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Need help with the origins of the surname von Czapiewski

cvczapie 1 | 1
12 Jun 2009 #1

I'm trying to find out where my surname comes from
my surname is von Czapiewski

I was always told by my grand parents that this surname
could be linked to polish nobility

I know the origins of my surname comes from the village called

Could any one please assist me in my family research.

Thank you

Lorentz von Czapiewski
katjia - | 1
15 Feb 2011 #2
hi i am looking for anyone that might remember Von Szapiewski family that moved to Southwest Africa (Namibia)?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
17 Feb 2011 #3
No Szapiewski or von Szapiewski in today's Poland, as far as I can tell. Could it have been Szaplewski, believed to have derived from the German name Scheppel?
JK_TX - | 23
17 Feb 2011 #4
Could it have been Czapiewski or Czaplewski? Both seem to be Pommeranian surnames (hence the 'von' prefix from being in Prussia previously)
Laurice - | 2
22 Jan 2013 #5
Hi there,

My name is Laurice von Czapiewski. My grandfather moved from Poland to Namibia. I now live in Qatar. I heard that we used to be Szapiewki or the like. I think you are referring to my family. My father was Lorentius Zuroh von Czapiewski. He passed away in 2005.

We are 5 children. 2 of my sisters and my mother now live in South Africa.

Laurice von Czapiewski Pyner
polonius 54 | 420
22 Jan 2013 #6
CZAPEWSKI: probably a toponymic tag from Czapiewice in Pomerania. Some 4,000 Czapiewski's in Poland, about 3,000 of whom live in the Gdańsk and Bydgoszcz areas of northern Poland.

CZAPIEWSKI: correcting typo
Koekie - | 2
3 Oct 2014 #7
Hi Laurice,
I have just looked at the bits and pieces of info that I have, and we are related!
My great grandfather was Lorenz Zuroch von Czapiewski, married to Tina nee Visser. My grandmother was Johanna, second of eleven children.

Hi Katjia,
Laurice von Czapiewski Pyner is also on this page and from Namibia - hope that helps!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,448
3 Oct 2014 #8
CZAPIEWSKI: toponymic nick from Czapiewo; someone probably added the von to pose as a Prussian aristocrat.

PYNER: probably from pyna (brass trouser button); pyner could have been Yiddish for someone who made such buttons.
Laurice - | 2
7 Oct 2014 #9
Hi Koekie,

We are related! My great grandfather was also Lorenz Zuroch von Czapiewski, married to Tina nee Visser.

Do you have any other info about our family? Who is your mother and father?
Koekie - | 2
7 Oct 2014 #10
Hey Laurice:)
Do you have email where I can reach you? It is a bit too much to type on my phone - or email me on

But to start off with - my great grandfather came from poland, married Tina Visser, and they had 11 children. My grandmother, Johanna von Czapiewski, was the second eldest.

She married Gouws Brand and she had two children.
My dad is the eldest of the two - Nico Brand.
But hey, I've got all kinds of bits and pieces that I can't make sense of plus more info on the family in South Africa, so give me a shout:)
7 Jul 2016 #11
Hallo my grandfather was Lorenthius Zorich von Czapiewski. My father is Raymond von Czapiewski. We live in the Nortern Cape Province - Kathu. Koekie and Laurice I think we are related my father said his grandmothers name was Tina.

She passed away in a car accident Springbok to Namibia area..
25 Jul 2016 #12
Hi my Dad's family originally come from Czapiewice and are called von Zuraw. The family got their title after helping the King defeat the Ottoman Empire. We have a family crest. Most of my family still live in Northern Poland. My grandfather Pawel (son of Franciszek who died 2.12.1931) built a house next to an old mill he bought in Wieprznica. The mill is still standing. My Dad moved to England at the end of the war. Anyone out there related? I know my grandfather's brother emigrated to the USA before the war. Teresa
Nina Koekemoer - | 1
15 Oct 2016 #13
Hello Cindy, yes we are definitely related!! And my father knows your father (Nicky Brand, son of Johanna & Gouws) - you can drop me a mail on ninakoekemoer@gmail if you want?

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