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Parczew / Volhynia - Marriage Kingdom of Poland-Imperial Russia Question

23 Mar 2007 #1
Hello! I have a question that I hope someone here can help me to answer.

Some of my ancestors are from the town of Parczew (Partsev). In the late 1800s, Parczew was located in the Kingdom of Poland, at the south-eastern end of the, then, Gubernia of Siedlce. In any event, there are family stories that tell of a great-great grandmother from the Imperial Russian Gubernia of Volhynia - modern-day Ukraine - who married into the Parczew branch of the family and then came to live in the Kingdom of Poland at Parczew.

Unfortunately, I do not have any records to substatiate this across-border marriage.

Can anyone here tell me if this was common, or even possible? Did people from the Kingdom of Poland have the legal right, or the opportunity to marry someone from "across the border" in Imperial Russia, and return with that spouse to the Kingdom of Poland?

If this was permitted, what legal or administrative obstacles would they have faced?

The family stories have it that the marriage took place in Volhynia. Does anyone know where I might find late 19th century marital registration records from that Gubernia?

Any information - on any question - is welcome.

Thank you!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6139
23 Mar 2007 #2
In 19th century Poland was divided between Russia, Austria and Prussia, "Kingdom of Poland" was in fact a part of Russia with Tsar being the "King of Poland" and that form existed only until November uprising in 1830s or January uprising in 1860s, later It was just a part of Russia.
OP sylvia43
23 Mar 2007 #3
Thanks for your post, Grzegorz. I understand that the Kingdom of Poland was under Russian control, and therefore a part of the Russian Empire.

However, although it had no real autonomy, and was controlled by Russia, there were separate laws and systems of administration governing the Kingdom of Poland ("Congress Poland"). It was a distinct entity controlled by Russia, but its laws were not - in all cases - the same as those applied to the rest of the Empire.

So, in this case, it was not exactly "just a part of Russia", but a part of the Russian Empire governed with legal and administrative differences, never incorporated part-and-parcel into Russia per se.

I'd like to extend the original question, by asking if anyone knows what impediments - if any - there may have been to marriage between parties from different Gubernia in general. What legal obstacles might a couple in the late 1800s have faced if one party was from, say, Grodno and the other, Volhynia - or another couple from Siedlce and Lublin Gubernias in the Kingdom of Poland, for example?

Would they have faced any legal or administrative difficulties in arranging the marriage, or would it have been seamless because they were all subjects of the Empire - regardless of their Gubernia-of-residence?

1 May 2009 #4
Merged: My grandfather was born in Parczew in 1880's

My grandfather was born in Parczew in 1880's, what is best way for determing whether any of his relatives still live in Poland.
McCoy 27 | 1268
1 May 2009 #5
maybe parish records
2 May 2009 #6
I am also looking for records from relatives from Parczew. Could you advise me of any success that you have had in your search.
2 May 2009 #7
Thank you. Are these records available on line or does one have to pen a note to local priest.

McCoy 27 | 1268
2 May 2009 #8
i guess you have to contact the local priests. Here are the address and phones[/url] (>>>>>> Napisz do nas... is a link to their email) .

maybe some of them speak English. if you have no one to translate your letter bring it on here and ask for translation. good luck
Wroclaw 44 | 5359
3 May 2009 #9
what is best way for determing whether any of his relatives still live in Poland.

Do a name search at or to see if others are looking for the same name.

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