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Looking for any and all information on Dabrowski/Dombrowski from Poland

delphiandomine 86 | 16,442    
10 Feb 2011  #31

Of course.

It might have been something like "Waldemar" - which ended up getting changed to Walter.

10 Feb 2011  #32

A little luck with a hit on "Wladzslaw Dąbrowski" at Ellis Island. Birth year is close and the last residence is mentioned as Wola Zdakowska, near Rzeszow, which is consistent with his WW2 draft records. Now to find out how to track this name in Poland....
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
2 Mar 2011  #33

I am still searching for any and all information on my Grandparents, can you help?

Any Dabrowski's/Dombrowski's out there who want to help me in my search?

I have been told that the Dabrowski name is of many in Poland, yet on my visit's I only meet two, who were not relatives.

Time for the Dabrowski's/Dombrowski's of the world band together, to exchange informations.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
2 Mar 2011  #34



you used to be a investigator.. you know how to find records..

churches, and using your old records you already have to find the paper trail.

no one here can give you information if you dont have a town or general idea of which
town or city.

Certain names same as in the US are common so you need to give more detailed info
because your searching for needles in the haystack.

Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
3 Mar 2011  #35

With some 150 localities in today's Poland called Dąbrowa (meaning oak wood or oak grove) it's no wonder some 80,000 people in Poland (and maybe another 20,000 in America and around the globe) sign themslves Dąbrowski (also spelt Dombrowski and Dabrowski esp. in the Diaspora).

Here is a listing of people who have been researching the name and may be willing to share what they have turned up. Some of these contacts going back a decade or more may no longer be valid:

Dabrowscy -- POLAND -- -- Oct/08
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski -- Kowalewo -- -- May/10
Dabrowski -- Wisniowek -- -- Aug/09
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski; Dombrowski -- POLAND > Indiana, USA -- -- Sep/07
Dabrowski ---- -- Mar/03
Dabrowski -- Hielka, Lubinia -- -- Oct/96
Dabrowski ---- -- Mar/03
Dabrowski ---- -- May/01
Dabrowski ---- -- Mar/06
Dabrowski ---- -- Dec/96
Dabrowski -- Rozwadów Ksziazki -- -- Oct/96
Dabrowski -- Brześć nad Bugiem -- -- Nov/00
Dabrowski ---- -- Feb/99
Dabrowski -- Kolno area, Jedwabne -- -- Jul/07
Dabrowski -- Limanowa, Nowy Sącz -- -- Apr/05
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski -- Lębork, Puck & Nowe Miasto areas -- -- Jan/02
Dabrowski; Dąbrowska ---- -- Oct/04
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski -- POMERANIA -- -- Dec/99
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski -- £omża, POLAND > Massachusetts & Michigan, USA; CANADA -- -- Jan/00
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski ---- -- Feb/05
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski -- POLAND > New Jersey, USA -- -- Oct/09
Dabrowski; Dąbrowski; Donbrowski ---- -- Dec/96
Dabrowski; Dabowski -- Warsaw -- -- Jun/98
Dabrowski; Dabroski; Dombrowski -- RUSSIAN-POLAND > New Jersey, USA -- -- Jun/98
Dabrowski; Dombroski ---- -- Nov/99
Dabrowski; Dombrowski -- £omża area? > Pennsylvania & Michigan, USA -- -- Jul/98
Dabrowski; Dombrowski -- POLAND > USA, Indiana -- -- Jul/07
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
4 Mar 2011  #36

for your michigan searches.

Name: Fred Dombrowski
Spouse: Mary Dombrowski
Birth: abt 1875 - location
Residence: 1930 - city, Lake, Indiana

I dont have ancestry to look at the record itself right now, but if anyone does,
he needs the date they said they arrived.

churches your grandparents went to might be the first place to look, thats where the children
get baptised.

it might help,, but your local city hall also should have birth records as long as you know
when the children were born, you can find all the birth records and it might show a town
name in one of them.

thats how I found my grandfathers birth town. and my grandmothers.
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
4 Mar 2011  #37

I have checked the church they, my grandparents went to, even had mass when they passed away, and they can't find anything that can help. Poor records keeping, I guess.

I will keep working on this, and if you have the names of the villages shown that they came from please pass it along.

Thank you all, for your help, so far, even without any results, some day, I will get the missing link, so I have to keep at it.

If anyone has a idea to help, please pass it along.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
4 Mar 2011  #38

Name: Frank Dombrowski
Birth: date
Residence: city, Lake, Indiana
Other: location

WWI drafts.

mike I am sure this is him, but I cant read the records.. its possible he went under frank
instead of ferdynand.. cause I checked the ellis and steve morse and theres really not
many with that name if you use first name only.

Franciszek might be the name you need to check under instead.

my grandfathers name was Mikolaj, but americanized it was nicholas.

Joseph Dombrowski
Birth: date
Residence: city, Lake, Indiana
Other: location

theres a joseph too, might be a brother , in the same area, you prob have cousins
in your area and dont even know it.. :)

I will check later , try to get a look at some of the ones I think might be worth looking
at on the ellis.

Mike I was told my records burned too.. I have my records back to 1759.. you just have
to find the right person.. the priests arent always willing unless you fork out some change.

and as long as its going to help the church why not.

anyways, I am sure we will figure out the actual town name soon.
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
5 Mar 2011  #39

My Grandparents came alone, as best I know.
They did live until they passed away, in Gary, Indiana.
Grandfather may have used Fred, I am told, but not sure.
I did give the priest cash first, even before, I asked for his help, and he did take us into his place where the records were kept, and did not find anything.

If you have any ides, I will try.

Thank you for your time, and God Bless You and Yours, and have a great day.

Michael Dabrowski
Valparaiso, Indiana
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
6 Mar 2011  #40

They did live until they passed away, in Gary, Indiana

Wrong MIKE :)))

I have some news for you..

The first two children of your grandparents sophie and joe were born in pennslyvania
so your grandparents lived in PA at least 2 years or so.. maybe ... they could have moved
soon as your uncle joe was born to indiana..

Your grandfather immigrated in 1909 and grandmother in 1907. so she was here first.

somewhere in pennslyvania they were married.. no wonder I couldnt find the record
on family search... Here I am looking in Indiana and they were in PA :)

so this is why your seaches failed. you have to be like dorothy and follow the yellow brick
road my friend.. lol

anyways.. I am going to email you all the wonderful information soon as I gather all of it

I will copy the cencus which shows ( proves) your grandparents lived in another state
and their immigration is on this cencus .. they gave the information.

sometimes it can be off by a year or so.. thats ok, at least you have numbers to go by now.

so hopefully next we find the town name and you can go from there.. you might have
the wrong town.. for both..

If you have any ides, I will try.

ok, I am as far as the 1910 cencus with your grandparents.. did you know there is a
grabowski staying with them?

looks like it could be stanley.. who ever was taking down the information prob
couldnt understand their broken english.

they wrote stiney grabowski.. which is prob stanley IMHO.

now for all three cencus it shows different immigration dates.. you have a range of
1903 to 1909.

in 1910 they are living in East Jenner Township -Somerset Pennsylvania.
yes already married.. so they married in this town.

I will email you all three copied cencus.. you may have this info already. if not let me
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
6 Mar 2011  #41

No I don't, and thank you very much for your help, but I still have much to do, to find information from Poland.
What do you think I could do to get this?
My e-mail address is

Michael Dabrowski
Valparaiso, Indiana

P.S. God Bless you and yours.
jonni 16 | 2,491    
6 Mar 2011  #42

My e-mail address is

delphiandomine 86 | 16,442    
6 Mar 2011  #43

You really have to wonder how good a private investigator must be if he can't even find a Dąbrowski in Poland.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
6 Mar 2011  #44

well thats what I thought at first, but the name is misspelled big time so its not like normal
sources he would have would be able to help him.

I am pretty sure the sources he has only show credit history and whether or not they
have done prison time and they only go so far with social security numbers and information.

it took me a good few hours on ancestry to find the clues and back track.

I so far have them in three cencus.. no marriage record yet, I am working on that
to get hopefully some more information.. but my suggestion mike is that if it does
have a social security number on his death cert, you can write to the SSDI and get
the original application he filled out.. he might have given the town name on that.

delphiandomine 86 | 16,442    
6 Mar 2011  #45

it took me a good few hours on ancestry to find the clues and back track.

You did a great job with it - I was reading it and thinking "wow...she's good" :)
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
6 Mar 2011  #46

Thanks :)) I subscribed to ancestry last night. what the heck :)))

I think its nice to help out when you can.. I can certainly relate to the brick walls
you experience with family history.

you are lucky you live in Europe, so you can prob visit your old home town and
not experience the expense that we have to ( living across the pond). :))

I did give the priest cash first, even before, I asked for his help, and he did take us into his place where the records were kept, and did not find anything.

Well. I am sure he tried.. its not like they wont help. but you should really make sure your
not in the wrong area.

its like towns and citys here. they have duplicates as well.

link to the historical society that will be able to further assist with that marriage record

I will keep looking with my sources mike, but it might not be avail online yet.
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
7 Mar 2011  #47


The world needs more people like you who care. Yes I was a Private Investigator, here in the U.S.A. but Poland is a long way away, and I have been working on this for a long time. And belive it or not, some times, when I worked, I hit a dead end, but could go out and talk with people, and that I can't do from here. I did try it when in Poland, but needed much more time. I never was good at computer searches.

God will bless you for the help you give people, and if you are ever in my area, I would love to buy you lunch or something.

Again, thanks for all your help, so far.

Michael Dabrowski
Valparaiso, Indiana
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
7 Mar 2011  #48

God will bless you for the help you give people, and if you are ever in my area, I would love to buy you lunch or something.

awwwwww .. :) no problem.. I am glad to be able to get you in the right direction
its happened to me too , Sorry if I sounded little to forward up a few posts..

you can use web detective too, but I really dont know how it will help.. maybe
to find cousins now if you locate stanley grabowski's family.. which is on your moms
side.. ya never know. :)

where in detroit was her family? you have any old letters that give a street name?
if you get a general area, I might be able to locate current cousins :)

Walter is inaccurate as well?

Walter would more then likely be Waclaw.. or Wladyslaw.

Mike are you using two screen names or is this another Dabrowski decendent lookin
for his roots?

I seen a record on ancestry for Walter and Sophia.. pretty sure its the same..
so if you want me to check let me know..

I will check as time allows.. :)))
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
9 Mar 2011  #49

Again, Thank you very, very much, and it looks like in time, and could be soon, if may all fall in place, anyway I hope.

You are great, and if you have a cost, let me know, so I can pay it.

Mike Dabrowski

Still looking for any and all help. Can you help?

amelia2010 - | 1    
30 Mar 2011  #50

Merged thread:
Dombrowski, what does it mean?? where is it from??

I dont speak polish, my grandpa did but he is old and dosnt remember. I am trying to trace back my family tree on but when it came to his side i was out of luck. His last name is Dombrowski but his moms last name was Niedziela. Where does the surname Dombrowski come from?? I was told it was a common name in poland. Kinda like how "smith" is a common name here. But if it is common i wouldnt know where to start looking. His Grandparents came to america from poland but i dont know where they came from. If anyone can help me out mail me plz at

Amelia Dombrowski
asik 2 | 220    
30 Mar 2011  #52

Where does the surname Dombrowski come from?? I was told it was a common name in poland.

Polish version is Dąbrowski not Dombrowski this one could be Jewish or Polish (if changed intentionally while living in another country). In both versions it's habitational name.

From the ancestry site:

Polish D{ą}browski: habitational name from any of various places named D{ą}browa or D{ą}brówka, from d{ą}browa ‘oak grove', from d{ą}b ‘oak’, with the addition of -ski, suffix of local surnames.

Dombrowski - Polish or Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from any of several places named Dombrowa (Polish D{ą}browa).
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
26 Apr 2011  #53

My last name is Dabrowski, and my grandparents changed the spelling to Dombrowski, after coming here, around just after 1900, all the children, but my dad changed there spelling.

I am looking for any and all Dabrowski's or Dombrowski's who may be relatives, from Poland or here in the USA. I have been looking for any and all information, for some time, but only have a small bit, and want to know more on my grandparents, who came from near Warsaw, like I said, some time, just after 1900.

They have passed away, in 1954, so I can't turn to them for any help on this, and all there children are gone, also.

If you can help, thank you, if you have any new ideas, please pass them along.

Midas 1 | 571    
26 Apr 2011  #54

Dabrowski - in Polish it was prolly spelled "Dąbrowski" with that odd "ą" many people find so annoying.

Anyhow, good luck with that mate, I think it is quite a popular name in Poland. Not a "Kowalski" by any stretch, still You'll be doing a ton of digging if You're serious about it.
boletus 30 | 1,367    
26 Apr 2011  #55

Midas was a bit faster ... :-)

I assume you realize that the original name of your grandparents was Dąbrowski. Good luck with your search, but this seems like a tough case, since the name is the 11th most common surname in Poland. Wikipedia has few pages devoted to Dąbrowski:ąbrowski]
Jan Henryk Dąbrowski (the one mentioned in Polish National Anthem)ąbrowski
Jarosław Dąbrowskiław_Dąbrowski
Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
26 Apr 2011  #56

Anyhow, good luck with that mate

I have already tried to help with this name, he needs the town name, I have given the name
of the historical society he should contact to get the marriage record that probably contains
the towns in which they came..

Mike Have you followed up on this information?

The Internet will only get you so far, its a matter of licking a stamp and sealing the envelope.
I am sure they society will be reasonable and I just sent for a record from the PGSA and I
Expect this to arrive sometime next week. :)
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
27 Apr 2011  #57


I am still working on this, and have sent out some letters, some time ago, still awaiting a reply.

If you any new ideas, please send them along.

Thank you for your help, and I know you do care.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,703    
28 Apr 2011  #58

Thank you for your help, and I know you do care.

your welcome. Mike I hope that those documents come in. The social security death index is
my only other thoughts, if he died before he could recieve checks then you will prob have to rely
on the marriage record. do you have any reference to a naturalization document?

There is another way maybe * thinking cap on* hmmmmmmm.

let me get back with you in the morning, I think I have a idea :)

lol oh no!!

ps I am sending for a social security document too for one of mine.
OP valpomike 11 | 197    
2 Jun 2011  #59

Any one know of some new ideas that can help me find any and all information on my Grandparents? Please, if you have a new idea, share it with me.


Any new help with my search? Please if you can help, do so.

Polonius3 1,016 | 12,530    
2 Jun 2011  #60

DĄBROWSKI: originated as a topographic nickname to identify someone living in or near a 'dąbrowa' (oakwood) or as a toponymic nick for an inhabitant of a loclaity called Dąbrów, Dąbrowo or Dąbrowa (Oakville, Oakton, Oakwood).

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