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Zientara Surname

15 Mar 2006 #1
Am looking for birth and marriage place of my great-grandmother, Eva Zietara (Polish e with curlique under it or en in English). She would have been born about 1800 and was married probably 1819. After her marriage, she shows up in the Kcynia RC parish records as to the births of her children. At that time, she lived in Zurawia near Kcynia.

So, I guess what I want to know is if anyone knows of Zie(n)taras in that area of Poland (west of Bydgoszcz & north of Wagrowiec.

Thanks for any help.
OP Guest
15 Mar 2006 #2
it's a very popular surname
kpfm - | 1
22 Dec 2007 #3
I just found your posting. I have Zientaras from Inowrocław, which according to Wikipedia is only 40km from Bydgoszcz. My records on that line do not go back to 1800 but my ggrandfather Joseph Zientara (b.1862) and his family (wife Victoria) came to Rochester, NY in the 1890. I believe Joseph's parents (John and Anna) came at the same time or earlier. Could this be the same family?
ricks - | 1
14 Dec 2009 #4
I've got a great grandfather Joseph Zientara and wife Victoria who came to Rochester around the same time. I'm just starting to trace the lineage and it all gets fuzzy prior to immigration... Happy to share info.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 Dec 2009 #5
Ziętara and Zientara surnames are traceable to zięć (son-in-law). Polish has a proclivity for variants so others of simialr derivation inlcude ziętaszek, zięciaszek, zięciak, ziętek, ziątek, zięciulo, etc.
mary pate
1 Jul 2011 #6
Merged: Zientara Surname

Looking for any info on Zientara (also Ziętara, etc.) persons from late 1700's to about 1820. Cannot find birth or marriage of my great-great-grandmother, Ewa Zientara. She raised her family in Zurawia, near Kcynia.

Thanks for any help.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
2 Jul 2011 #7
ZIENTARA, also spelt ZIĘTARA: believed to have been derived from the German term Sinter meaning the scum formed on molten metal. Someone working in a smelter might have been nicknamed Sinter which in a Polish-speaking area got Polonised into Zientar, Zientarz, Zientarski, Zientara or similar.

For more information please contact me
24 Feb 2013 #8
My Name Is Mike Kane, U.S.A. I have a very information about Joseph Zientara and his wife Antonina. Joseph was born 1860 Prussian Poland and died November 07, 1952 Rochester NY USA

His parent were Jan (John) Zientara born December 1833 in Germanyand died November 1914 in Rochester NY.
He married Anna 1858. She was born August 1842 in Germany and died November 1917 in Rochester NY.
My grandfather change our surname from Kwiatkowski to Kane in 1933.
His grandfather was Jan Zientara.

If you have more information please send it to me
I am traveling to Poland in few weeks to look for more information.
re: Zientara
19 Oct 2015 #9
I live in Rochester, NY all my life. My great grandfather was steven Kwiatkowski. He married Maryanne Zientara (as stated on the attached document hand-written by one of my great aunts I believe. While they lived here they lived on Stanslaus Street. My great grnadfather was the first president of the Polish-American League of Rochester. One of his 11 children was named Maximillian Kwiatkowski. He was my grandfather (my dad's father). I once saw a Monroe County Court document legally changing the family name from Kwiatkowski to Kane - but never knew why. It was dated and recorded in Monroe County Court in 1945. My grandpa Kane lived to be 95. He was the 1st of 11 siblings born in Rochester, in 1892. My understanding is that his father, my great grandfather Steven, emigrated to NY in 1890 with his 5 children and wife, Maryanne Zientara. Later they had 6 more children. The rest is history. I CAN'T BELIEVE I STUMBLED UPON THIS THREAD!! I AM HAPPY AND WANTING TO KNOW MORE!- ANYTHING!. Please reach out to me if you have or want any further information. Thank you, Matthew Kane @ technowizard3@gmail
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
19 Oct 2015 #10

ZIENTARA: This fairly popular Polish surname is sometimes mistakenly believed to be derived from zięć (son-in-law). More likely than not it traces its origin to German names such as Sinter, Sindbert, Sindhart, etc. In Old German sind meant way, road or travel.

An alternate spelling is Ziętara which looks even more Polish, hence few people suspect its distant Germanic roots.
KWIATKOWSKI: root-word kwiat (flower). A typical toponmyic from such localities as Kwiatków and Kwiatkowo (Flowerton, Floralville).
Mary Pate
6 Sep 2021 #11
[Moved from]: Information on Posinski and Zientara Families

Information on Catharina Posinska Napierala (Cerekwica/Slebowo) prior to 1824; also, Information on Ewa Zientara Dolinska prior to 1820. Thank you for your help.
Mary Pate
6 Sep 2021 #12
Any information on Catharina Posinska Napierala prior to 1824, married to Michal Napierala (Cerekwica/Slebowo)?

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