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Surname of children - Is it possible to have mothers surname in Poland?

Ethanolbrah 3 | 9
13 Mar 2014 #1
Cześć :)

I was wondering if you guys could provide an answer to the following question: suppose that I, a non-EU foreigner (south America) would marry a Polish woman and she'd give birth to our children. Is it possible for them (the children) to bear her surname instead of mine? I believe them having my surname would be detrimental to their integration into Polish society.
bizz45 1 | 4
13 Mar 2014 #2
I know that here, in America it is possible to name the children with the mother's last name with no problem.
OP Ethanolbrah 3 | 9
13 Mar 2014 #3
Good to know, but what if the children are born in Poland and live there?
Lenka 5 | 3,264
13 Mar 2014 #4
Yes it is possible.. Even you, if you marry her, can choose her surname if you want.
OP Ethanolbrah 3 | 9
13 Mar 2014 #5
Are you sure about this or is it just "word of mouth"? May I ask what your sources are?
Lenka 5 | 3,264
13 Mar 2014 #6
I can send you the legal acts but that's when I have some free time. But I'm 100% sure about it.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,869
13 Mar 2014 #7
you can call your children what you like, (within reason) which parents surname they take is up to the parents.
anfit - | 1
31 May 2014 #8
According to this page [1] before marriage a couple in Poland is expected to declare

1/ the surnames of husband and wife (customary wife takes the surname of the husband or takes a new 'joined' one, but as far as I understand this can apply to either husband or wife, also the couple may decide not to change anything),

2/ the surnames of the children which might come later - which is to be
- a/ the same as parents' if the parents' surnames are identical or
- b/ the surname of one of the parents if they are different or
- c/ the combined surnames of both parents (no more than two parts, if you have more you get to choose)

If there had been no such declaration the child's surname is the combined surnames of the parents (same as 2b above).

From experience I can also say that sometimes people change/simplify surnames before getting married with foreigners (my friend dropped one of his two parts), so it is possible, too.

[1];1110010025000;Jakie_nazwisko_b%C4%99dzie_nosi%C 4%87_dziecko

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