somewhat polonized version of the former.
Cheryl A
27 Mar 2021 #29

My great grandfather Paul KRESCHUK born 1887? in Austria. He immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada before 1911. the 1921 Census states he was Polish from Austria, spoke Ruthenian. According to his 1915 Manitoba marriage certificate to Pauline Wertepna, the spelling of his name was: KRYSZCZUK but the 1921 Canadian Census has the spelling KRISZEZUK although the handwritting might have been misinterpreted (looks to me like KRESZCZUK). They settled in Arborg, Manitoba and changed the spelling to KRESCHUK. He had cousins in Manitoba that spelt their name Kryschuk who were from Austro/Hungary. I would very much like to know his family origins.
Cheryl A - | 3
3 Jun 2021 #30
Anyone still looking on here?

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