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Kolasa surname

mat kolasa
5 Apr 2007 #1
does anybody have the meaning of my surname...........
i live in the uk but my heart belongs in Poland mainly Krakow im in love with this place and the people
hope you guys can help

greetings from the UK
Mat Kolasa
witek 1 | 587
5 Apr 2007 #2
Kolasa means a transport wagon used between 16 th- 19 th century in Eastern Poland which included Ukraine and Belarusia

Kolasa = 7097 people use this Surname as recorded 1998

Wa:324, BP:15, Bs:14, BB:684, By:244, Ch:33, Ci:7, Cz:110, El:76, Gd:125, Go:100, JG:109, Kl:62, Ka:398, Ki:417, Kn:81, Ko:24, Kr:377, Ks:34, Lg:87, Ls:18, Lu:178, £d:679, NS:170, Ol:35, Op:139, Os:10, Pl:148, Pt:27, Pł:66, Po:118, Pr:140, Ra:305, Rz:38, Sr:277, Sk:97, Sł:24, Su:20, Sz:151, Tb:573, Ta:51, To:71, Wb:100, Wł:8, Wr:184, Za:60, ZG:89
11 May 2007 #3
My last name was Kolasa also, I lived in Ohio, USA, ther's a few left there. It's highly unusual to find anyone out side my family with the name.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
12 May 2007 #4
where are you Kolasa's from? which town?

sorry , didn't clarify myself very well, I mean from Poland?

I have a Roch Kolasa.. cousin of my great uncles, so I would assume hes married
to their sister, but it could be the other way around and no relation at all, at this
point, I have very little on Kolasa, only immigration record. and census where he is
living with my great uncles and another cousin..
Assassin77 - | 1
20 Feb 2022 #5

Kolasa's in Poland

I am Gary Kolasa, and most of my family was murdered during WWII....I am looking for possible family that maybe still around! My grandfather was Thaddeus Kolasa, including my son, and he has told me of the little family I have left. I plan on a journey to Poland in the near future and I would like to meet some.....I know this is a serious long shot, but what the hell....they escaped Poland right before the Grandmother's maiden name was Borsa......
Zelutu - | 7
30 Apr 2022 #6
What town is the place of origin of your family. Is it Nowy Targ?

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