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Surname help: Searycz or Sayrich

Tyler Sharron
12 Apr 2022 #1
My great great grandpa changed our surname from Searycz or Sayrich to Sharron when they moved to America in the 1890s. Both are recorded in immigration records and the census, he was from Brusy. Does anyone have an idea what either of these surnames mean, all Ive been able to find is rycz means roar but I know google translate is not the most reliable especially with surnames. My Y haplogroup is r1b u152 so I wonder if it was originally a scottish name and got altered into Polish later after immigration as Poland had an influx of scotts immigrate to the Commonwealth.
12 Apr 2022 #2
I would try the or just Poznań Project. If your form the USA the use the earliest information you have, it better if you find it on a U.S?Census document. Church records will give you the town or city in Poland. I have found the early Polish America's 1600s to 1945s where every correct on where they came from, but the Ole Country Poland has change the Provinces and town, city names many times. So you may need the German Empire Atlas 1892 copies of towns and cities of Vienna, Austria and Leipzig, Germany along with Poznań Project church records of Poland to find your family.
12 Apr 2022 #3
@Tyler Sharron
Hello Tyler, Scottish clans did fight as Professional soldiers in Kingdom of Poland. You will find Scottish wife's or Polish Noble sons marriages in the Poznań Project searches of Calvinist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic Church records. FHL Family History Library has microfilm records on line to but not all records are translated. Surname with "z" in the name are Polish, first name z surname is a noble name. You will see the EU countries like Dutch or Belgium using van or v. German von or v. Polish oldest families us zu or also will possible see the Latin word for noble as nobli or noblus but the Latin noble rank maybe listed or Polish title rank. If you have a question on them go to a public library special collections and check out the ALMANACH DE GOTHA volume one has an appendix with the noble titles equalizes listed ( I.e. think that where I found it). I do home the Polish World War II enlisted records for the Free Polish Army are at the British Army Archieves.
jon357 71 | 20,422
12 Apr 2022 #4
Searycz or Sayrich

There is a British surname Surridge. Not especially linked to Scotland as far as I know, however not all Scottish people have Scottish surnames; some have English or Welsh names. As far as I know, Surridge means someone who came from the south.

As the person above mentioned, there were certainly Scottish mercenaries in Poland and some have left their surnames there until today. Not all were from highland clans though, most were in fact from the lowlands closer to the English border.

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