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Czutkowna origins

Polonius3 986 | 12,343
12 Aug 2009 #1
anyone know any info on my last name Czutkowna

CZUTKÓWNA: This looks to be a form once used to identify someone's unmarried daughter. If the father's surname was Okuń his daughter would be Okuniówna. And similarly, the daughter of a man surnamed Czutek would be called Czutkówna. It seems strange however that this should be a surname used by the entire family!!??
12 Aug 2009 #2

Im English and my Grandmother moved to England during WW2
and she doesnt like to talk about our polish heratige.

This is what i got from the E-mail address from the first page ..

Your surname Czutkowna was derived from the now obsolete (archaic) adjective "czutki" which once meant a light, sensitive, sleeper, someone ready to spring otu of bed at the slightest sound. Please bear in mind that such nicknames-turned-surnames began emerging centuries ago and their meaning has absoltuely no bearing on your famaily going many generations into the past. It's like a Mr Baker or Weaver you might meet in England. You would probably never think of seriously asking him "And what kind of bread do you bake?" or "What kind of cloth do you weave?" Because now these are just names.

so is your info on my name true or the one above ?

please reply. i feel like i need to know about my name because my family have no clue on it at all :(
OP Polonius3 986 | 12,343
12 Aug 2009 #3
I have never encoutnered eitehr Czutkówna or Czutek.
All the information you provided is correct. There may only be one person in Poland currently named Czutek, but this is on the basis of the last census, so he/she may no longer be alive. That is probably the source of your gran's surname. If she came to England unmarried, then she may have had Czutkówna in her Polish documents. This is just a wild guess, but maybe some British immigration official saw it, wrote it down without the accent over the ó, and so it remained.

It may have also been derived from some locality such as Czutki, Czutek, Czutków or Czutkowo. The inmhabitant thereof could have been called Cutek or Czutkowski and his unmarried daughter Czutkówna (from Czutkowski probably Cztukowszczanka).

It is absolutely true that the name probably emerged many generations ago and its meaning has nothing to do with your immediate ancestors.
With what little you have to go on, not much more can be said about it.

Sorry for the typo. That should have been Czutkowszczanka). BTW I have run across a locality called Čutkov (Polish spelling Czutkow) in neighbouring Slovakia. There has been a fair amount of interaction and cross-fertilisation between those two trans-Carpathian lands, so that source should not be too hastily ruled out.

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